Glob­al Events

  • Loot changes: As a first attempt to tweak acqui­si­tion rate of Clas­si­fied Gear, our approach was to refo­cus the caches to make sure they pro­vide some­thing rel­e­vant. To keep things bal­anced, we mod­i­fied the rhythm by which caches can be obtained, now that we’re sure they will pro­vide some­thing of use. 
    • Increased the price of Supe­ri­or Caches to 1500 (from 650)
    • Increased the price of Reg­u­lar Caches to 900 (from 350)
    • Increased the token drop rates of Nor­mal and Hard mis­sions to com­pen­sate the caches price increase.
    • Supe­ri­or Caches will now drop only one item. This item will be of either Gear Set, Exot­ic or Clas­si­fied qual­i­ty. The chances of this item to be Exot­ic or Clas­si­fied have been increased.
    • Van­i­ty rewards are now award­ed in Leader­board Caches only.
  • Out­break
    • Added a new stat for num­ber of group head­shots com­plet­ed after you tagged the enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where a play­er dying from con­t­a­m­i­na­tion would be shown as hav­ing killed himself.
    • Fixed a bug where Glob­al Events would not be sort­ed alpha­bet­i­cal­ly in the help menu.


  • Fixed a bug where a Reward sec­tion would be shown in the UI of Com­men­da­tions that do not yield any Reward.


  • Gear recal­i­bra­tion has been reac­ti­vat­ed and made tem­porar­i­ly free on the PTS for test­ing purposes

Gear Sets

  • Striker’s Bat­tlegear: Over­all we were hap­py with the heal­ing poten­tial of the set in PTS 2 but we felt that play­ers were get­ting too much base heal per stack while still being able to push their build towards high DPS. The new will actu­al­ly allow slight­ly bet­ter max heal­ing but require you to go all in on Sta­mi­na to get the bulk of the heal.
  • 6 Pieces: Every hit adds a self-heal­ing bonus for 0.01% of max health (instead of 0.1%) of max health per sec­ond. This bonus is fur­ther increased by 0.03% (instead of 0.01%) for every 2000 Sta­mi­na. Stacks up to 100 hits. Bonus is reduced by 0.01% (instead of 0.1%) every second.
  • The 4 Pieces and 6 Pieces tal­ents will now be paused by an EMP effect, instead of being com­plete­ly reset.
  • Exam­ple 1: 4000 Sta­mi­na and 100 stack:
  • PTS2: 12% health/second (10% + 2%)
  • PTS3: 7% health/second(1% + 6%)
  • Exam­ple 2: 6000 Sta­mi­na and 100 stack:
  • PTS2: 13% health/second (10% + 3%)
  • PTS3: 10% health/second (1% + 9%)
  • Exam­ple 3: 10000 Sta­mi­na and 100 stack:
  • PTS2: 15% health/second (10% + 5%)
  • PTS3: 16% health/second (1% + 15%)


  • Lone Star: In the pre­vi­ous iter­a­tion the rel­a­tive­ly low per­cent­age change of gain­ing the buff mixed with the inabil­i­ty to chain buffs togeth­er great­ly reduced the impact of the set. In this update, the chance of gain­ing the Berserk buff has been increased and play­ers can now chain mul­ti­ple Berserk buffs together. 
    • 5 Pieces: LMG/Shotgun dam­age bonus increased to 12% (instead of 8%).
    • 6 Pieces: When a weapon has 50% (instead of 25%) of its mag­a­zine remain­ing, there is a 75% chance (instead of 50%) to receive a bonus that acti­vates when the final bul­let is fired from the cur­rent mag­a­zine. Once acti­vat­ed, the mag­a­zine is instant­ly refilled, weapon dam­age is increased by 20% (instead of 15%), fire rate is increased by 20% (instead of 25%), and sta­bil­i­ty and accu­ra­cy are decreased to 0 (instead of decreased by 15%). The bonus is can­celled by reload­ing or exit­ing combat.
    • 6 Pieces: The bonus can now trig­ger of itself with dimin­ish­ing chances. This means that each time the bonus trig­gers, the chance for it to trig­ger again is reduced until the play­ers exits com­bat or reloads.
    • Improve­ments were made to the visu­al feed­back of the 6 Piece bonus.
    • Fixed a bug where the 6 pieces bonus could be acti­vat­ed when shoot­ing while out of combat.
  • Final Mea­sure: Our goal was for all the buffs to tem­porar­i­ly be very impact­ful to your play style in dif­fer­ent ways. The way Armor was being cal­cu­lat­ed was unin­ten­tion­al and has been fixed to be an addi­tive increase to your armor mitigation. 
    • 6 Pieces: All bonus­es received from defus­ing grenades are increased to 20% (instead of 15%). This bonus is now a flat armor bonus instead of a mul­ti­pli­ca­tion of the exist­ing armor val­ue. This means that if your Armor Dam­age mit­i­ga­tion is at 35%, receiv­ing the Final Mea­sure buff will increase it to 55%.
    • Fixed the descrip­tion to cor­rect­ly refer to Frag­men­ta­tion Grenades instead of HE Grenades.
  • Reclaimer: We want­ed the Clas­si­fied Reclaimer to be the ulti­mate sup­port heal­er build. This led us to the new iter­a­tion which allows play­ers build­ing pur­pose­ful­ly to guar­an­tee that their cooldown resets when their sta­tion is destroyed by an enemy. 
    • 6 Pieces: Sup­port sta­tion gains a 50% chance (instead of 25%) to have no cooldown trig­gered when it is destroyed by an ene­my. This chance is increased by 10% (instead of 2%) for every 2000 Elec­tron­ics (instead of 1000).
  • Path of the Nomad 
    • Fixed a dis­play bug where the tal­ent cooldown icon would not dis­play after the tal­ent effect was triggered.
  • Dead­EYE
    • 4 Pieces: Fixed a bug where head­shot dam­age would do less dam­age than bodyshot dam­age when scoped in PvP.
    • 6 Pieces: Fixed a bug where the bonus would trig­ger with any weapon type instead of only Marks­man Rifles.
  • Fixed a bug where decon­struct­ing a Clas­si­fied Gear piece would not yield any material.


  • EMP Sticky Bomb no longer stag­gers the enemy.
  • Fixed a bug with First Aid Defib­ril­la­tor where a play­er equipped with a Vig­or­ous chest rolling into the area would only receive the instant heal and not the heal over time.


  • Added a hard cap on RPM for all weapons. It will no longer be pos­si­ble to over­come the RPM lim­i­ta­tion of a weapon, no mat­ter what shoot­ing method is used.
  • Fixed a bug where Pakhan’s tal­ent could be staked if the reload ani­ma­tion was interrupted.


  • Fixed a bug where a dead group mem­ber would still appear as uncon­scious in the group UI.
  • Fixed a bug in the Group Man­age­ment menu where the Agent Details could over­lap with the serv­er warn­ing “Poor con­nec­tion to host server”.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of debug_text appear­ing in the UI.


  • Fixed a bug where Mods could not be equipped on items in Survival.


  • Fixed a bug where equip­ping the Pork Pie hat would make it appear on the character’s feet instead of their head.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers receiv­ing a burn sta­tus effect right after throw­ing a grenade or throw­able skill would dis­able the grenade or skill.