Dragon Ball FighterZ Has an Upcoming Patch

Bandai Nam­co announced an upcom­ing patch for Drag­on Ball Fight­erZ today. It includes many fix­es to game modes and char­ac­ters. How­ev­er, the devel­op­er gave no date as to when it’s com­ing out, though it will prob­a­bly roll out in the next week or so.

You can see the patch notes below:


PARTY MATCH - Added the Par­ty Match fea­ture which enables auto­mat­ic match-up with 5 oth­er play­ers to play a Par­ty Match.

REPLAY CHANNEL — Expand­ed Replay Chan­nel func­tions (added “Fol­lowed Play­er Chan­nel” and “Search Chan­nel”) — Pre­vi­ous replay data will be deleted

RANKED MATCH / CASUAL MATCH - Added con­troller vibra­tion to indi­cate when an oppo­nent has been found

ARCADE MODE - Added “Return to Char­ac­ter Selec­tion” and “Return to Course Selec­tion” after com­plet­ing a course

TRAINING MODE - Fixed a bug that shows the Drag­on Balls col­lec­tion ani­ma­tion while options were set on “Do not display”

TRAINING MODE - Fixed a bug that made the Assist Gauge recov­er when play­er guards continuously

BATTLE TUTORIAL - Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed the UI to be dis­played prop­er­ly when play­er pass­es the objec­tive right after the begin­ning of the match


GOKU BLACK - Fixed a bug that pre­vent­ed the char­ac­ter to dis­ap­pear when Goku Black­’s Spe­cial Move ” The Work of a God ” was used after an Ulti­mate Z Change

ANDROID 21 - Fixed bug that pre­vent­ed Android 21 from dis­ap­pear­ing imme­di­ate­ly after she is called in for a Z‑Assist and the main char­ac­ter takes damage

ANDROID 21 - Fixed a red visu­al bug when Android 21 is called in for a Z‑Assist and the main char­ac­ter takes damage

FRIEZA — Fixed a bug that pre­vents Frieza to prop­er­ly use “You Must Die by My Hand!” when lying on the ground after his Gold­en Frieza transformation

HIT — Fixed a bug that pre­vents the “Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack” effect to dis­ap­pear when used dur­ing Ulti­mate Z Change and Hit’s Mete­or Spe­cial Attack

HIT - Fixed a bug that pre­vents the Z‑Assist char­ac­ter to dis­ap­pear when the main char­ac­ter is dam­aged at the very same moment by Hit’s “I Keep Improv­ing” attack

TIEN - Fixed a bug that makes a char­ac­ter invis­i­ble when both the main char­ac­ter and Z‑Assist char­ac­ter are dam­aged by Tien’s attack “Farewell, Tien…”

CAPTAIN GINYU - Fixed a bug that allows Ulti­mate Z Change to be per­formed with less than 3 gauges after per­form­ing “Pow­er­ful Ener­gy Wave”

MAJIN BUU - Fixed a bug that makes the oppo­nent invin­ci­ble if Majin Buu’s “Stand­ing Light — Fol­low Up 2” and the oppo­nen­t’s Super Dash hit simultaneously

ANDROID 18 - Fixed a bug of voice/mouth syn­chro­niza­tion when spe­cial dia­logues are played against Pic­co­lo and Vegeta

Other Features

SHENRON - Fixed a bug that pre­vents Destruc­tive Fin­ish and Stage Destruc­tion effects to appear with a char­ac­ter res­ur­rect­ed by Shenron

SUPPORT CHARACTERS - Fixed a bug that pre­vents voic­es of Sup­port Char­ac­ters (like Android 17 or Ginyu Force) to be played nor­mal­ly when called into battle

DRAGON RUSH - Fixed a bug that reversed the guard con­trols when a char­ac­ter is being changed by a Drag­on Rush

Source: Bandai Nam­co 

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