Destiny’s Upcoming Hotfix Won’t Be Fixing Some Known Issues

In the same blog post Bungie announced the first Iron ban­ner event of the year, it also men­tioned an upcom­ing hotfix.

Hot­fix will be launched the same day as the Iron Ban­ner Event, Janu­rary 17th, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. PT. Bungie gave a very short list of what they will actu­al­ly fix in the patch:

  • Some Patrol mis­sions in the Plague­lands are not reli­ably caus­ing ene­mies to drop their respec­tive objec­tive items
  • Xûr’s “Curio” inven­to­ry varies on a week­ly basis, due to a lim­i­ta­tion of his inven­to­ry space
  • Weapon Sta­bil­i­ty on the Nova Mor­tis and Abbadon Exot­ic Machine Guns is inconsistent

Bungie went on to say they will reveal the full patch notes on the day of the hot­fix release. Seems rather odd to tell us three minor details days in advance, when you could just tell us all of them, since we will be see­ing them anyway. 

Along with some patch notes, we were told they are aware of some known issues play­ers have been con­cerned about, but won’t be addressed in this patch:

  • Rounds may not end as expect­ed when all play­ers on a Fireteam have been defeat­ed in Elim­i­na­tion Game Types
  • Skele­ton Keys may be removed erro­neous­ly from Char­ac­ter Inventory
  • Acquir­ing the Ice Break­er from week­ly Van­guard Elite Boun­ty does not unlock the cor­re­spond­ing Gri­moire card
  • Play­ers who have com­plet­ed the “Songs from the Void” Quest will see a way­point above Iko­ra in the Tow­er, where play­ers will need to speak instead with Com­man­der Zavala to receive the fol­low­ing Quest

Some of those are annoy­ing, and some of those could real­ly piss you off. They did say they are work­ing on anoth­er update lat­er down the road, so hope­ful­ly play­ers will see those need­ed adjust­ments. Yes­ter­day, Bungie start­ed its “Bungie Boun­ty Days” and Iron Ban­ner is start­ing next week on Tues­day, Jan­u­ary 17th you can read more about both of those, here. 


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