Doom Eternal Next-Gen Upgrade Arrives to PS5, Xbox Series X And PC On June 29th

Dur­ing Xbox and Bethes­da’s pre­sen­ta­tion, Bethes­da announced that Doom Eter­nal will be get­ting a free next-gen opti­miza­tion patch for con­soles and PC on June 29th. The patch will include improve­ments to visu­als and a per­for­mance mode that sup­ports up to 120fps on all con­soles. The Xbox Series X and PlaySta­tion 5 will also have ray-trac­ing and 4K gameplay.

You can check out the specifics of the patch on Bethes­da’s blog post, or right down below.

Xbox Series X

  • Per­for­mance Mode: 1800p – 120fps
  • Bal­anced Mode: 2160p – 60fps
  • Ray Trac­ing Mode: 1800p – 60fps

Xbox Series S

  • Per­for­mance Mode: 1080p – 120fps
  • Bal­anced Mode: 1440p – 60fps
  • Ray Trac­ing Mode: Not Available

PlaySta­tion 5

  • Per­for­mance Mode: 1584p – 120fps
  • Bal­anced Mode: 2160p – 60fps
  • Ray Trac­ing Mode: 1800p – 60fps


  • Ray Trac­ing Mode: Avail­abil­i­ty and per­for­mance depend on a user’s PC hardware.
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