The Division 1.7 Update Incoming

The Divi­sion is in its sec­ond year and is still receiv­ing sup­port and patch­es to keep it’s remain­ing play­er base hap­py. Ubisoft has out­line this upcom­ing update which over­hauls some exist­ing sys­tems and adds a new activity.

The trail­er above gives you a quick run down on the new fea­tures includ­ed in update 1.7. The biggest stand­out being the new Glob­al Events.

Glob­al Events are new lim­it­ed time events with spe­cial mod­i­fiers that pay out exclu­sive rewards. The events will begin “reg­u­lar­ly” and allow play­ers “to acti­vate addi­tion­al mod­i­fiers for some mis­sions and incur­sions, adding an extra lay­er of chal­lenge that gives them a chance to yield more rewards.”

The first of these events starts right after the patch drops, run­ning August 15 at 9 AM PT until August 22.

Ubisoft also added Encrypt­ed Caches which con­tain ran­dom cus­tomiza­tion items and emotes. These can be opened with a cer­tain type of key avail­able through game­play or they can option­al­ly be pur­chased with real world mon­ey.  Check out the full patch notes below.

New feature: Global Events

  • Glob­al Events are time-lim­it­ed events that add spe­cial mod­i­fiers to the PvE parts of The Division.
  • Tak­ing part in a Glob­al Event will award you Tokens that you can use to pur­chase Clas­si­fied Gear caches (detailed below) and unique van­i­ty items (that are cur­rent­ly not includ­ed on the PTS).
  • The Glob­al Event fea­tures a mod­i­fi­er that can be applied to exist­ing con­tent. Two extra mod­i­fiers can be enabled to increase the chal­lenge and the rewards.
  • Earn Glob­al Event Tokens by play­ing the con­tent and exchange them for Glob­al Event Caches at the vendor.
  • Rewards include
    • Three Clas­si­fied Gear Sets.
    • Three dif­fer­ent Weapon Skins.
    • One van­i­ty set.
  • Glob­al Event spe­cif­ic Com­men­da­tions are avail­able to chal­lenge you even further.

New feature: Commendations & Patches

  • Com­men­da­tions intro­duce hun­dreds of chal­lenges across sev­er­al cat­e­gories for agents to accom­plish. Com­men­da­tions cov­er all aspects and areas of the game, both for PvE and PvP.
  • Unlock­ing achieve­ments reward the play­er with Com­men­da­tion Score. Your tal­lied score is dis­played to oth­er agents.
  • Some spe­cial Com­men­da­tions award a Patch, a brand new van­i­ty item. These Patch­es are dis­played on the agent’s arm, replac­ing the default Phoenix patch.

New feature: Face Masks

  • Face Masks are new van­i­ty items allow­ing play­ers to fur­ther cus­tomize the look of their agent.
  • Face Masks can be obtained dur­ing Glob­al Events.

New feature: Face customization

  • The Base of Oper­a­tions now include a room with an inter­ac­tive mir­ror that you can use to change your agent’s appear­ance. You can find the room by turn­ing right straight after you have entered the Ter­mi­nal from the Base of Oper­a­tion stairs.

New feature: Encrypted Cache

  • An Encrypt­ed Cache is a loot con­tain­er obtained from the Pre­mi­um Ven­dor in the ter­mi­nal. It requires a key to open. 
    • Encrypt­ed Caches con­tain unique appear­ance items, emotes and skins.
    • Cipher Keys are need­ed to open Encrypt­ed Caches. These keys are cre­at­ed by col­lect­ing key frag­ments, which are avail­able from nor­mal game­play. 10 key frag­ments are need­ed to cre­ate one Cipher Key. Keys can also be pur­chased from the Pre­mi­um Vendor.
  • Unique appear­ance items from the Encrypt­ed Caches are orga­nized in Col­lec­tions that can be found in the Van­i­ty tab. Once a Col­lec­tion has been com­plet­ed, the agent will receive a reward.

