Dying Light 2: Stay Human Patch 1.2 Fixes Some Of The Biggest Bugs

Dying Light 2: Stay Human rolled out a brand-new patch recent­ly, which added a num­ber of play­er-request­ed fea­tures and fix­ing many of the game’s worst issues–including lin­ger­ing prob­lems with “deathloops.” The patch is live now for PC, and will be head­ing to con­sole soon, accord­ing to devel­op­er Techland.

The patch also includes numer­ous qual­i­ty-of-life improve­ments, like bet­ter rag­doll physics, per­for­mance upgrades for old­er PCs, and what Tech­land has described as “more immer­sive details in melee com­bat.” While div­ing fur­ther into the patch notes for update 1.2, these details include tweaks like the weight of blunt melee weapons being used, a buff for the Biter, and changes to sharp weapons that allows for more blood­shed in general.

When it comes to fix­es, the patch has cleaned up the remain­ing known instances of what have been known as “deathloops,” where play­ers die over and over in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions. The patch also brought a num­ber of fix­es to sto­ry quests where pro­gres­sion had to poten­tial to be blocked.

Sta­bil­i­ty issues have also had some work done in Dying Light 2, along with fix­es for known crash­es and black screens. The full patch notes can be seen below.

It’s not sur­pris­ing that Dying Light 2 has so many issues, since Tech­land adver­tise the game had a mas­sive scale that would take 500 hours to ful­ly com­plete. How­ev­er, the devel­op­er is work­ing hard, push­ing out hot­fix­es and post-launch patch­es. Tech­land pre­vi­ous­ly said they are com­mit­ted to sup­port­ing the game for five years after its release, includ­ing new content.

