Dying Light 2 For The Nintendo Switch Has Been Delayed

Dying Light 2 Stay Human for the Nin­ten­do Switch has suf­fered a delay. Just a few weeks before the game is sched­uled to launch on Feb­ru­ary 4th, Tech­land announced that the Switch ver­sion is now sup­posed to be arriv­ing some­time with­in six months of this date, so by August 4th, 2022.

Dying Light 2 for Switch is a cloud ver­sion of the game, which is then streamed to the con­sole and not down­loaded at all. The oth­er edi­tions of Dying Light 2 will remain on the release schedule.

Tech­land released a state­ment, say­ing that Dying Light: Plat­inum Edi­tion for Switch was well received by fans and it helped to affirm to them that “qual­i­ty mat­ters.” Obvi­ous­ly, Tech­land wants to take the extra time to make sure Dying Light 2 is up to par for Switch users.

Tech­land is ask­ing Nin­ten­do fans around the world for their patience,” the stu­dio said.

In oth­er news Tech­land recent­ly gen­er­at­ed some dis­cus­sion across the inter­net when it said that Dying Light 2 would take 500 hours to ful­ly com­plete. The Pol­ish stu­dio had to clar­i­fy that it won’t take that long to fin­ish to cam­paign, after all the response from fans.

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