New feature: Classified Gear Sets

  • Clas­si­fied Gear Set pieces are unique gear set pieces for pre-exist­ing gear sets and will fea­ture 5 and 6‑piece bonuses.
  • Clas­si­fied Gear Set pieces can ini­tial­ly only be received from par­tic­i­pat­ing in Glob­al Events. 
    • After a Glob­al Event has con­clud­ed, the Clas­si­fied Gear pieces can be found dur­ing nor­mal game­play, but with low­er drop rates than dur­ing Glob­al Events.
  • Clas­si­fied Gear Set pieces have high­er Pri­ma­ry Stat Range than nor­mal Gear Set pieces. 
    • Pri­ma­ry Stat Range: 1274 – 1401
  • Clas­si­fied Gear Sets can receive two recalibrations.
  • Three Clas­si­fied Gear sets will be intro­duced for every Glob­al Event. These Clas­si­fied Gear Sets are: 
    • Lone Star
      • 5 Piece:
        • +50% Ammo Capacity
        • +12% LMG Damage
        • +12% Shot­gun Damage
      • 6 Piece: Berserker 
        • When a weapon has 50% of its mag­a­zine remain­ing, there is a 75% chance to receive a bonus that acti­vates when the final bul­let is fired from the cur­rent mag­a­zine. Once acti­vat­ed, the mag­a­zine is instant­ly refilled, weapon dam­age is increased by 20%, fire rate is increased by 20%, and sta­bil­i­ty and accu­ra­cy are decreased to 0. The bonus is can­celled by reload­ing or exit­ing combat.
    • Final Mea­sure
      • 5 Piece:
        • +15% Exot­ic Dam­age Resilience
        • +15% Pro­tec­tion from Elites
      • 6 Piece: Improved Final Measure 
        • When a grenade is defused the play­er and all group mem­bers with­in 30 meters gain a buff based on the grenade type that was defused.
        • -EMP/Shock: Skill pow­er increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
        • -HE/Incendiary: Weapon dam­age increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
        • -Flashbang/Tear Gas: Dam­age Mit­i­ga­tion increased by 20% for 8 seconds.
    • Dead­EYE
      • 5 Piece:
        • +40% Ini­tial Bul­let Stability
        • +20% Marks­man Rifle Crit­i­cal Hit Damage
      • 6 Piece: Improved DeadEYE 
        • When zoomed, get­ting a head­shot kill with Marks­man rifles will increase crit­i­cal hit dam­age by 20% every sec­ond to a max­i­mum of 100% and will increase sta­bil­i­ty by 100%. Lasts for 10 sec­onds or until no longer zoomed.

Game changes


  • Blue­prints are now shared across all char­ac­ters on a same account.
  • Cur­ren­cies are now shared across all char­ac­ters on a same account.
  • Craft­ing mate­ri­als are now shared across all char­ac­ters on a same account.
  • After a Med­kit cleans­es a Sta­tus Effect, it will grant a tem­po­rary, three-sec­ond invul­ner­a­bil­i­ty to the cleansed Effect.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers could get the On Fire sta­tus effect even though they had 100% burn resis­tance. Note that play­ers can still take dam­age from cer­tain fire attacks, such as Clean­er flamethrowers.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers receiv­ing a burn sta­tus effect right after throw­ing a grenade or throw­able skill would dis­able the grenade or skill.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers could run faster than they should by spam­ming the sprint button.
  • Fixed gamepad max­i­mum scope sen­si­tiv­i­ty being low­er than intend­ed. Max­i­mum sen­si­tiv­i­ty is now the same as it was in 1.6.
  • Fixed a bug where a play­er would skip downed state and jump direct­ly to dead state if killed after hav­ing pressed “give up” briefly dur­ing a pre­vi­ous revive attempt.

Weapon Balance

  • All weapons
    • Added a hard cap on RPM for all weapons. It will no longer be pos­si­ble to over­come the RPM lim­i­ta­tion of a weapon, no mat­ter what shoot­ing method is used.
  • SVD
    • SVD recoil and spread have been retuned to be in line with the M1A.
  • Adjust­ed the RPM val­ue shown in Burst Fire weapons’ UI to reflect their actu­al RPM instead of the RPM of the Burst alone. This change also results in an updat­ed DPS val­ue for said weapons. Note that this is a UI change only to bet­ter reflect the behav­ior of these weapons; their actu­al fire rate and dam­age have not changed.

