Devil May Cry Costume and Weapons Coming to Monster Hunter: World

Much like the lat­est Hori­zon Zero Dawn chal­lenge for Mon­ster Hunter: World, Cap­com announced anoth­er cos­tume addi­tion. It comes from the pop­u­lar Dev­il May Cry series. This mashup coin­cides with the Dev­il May Cry HD Col­lec­tions release.

Play­ers who wish to get the Dev­il May Cry gear in Mon­ster Hunter, will have to bat­tle “hell­ish foes” in order to receive the gear. The weapon falls under the Charge Blade, but when using the DMC weapon, the shield will not be seen, although you can still block. Instead of the sword turn­ing into an axe, you’ll get the Force Edge that turns into a mas­sive Alas­tor. You can see a video below:


There is no cur­rent spe­cif­ic date as to when this con­tent will be avail­able to obtain. Once it does release, Mon­ster Hunter: World play­ers will have to com­plete the prop­er Event Quest. 

Source: Cap­com

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