The pop­u­lar tech chan­nel iFix­It, issued a video regard­ing the DualSense and prob­lems some play­ers have expe­ri­enc­ing. Accord­ing to this video, Sony’s new con­troller uses the same off-the-shelf joy­stick hard­ware as so many oth­er plat­forms’ con­trollers, includ­ing PS4, Xbox One, Nin­ten­do Switch and more.

As report­ed by VGC, each of these plat­forms have seen drift­ing issues form some users with Switch Joy-Cons, Xbox con­trollers and Now DualSense, all of which are fac­ing class-action law­suits over the prob­lem in the U.S.

iFix­It notes that an infor­ma­tion sheet from ALPS — the man­u­fac­tur­er of the joy­stick parts — revealed that the expect­ed life for the sticks’ poten­tiome­ters is 2,000,000 cycles, while the push func­tion (when the stick clicks in) is 500,000 cycles.

iFix­It’s own analy­sis of Call of Duty: War­zone game­play trans­lates this to just 417 hours of play­time before the man­u­fac­tur­er’s oper­at­ing life for the parts is over. How­ev­er, this obvi­ous­ly varies based on the games being played.

Break­ing it down, if a PS5 play­er used their con­troller for two hours a day, they would tech­ni­cal­ly exceed their con­troller’s life expec­ta­tion with­in 7 months. The chan­nel con­clud­ed that the biggest rea­son for the joy­stick drift was gen­er­al use, which is the same alle­ga­tion made with­in the law­suit against Sony.

Those who are cur­rent­ly expe­ri­enc­ing drift have three choice: “fix it, either your­self or through an expe­ri­enced tech; if it’s still under war­ran­ty you can send the con­troller to the man­u­fac­tur­er for a fix; or if nei­ther of those are pos­si­ble, you’re stuck buy­ing a new one.”

iFix­It did state that “After this research, it’s bizarre to us that con­sole mak­ers don’t con­sid­er joy­sticks to be con­sum­able parts and design them to be eas­i­ly replaced. No device rat­ed for a finite num­ber of actions, espe­cial­ly one that lives next to so much con­t­a­m­i­na­tion and takes so much abuse, can main­tain per­fect per­for­mance forever.”