Gear Sets

  • D3-FNC: 3‑Piece bonus changed from 30% Bal­lis­tic Shield Health to +10% Dam­age to Elite.
  • Fixed a bug with Ban­shee where ammo would not refill cor­rect­ly after going Rogue.


  • Nin­jaBike mes­sen­ger bag 
    • Tal­ent: Nin­jaBike mes­sen­ger bag 
      • Slots in with any equipped Gear Set item to ful­fill a require­ment towards unlock­ing a Gear Sets bonus. Can unlock bonus­es from mul­ti­ple sets simul­ta­ne­ous­ly. Can­not unlock Clas­si­fied Gear Set bonuses.
  • Pakhan:
    • Pahkan weapon tal­ent will now only apply the bonus mag size on reload. This means that refills from Metic­u­lous and Lone Star 6 piece will only fill the mag­a­zine to the base unbuffed amount.
    • Fixed a bug where Pakhan’s tal­ent could be staked if the reload ani­ma­tion was interrupted.
  • His­to­ri­an:
    • Kills with the His­to­ri­an explo­sion will now trig­ger the Dis­ci­plined Talent.


  • Sta­ble tal­ent will now increase sta­bil­i­ty by 10% instead of 35%. (this change is retroactive)
  • The Cool­head­ed & Deter­mined tal­ents will now have an effect on cooldowns for all skills, includ­ing Sig­na­ture Skills.
  • Fixed a bug where Triage would be applied mul­ti­ple times.
  • Fixed a bug with Bat­tle Bud­dy where the buff would apply twice if the play­er revived him­self with a Sup­port Station.
  • Fixed a bug where Tal­ent­ed would proc when killing an ene­my with a skill or grenade instead of the weapon itself.
  • Fixed a bug where Strike Back would also reduce Med­kits cooldown.


  • Minor col­or tweaks have been made to make the Load­out UI more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue where switch­ing mods on a Load­out while hav­ing a full inven­to­ry could over­ride the back­pack capacity.
  • Fixed an issue where a play­er can­not switch between two iden­ti­cal Load­outs using dif­fer­ent mods while hav­ing a full backpack.
  • Fixed a bug where cer­tain audio clips would loop.


