Bliz­zard is offer­ing two alpha tests for Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed. The stu­dio con­firmed this in a new inter­view and also announced the tests will be spilt up between sin­gle-play­er and multiplayer.

The sin­gle-play­er alpha test will arrive first, obvi­ous­ly fol­lowed by the mul­ti­play­er alpha. This is so they can put the game’s serves through paces before the game’s pub­lic release.

Chris Lena the games’ lead pro­duc­er, con­firmed these plans in an inter­view with PCGamesN. “We’re going to start with a sin­gle-play­er tech­ni­cal alpha, and then we’ll have a sec­ond tech­ni­cal alpha after that, which is kind of mul­ti­play­er and stress test­ing,” Lena stated. 

These alphas are slat­ed to begin lat­er this year, but no spe­cif­ic date was giv­en. You can try to get into the alpha by singing up on Bliz­zard’s web­site. Beware, there are sites out there claim­ing to have alpha keys in an attempt to scam people. 

Lena added that Bliz­zard will con­sid­er fur­ther bal­ance changes to Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed after launch, if there are enough com­plaints to war­rant changes.

Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed, which is helped being devel­oped by Tony Hawk stu­dio Vic­ar­i­ous Visions, includes all of the con­tent from the orig­i­nal game. This includes the Lords of Destruc­tion expan­sion. Play­ers can expect a bunch of remas­tered graph­ics, cross-pro­gres­sion and updat­ed support.