Dying Light 2 Patch 1.2

  • Sto­ry Pro­gres­sion Fixes
  • All known cas­es with “Deathloops” eliminated.
  • Fixed blocks in mul­ti­ple quests – Into The Dark, Assas­si­na­tion, Sophie in The Raid Quest, Hubert in The Only Way Out, Veroni­ka, Nightrun­ners, The Lost Light, Dou­ble Time.
  • Solved prob­lems with safe zones (in-game clock stops, can’t sleep).
  • Co-op Fix­es
  • Sta­bil­i­ty issues fixed: crash­es or black screens in cer­tain situations
  • Numer­ous sto­ry progress blocks fixed
  • Fixed issues with accept­ing invites
  • Chal­lenges issues fixed: no weapon when inven­to­ry full, dif­fi­cul­ty bal­ance improved, tools require­ments prop­er­ly handled
  • Fixed co-op par­ties spawn­ing in dis­tant places
  • Improved/fixed repli­ca­tion of city open world activ­i­ties: wind­mills, hang­ing cages, loot chests, NPC res­cue issues
  • Fixed ene­mies and play­ers falling through the ground in cer­tain situations
  • Sev­er­al per­for­mance drops fixed
  • Nightrun­ner Tools Fixes
  • Paraglid­er and Grap­pling Hook upgrades can be applied cor­rect­ly for play­ers that obtained them dur­ing coop­er­a­tive sessions.
  • PK Cross­bow reward is cor­rect­ly giv­en to play­ers in coop­er­a­tive mode. This fix will pre­vent new cas­es from appearing.
  • Impor­tant Com­bat Improvements
    • Improved Biter behav­ior dur­ing the day. The ene­my latch­es onto the play­ers more fre­quent­ly which diver­si­fies ene­my encounters.
    • Per­for­mance of blunt weapons improved to reflect the sense of weight.
    • Improved ene­my reac­tion depend­ing on the type of weapon – to bet­ter reflect the weight of the weapon.
    • Human oppo­nents can now block play­ers’ attacks dur­ing light hit reac­tion time.
    • Light hit reac­tions for human ene­mies have been shortened.
  • New Rag­doll Behaviors
  • Oppo­nents enter rag­dolls more often.
  • Rag­doll works more naturally.
  • Rag­doll behaves dif­fer­ent­ly depend­ing on the used weapon type.
  • Appro­pri­ate forces are applied when falling from a height and when hit­ting dif­fer­ent parts of the body while main­tain­ing the force giv­en from the direc­tion of the blow.
  • When a rag­doll col­lides with its sur­round­ings – the appro­pri­ate sound and FXs are played depend­ing on the sur­face the body falls on.
  • Improved spikes detec­tion. The ene­my is now always stamped on the spikes after a hit. Addi­tion­al­ly spikes audio feed­back is now improved and new FXs were added (dis­played based on the body’s phys­i­cal momentum).
  • Night Improve­ments and Balance
  • Howler’s sens­es range increased.
  • Increased the Howler resis­tance to range weapons.
  • The chase is trig­gered when a Howler is hit by a ranged weapon and is still alive.
  • Volatiles come out of hid­ing spots faster dur­ing the chase.
  • Lev­el 4 of the chase is now more difficult.
  • UI/UX Improve­ments
  • Sur­vivor Sense now works cor­rect­ly and can be trig­gered with­out any cooldowns after get­ting hit or per­form­ing spe­cif­ic park­our actions.
  • Improve­ments to the Options Menu infor­ma­tion archi­tec­ture incl. a ded­i­cat­ed Acces­si­bil­i­ty Tab.
  • Added fea­ture to show, hide or dynam­i­cal­ly dis­play Play­er Health Bar, Item Selec­tor, and Time of Day Indicator.
  • The dynam­ic set­ting for Play­er Health Bar is the new default and hides the bar when the play­er is at 100% health.
  • The dynam­ic set­ting for Item Selec­tor is the new default. The Item Selec­tor becomes vis­i­ble when in com­bat and when per­form­ing com­bat actions or using D‑Pad.
  • The dynam­ic set­ting for the Time of Day Indi­ca­tor is the new default set­ting. The Time of Day Indi­ca­tor becomes vis­i­ble dur­ing day-night tran­si­tion­al periods.
  • All of the wid­gets that are set Hid­den or Dynam­ic become vis­i­ble in Extend­ed HUD.
  • Visu­al Improve­ments to Play­er HP and Sta­mi­na bars. These ele­ments are lighter and their col­ors are more neutral.
  • Visu­al Improve­ments to the ene­mies’ stance meter to more clear­ly indi­cate its con­nec­tion to blunt weapons.
  • Improve­ments to the Final Boss Fight
  • Fixed an issue where the oppo­nent does not react cor­rect­ly to oth­er play­ers and does not change behav­ior that might lead to sev­er­al glitch­es dur­ing CO-OP play.
  • Alter­nate oppo­nent behav­iors in Phase 2 dur­ing CO-OP play.
  • Oppo­nent per­forms area attacks more fre­quent­ly dur­ing CO-OP sessions.
  • Short­en­ing the nar­ra­tive scenes between the phas­es in a boss fight.
  • Boss fight pac­ing improvements.
  • Out­ro Improvements
  • Improve­ments of the game end­ings sequences. Addi­tion­al end-of-game scenes have been added to bet­ter align game­play and out­ro scenes.
  • Bal­ance Tweaks
  • High­er Rank Bows are now more eas­i­ly acces­si­ble at Mer­chants and in the world.
  • Ban­shees and Charg­ers are now more eas­i­ly spot­ted in the Infect­ed hordes dur­ing the night.
  • Tech­ni­cal Improvements
  • Intro­duced high-per­for­mance pre­set that opti­mizes the dis­played graph­ics which allows you to play Dying Light 2 on old­er com­put­ers and laptops.
  • PC DX12 cache-relat­ed improve­ments. The game now works smoother upon the first launch.
  • AVX tech­nol­o­gy is no longer used in the game, improv­ing issues relat­ed to a game crash­ing on the launch.
  • Improve­ments in out­door lighting.
  • Improve­ments to sun shadows.
  • Improve­ments to spot­light shadows.
  • Improve­ments to Motion Blur – added inten­si­ty and dis­tance blur customization.
  • Bru­tal­i­ty Pack
  • Play­er hits with sharp weapons are now more pre­cise and allow Play­ers to chop off body parts of oppo­nents and cut them in half more eas­i­ly (ver­ti­cal­ly and horizontally).
  • Reworked audio for ene­my hit response – dif­fer­ent sounds are played depend­ing on the strength of the hit and the dam­age the play­er deals.
  • Blood splats on the ground appear when Play­er hits the opponent.
  • If a play­er is close to the ene­my dur­ing the attacks, the opponent’s blood will splash on the screen.
  • Improved blood effects on ene­my bod­ies after hits.
  • A dead ene­my is now inter­ac­tive and reacts accu­rate­ly to blows and injuries.
  • A new effect of blood­stains on the ene­mies’ bod­ies after hit.
  • New blood FXs have been added

… and numer­ous addi­tion­al bug fix­es and qual­i­ty improvements.

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