  • Bal­lis­tic Shield: 
    • Added a PvP mod­i­fi­er to dam­age applied to the shield. Play­er dam­age to oth­er play­ers’ shields will now be increased by 20% in PvP.
    • Fixed a bug where the Bal­lis­tic Shield would not take dam­age from your own grenade or Sticky Bomb.
    • Fixed an issue with Bal­lis­tic Shield Riot Shield buff, where the agent could get mul­ti­ple buffs by per­form­ing cer­tain actions.
  • Pulse:
    • Fixed an issue where the Pulse icon would over­lap oth­er UI elements.
  • Seek­er Mine: 
    • Explo­sion dam­age has been reduced from 900 to 600.
    • Air­bust Mod dam­age has been reduced from 300 to 120.
    • Fixed a bug where the Seek­er Mine with Clus­ter mod would some­times be unable to det­o­nate on a tar­get if the tar­get was on top of a cover.
  • Sticky Bomb:
    • Fixed an issue where Sticky Bomb explo­sion would some­time only apply in a plane instead of a sphere, lead­ing to no dam­age being applied to ene­mies at var­i­ous height.
    • EMP Sticky Bomb no longer stag­gers the enemy.
  • Sup­port Station: 
    • Fixed a bug where if an agent revived by anoth­er skill while in a Sup­port Station’s area of effect would cause the Sup­port Sta­tion to despawn.
    • Fixed a bug where an agent could not be revived by First Aid if they were being revived by a Sup­port Sta­tion that was destroyed before the revive finished.
    • Fixed a bug where the Sup­port Sta­tion would remain in the agent’s hand after deploy­ing it.
    • Fixed a bug where an agent would some­times not get revived if a group mem­ber used First Aid with the Defib­ril­la­tor mod.
    • Fixed a bug where an agent would get revived if the agent was in the process of self-reviv­ing from a friend­ly Sup­port Sta­tion but tried to can­cel the action.
    • Fixed a bug where the Sup­port Sta­tion Mas­ter Mod heal would still apply if the play­er can­celed his sta­tion right after it was destroyed.
  • First Aid:
    • Fixed a bug where the First Aid Defib­ril­la­tor revive would not be pri­or­i­tized over oth­er slow­er revives while they were in progress.
    • Fixed a bug where the First Aid’s effect would be delayed while the pro­jec­tile slow­ly descend­ed to the ground.
    • Fixed a bug with First Aid Defib­ril­la­tor where a play­er equipped with a Vig­or­ous chest rolling into the area would only receive the instant heal and not the heal over time.
  • Mobile Cov­er:
    • Fixed a bug where the Mobile Cov­er could be knocked down by oth­er agents and ene­my NPCs even though they were under immo­bi­liz­ing sta­tus effects.
    • Fixed a bug with Mobile Cov­er where an agent could be lift­ed above ground.
    • Fixed the descrip­tion of the Mobile Cov­er Coun­ter­mea­sures mod so that it now clear­ly states that shoot­ing a tar­get while being in cov­er on it will pulse the tar­get for 5 seconds.
    • Fixed an issue with the Mobile Cov­er Coun­ter­mea­sures mod where group mem­bers would not get the con­ceal­ment when tak­ing cov­er behind it.
  • Oth­er:
    • Fixed a bug where group member’s skill cooldowns would not be decreased when tak­ing cov­er in an area affect­ed by Smart Cov­er with the Recharg­er mod.
    • Fixed a bug where attempt­ing to use a skill imme­di­ate­ly after enter­ing the Dark Zone would result in the skill going into cooldown.
    • Recov­ery Link can no longer be used while fir­ing your weapon, sim­i­lar to Sur­vivor and Tac­ti­cal Link.
    • Fixed an issue with the Turret’s tar­get prioritization.


  • Fixed a bug in Napalm Pro­duc­tion Site where an agent could defeat Joe Fer­ro inside his room before defeat­ing his guards.
  • Fixed a bug in Grand Cen­tral Sta­tion where the tur­rets were reac­ti­vat­ed after play­er death.
  • Fixed an issue where Hud­son Refugee Camp became impos­si­ble to com­plete if the boss­es are killed too quick­ly on Chal­lenge Mode.
  • Fixed an issue in War­ren­Gate Pow­er Plant where a door would refuse to open if the play­er dies before com­plet­ing a cer­tain objective.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances in dif­fer­ent mis­sions, includ­ing Russ­ian Con­sulate and Napalm Pro­duc­tion Site, where the play­er could get stuck or shoot through walls and floors.
  • Fixed a weird door in the Gen­er­al Assem­bly park­ing lot.
  • Fixed a loca­tion where the play­er could throw a Seek­er Mine through a wall and kill all the ene­mies on the oth­er side.
  • Fixed a loca­tion in Gen­er­al Assem­bly where a glass pan­el could get in the way in the fight against Raptor.


  • Fixed a bug where Under­ground Direc­tives would not con­tin­ue across Under­ground phases.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mad Skills Direc­tive where the sec­ond skill would go on cooldown when the play­er aimed his first one.
  • Fixed a bug where the agent could fast trav­el to the Under­ground while car­ry­ing con­t­a­m­i­nat­ed items.
  • Fixed some big weird doors in the Underground.
  • Fixed an issue where ene­mies were unable to detect the play­er after going through a weird fire door.


  • The rewards you get from Sur­vival have been increased. 
    • Reach­ing Tier 1 will rewards you with a Sur­vival Cache instead of a Gear Cache.
    • Reach­ing Tier 2 will rewards you with one Sur­vival Cache and one Weapons Cache.
  • Fixed a bug where the Pun­ish­er acco­lade on the end screen would always have a check­box next to it even if it wasn’t completed.
  • Fixed sev­er­al issues in the envi­ron­ment, where play­ers could get stuck.
  • Fixed instances of the game freez­ing when leav­ing Survival.
  • Fixed a bug where Mods could not be equipped on items in Survival.

