The Divi­sion has a lot of com­ing to its next expan­sion Last Stand. They gave a rather large amount of infor­ma­tion on what Last Stand will include and it’s a doozy. Ubisoft did not give a release date for the expan­sion and also men­tioned when the expan­sion launched, the largest update (update 1.6) the game has seen, would be com­ing be com­ing with along with it.

Last Stand

For this third expan­sion, it focus­es more on PvP and new mode of Dark Zone (DZ). This new game mode is sep­a­rate from the DZ and is not open world, but ses­sioned based like Under­ground, and Sur­vival. There will still be the PvP aspect, as well as the NPC PvE side, along with Land­marks, just like you would see in the DZ. Last Stand will also be bring­ing a new Incursion. 

A New Way to Fight 

Since these are ses­sioned based, play­ers will be spawned in instanced maps to con­trol ter­mi­nals that house impor­tant infor­ma­tion. You win when you can suc­cess­ful­ly trans­fer enough of the data. In this new mode, two teams of eight bat­tle it out to get to these ter­mi­nals, hav­ing to deal with the oppos­ing team, and NPC’s that want to destroy every­one. The game sees the ene­my team as Rogue agents, but this is only for lore rea­sons. *Note* Rogue mechan­ics do not apply in Last Stand. 

When you fin­ish a match of Last Stand, you go straight back to the queue, so no going back to the main menu and deal­ing with that mess. The eight play­er teams get divid­ed into four play­er teams and, unfor­tu­nate­ly, you can’t come in with four or eight man teams. How­ev­er, you are allowed to join with three man teams and there is always the option to join solo. You must be lev­el 30 to play a Last Stand match. Below is a pho­to of a map to kind of give you an idea of the mis­sion objective:

The Division's Last Stand Expansion: Here's What We Know

For Last Stand, the DZ is split into four sec­tions: DZ 1–3, 4–6, and the newest DZ areas, 7–8, 8–9. Those will be talked about with Update 1.6. From the match­mak­ing screen, play­ers should be aware of what Dark Zone they will be put in. Match­es can last up to 20 min­utes. The A, B, and C loca­tions in the above pho­to all need to be con­trolled before play­ers can start trans­fer­ring data from the terminal.

When you cap­ture a ter­mi­nal this will acti­vate a spawn relay, so play­ers who were killed can get back into the game. You can spawn from the megamap instead of the list, like in the reg­u­lar game. Fur­ther along dur­ing the ses­sion, you can spawn on your team mates, mak­ing things real­ly hairy late game. 

Unlike the reg­u­lar DZ, you don’t have to wor­ry about los­ing your things when you die. Thank the game gods. The rea­son­ing behind this is, the dev group is push­ing you towards the fights, so pun­ish­ing you for death would sil­ly. The reg­u­lar DZ allows play­ers to make a hasty escape, and since it is open world, the pun­ish­ment is acceptable. 

Match­mak­ing for Last Stand is based on Gear Score, but also how well you have been play­ing as of late. Ubisoft stated:

If you sud­den­ly find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where noth­ing is going your way and your oppo­nents are too skilled for you to han­dle, it shouldn’t be long until you find your­self play­ing against – and with — play­ers on a more rea­son­able lev­el again. If you sign up as a group, the serv­er will aggre­gate the recent per­for­mance of all the play­ers in your group and make sure you end up in a suit­able game together.”

Ubisoft is also try­ing to lim­it the ran­dom­ness of stats on gear and the impact Gear Sets have with a new bal­anc­ing sys­tem. Play­ers can try this out in their PTS (Pub­lic Test Server). 

PvP and PvE Combined

Just like in the reg­u­lar DZ, NPC’s are still guard­ing Land­marks, and patrolling the streets. Along with the norm, they are also being pests near these ter­mi­nals, which are guard­ed by elites which will have to be deal with before you do any­thing else. 

Killing these NPC’s will reward your team SHD tech, a team resource that you can use to unlock tat­i­cal boosts and for­ti­fi­ca­tions left behind by the JTF and first wave Divi­sion agents. You have a “home” base — which is just the spot you spawn when the match starts- which you can acti­vate auto­mat­ic tur­rets to defend it, or a large Pulse to alert you of near­by enemies.

The Division's Last Stand Expansion: Here's What We Know

After set mile­stones dur­ing the match, these tac­ti­cal boosts come online. Using your SHD tech resource as cur­ren­cy, these sta­tions will give your team dif­fer­ent bonus­es, like faster data upload speed or more points for killing ene­mies. Sta­tions can only be acti­vat­ed one team at a time.

Ubisoft stat­ed these boosts were essen­tial to your sur­vival in Last Stand:

These boosts aren’t per­ma­nent though, and only last for a set amount of time before they go neu­tral again. This means you’ll need a con­stant stream of SHD tech, but you will also need to plan ahead depend­ing on any boosts the ene­my team man­age to acti­vate for them­selves. Once their boost goes away, what will you and your team do to counter any gains they made dur­ing the last cou­ple of minutes?”

The tac­ti­cal boosts are a key part of Last Stand, which means that there is a sym­bi­ot­ic rela­tion­ship between dif­fer­ent play­er types. Some play­ers might go for tac­ti­cal loca­tions, active­ly seek­ing out PvP fights, while oth­ers might go for a more PvE focused game and farm SHD tech for their team away from the con­trol points. Sure, you always risk run­ning into hos­tile play­ers – it’s in the nature of Last Stand, and of the Dark Zone – but even if you try to active­ly stay away from those encoun­ters you can still par­tic­i­pate and help your team win the day. If you play smart, you might even be able to use the NPC ene­mies against the ene­my team…”

The Division's Last Stand Expansion: Here's What We Know

NPC’s are also appar­ent­ly very annoy­ing in Last Stand, as they respawn con­tin­u­ous­ly dur­ing a match. Land­marks do as well, so every­thing respawns fasters than in the reg­u­lar DZ, which is good for farming. 


Ubisoft is intro­duc­ing a new pro­gres­sion sys­tem sim­i­lar to Under­ground. You will gain spe­cial expe­ri­ence points and Last Stand rank, to a max­i­mum of 40. Like in Under­ground, each rank up will reward you with a sealed cache of items, and at a cer­tain set of mile­stones in your pro­gres­sion, you will unlock exclu­sive van­i­ty items that can’t be found any­where else in the game. This mode comes with two unique, full van­i­ty sets and two sets of weapons skins. Even when you hit max­i­mum rank, you will still earn Last Stand expe­ri­ence and be able to acquire sealed caches. You can not lose Last Stand rank like DZ rank, so no wor­ries there.

Extra rewards are giv­en if your team wins in Last Stand, but you are tracked on 30 or more actions you could per­form dur­ing the match. Sim­i­lar to Sur­vival, if you per­formed those actions you will be reward­ed accordingly.