Detroit: Become Human Will Launch 2018

Despite a new trail­er at this year’s E3, Detroit: Become Human did­n’t receive a launch date. The fol­low­ing days also did­n’t reveal any infor­ma­tion. Now accord­ing to an inter­view between Gamespot and David Cage, the game will launch in 2018 exclu­sive­ly on the PS4

In addi­tion to the release date David Cage also talked about more game­play details. Unlike sim­i­lar games Cage stat­ed that Detroit: Become Human will have a larg­er focus on real choic­es and con­se­quences. He says that the devel­op­er from the start decid­ed to make scenes and assets that only a few would see.

Let’s create assets that maybe 10% of people will see. And let’s embrace this idea that usually you reject because we’re not going to create scenes for the 10% of people who make that choice. But we said, ‘We should,’ because that’s the heart, the DNA of the experience that we wanted to create. So the tree structure is very complex: in each scene, in each arc, we added another layer of complexity which is that the arc of one character–we have three playable characters–can have an impact on the arcs of the other characters. So you can imagine the complexity of the tree structure.”

It was also con­firmed that the three pro­tag­o­nists can die and that the sto­ry will move on with­out a game over. Cage does make clear that he isn’t promis­ing that play­ers can cre­ate what­ev­er sto­ry they want. Instead he promis­es that play­ers can explore the nar­ra­tive space cre­at­ed by the devel­op­ers and get their own ver­sion of the story. 

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