Last Stand

  • You can now see recent/nearby play­ers from the oppos­ing team as well as from your own team.
  • Fixed instances of the game freez­ing when leav­ing a Last Stand match.
  • Fixed an issue with the posi­tion­ing of a prop which could cause play­ers to get stuck in tac­ti­cal point A1.

Base of Operations

  • Stopped an evil Christ­mas tree by the Pre­mi­um Ven­dor from trap­ping players.
  • Fixed a bug where the Base of Oper­a­tion would become unus­able after vis­it­ing the Pre­mi­um Vendor.


  • Fixed a num­ber of issues through­out the world such as: 
    • Being unable to vault over cer­tain objects.
    • Being shot by NPC’s through a wall by the entrance of the The Ward safe house.
    • Being blocked by invis­i­ble objects.
    • Get­ting stuck between objects.
    • Objects clip­ping through oth­er objects.
    • Being able to glitch through var­i­ous walls.
    • Float­ing flags and mis­places textures.
  • Fixed an issue where agents were able to jump off a roof in Tur­tle Bay.
  • We’ve stopped NPCs from fol­low­ing you into an ele­va­tor in Tur­tle Bay.
  • Fixed sev­er­al places where hid­ing behind cer­tain objects would stop ene­mies from engag­ing the agent.

Dark Zone

  • Fixed sev­er­al issues in the Dark­Zone such as: 
    • Agents some­times receiv­ing the Out­side Playable Area mes­sage when in the The Armory landmark.
    • A lootable object in DZ7 being in an unreach­able place.
    • Being able to glitch through a wall in the The Mall landmark.
    • Being unable to drop down from cer­tain objects once the agent has climbed them.
    • Minor graph­i­cal issues in The Armory.
    • Moved sev­er­al trash­bags around so play­ers wouldn’t get stuck behind them anymore.
    • Moved a rogue lamp.
    • NPCs being able to shoot through cer­tain walls.
  • Fixed an issue where a Named NPC was miss­ing from the The Base­ment land­mark in DZ09.
  • Stopped NPCs from sneak­ing through a gap between a pair of doors and a rooftop in DZ09.
  • Fixed an issue where cleared Land­marks would not give out rewards.
  • The Named NPC “Beans” now belongs to the cor­rect faction.
  • Fixed a bug where ene­mies would stop engag­ing the play­er if they hid behind cer­tain objects in the Q Build­ing Landmark.
  • Fixed an issue where the play­er can tele­port out­side of the map in Dark Zone 2.


  • Con­sum­ables Caches are now avail­able at the Dark Zone vendors.
  • Moved the posi­tion of the Load­out icon on items you have marked as a favorite to make it eas­i­er to iden­ti­fy them.
  • Added back­pack capac­i­ty to the loot preview.
  • Fixed a bug where after dying and plac­ing the cur­sor over a respawn loca­tion the high­light­ing of the option would appear on the bot­tom of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug where press­ing back while hav­ing the option to dis­able shar­ing for an item would cause the item to be unshareable.
  • Fixed a bug where buy­ing back items quick­ly could result in exceed­ing the inven­to­ry limit.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Sell” but­ton at a ven­dor would be active even though there was noth­ing to sell.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get the wrong mes­sage when buy­ing an item from any vendor.
  • When buy­ing every item from the Appear­ance Ven­dor, you will now be able to see all your avail­able currencies.
  • Fixed a bug where the Ubisoft Club Action Com­plet­ed pop-up would show up every time the game was started.
  • Play­ers now get a warn­ing if their wal­let is full of a giv­en cur­ren­cy and they open a Cache con­tain­ing that currency.
  • Fixed a bug where a dead group mem­ber would still appear as uncon­scious in the group UI.
  • Fixed a bug in the Group Man­age­ment menu where the Agent Details could over­lap with the serv­er warn­ing “Poor con­nec­tion to host server”.

