While Black Ops 3 is no stranger to dou­ble key week­ends, Infin­i­ty War has just giv­en Call Of Duty Infi­nite War­fare play­ers the first ever dou­ble keys week­end for the the title!! Keys are used to pur­chase sup­ply drops front he quar­ter­mas­ter. Sup­ply drops con­tain camos for weapons and cloth­ing for your char­ac­ter and can even con­tain super rare vari­ants of weapons.

Keys are earned nat­u­ral­ly while play­ing Infi­nite War­fare’s mul­ti­play­er and zom­bies mode, And for this week­end you earn them at a dou­ble rate mak­ing it eas­i­er to earn more sup­ply drops to hope­ful­ly get on of the pow­er­ful weapon variants. 

Infi­nite War­fare’s dou­ble key week­end runs from Feb 3rd at 10 am pst to Feb 6th at 10 pst on all platforms.

Are you going on the key grind this weekend?