PC Specific

  • Fixed an issue where an agent would right-click on an item and the text describ­ing the options pre­sent­ed would flick­er rapidly.
  • Fixed UI over­lap which could occur when an agent was com­par­ing items and then drag­ging an item over to share or dismantle.
  • Fixed an issue where agents could still use the scroll wheel while the Not Enough Space prompt was present.
  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cur­sor would some­times not be present on the load­ing screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Group Man­age­ment menu would begin flick­er­ing when an agent hov­ered the cur­sor over a friend’s name.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s FPS would still be capped despite turn­ing off the Frame Rate limiter.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of skills being locked when aim­ing too fast after anoth­er skill was deployed.


  • Fixed an issue where the NPC beat­ing a dead body scene had no sound effects.
  • Fixed an issue with Tat­too sat­u­ra­tion not chang­ing between 0 – 30% dur­ing Char­ac­ter Creation.
  • Fixed a visu­al bug where an agent would con­tin­u­ous­ly bleed if revived by a group member’s Recov­ery Link while anoth­er revive was in progress.
  • Fixed instances of incor­rect NPC animations.
  • Added sound effects to the JTF offi­cer knock­ing on bars in the Brook­lyn Precinct. Maybe some­one will actu­al­ly hear him and help him out now.
  • The Blue­prints Ven­dor in the Ter­mi­nal should now speak again.
  • Sev­er­al improve­ments made to tex­ture load­ing speed after a fast travel.
  • Agents no longer blink and move their eyes once killed. Say no to zombies.

Changes from PTS 3 to Final 1.7 Build

Classified Gear Sets

  • Striker’s Bat­tlegear: 6‑piece stacks will now reset when play­er exits combat.
  • Final Mea­sure: Play­ers will no longer defuse grenades when downed.
  • Sentry’s Call: 6‑piece bonus now has a 50% chance (instead of 25%) to spread with­in 25 meters (instead of 10).
  • Fixed a bug where attrib­ut­es would not be nor­mal­ized cor­rect­ly if the play­er recal­i­brat­ed one of them.
  • Fixed a bug where play­ers equipped with 6‑piece Lone Star would some­times no longer deal dam­age after the Berserk­er Tal­ent triggered.
  • Var­i­ous improve­ments to UI feedback.
  • Var­i­ous UI fixes.

Global Events

  • Fixed a bug where Glob­al Event progress per­formed in Man­hat­tan would reset each time a play­er would play a ses­sion of Under­ground, Sur­vival or Last Stand.
  • Con­ta­gious effect in Out­break has been tuned down. Its dam­age is reduced by 40% and the DOT dura­tion reduced from 3 sec­onds to 1 second.
  • Glob­al Event caches have been updat­ed with the fol­low­ing content: 
    • 2x of either 
      • 45% Clas­si­fied Gear Set
      • 43.5% Gear Set
      • 11.5% Exot­ic
    • 12.5% chance of an extra item 
      • 90% Clas­si­fied Gear Set
      • 10% Exot­ic
  • Glob­al Event Tokens will now cor­rect­ly drop from Sur­vival and Last Stand caches.
  • Fixed sev­er­al instances of Glob­al Event Tokens not being count­ed towards the total earned dur­ing a Glob­al Event.
  • Fixed a bug where HVT boss­es would not drop any Glob­al Event Tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where some Incur­sions boss­es would not drop any Glob­al Event Tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where Under­ground boss­es would not drop the cor­rect amount of Glob­al Event Tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where some Open World boss­es would not drop any Glob­al Event Tokens.
  • Var­i­ous UI and text fixes.

Encrypted Caches

  • Key Frag­ments drop rates increased from 3% to 20%. These frag­ments can drop from named NPCs in the Open World, Dark Zone, Mis­sions, Incur­sions and HVT contracts.
  • Var­i­ous UI fixes.


  • Fixed var­i­ous Com­men­da­tions not updat­ing correctly.
  • Var­i­ous UI fixes.


  • Fixed an issue where the Nin­ja Back­pack bonus would not apply cor­rect­ly when equip­ping it.

Update 1.7 is available August 15th free for all players on all platforms.

Source: The Divi­sion Blog

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