Destiny’s Iron Banner Returns Next Week: Check Out the Loot

In a blog post, Bungie final­ly announced today, its first Iron Ban­ner event for Des­tiny this year. The lim­it­ed time event starts Jan­u­ary 17th 10 a.m. PT, run­ning until Jan­u­ary 24th 1 a.m. PT

On a side note, Bungie also made a state­ment about a future update saying: 

“They’re [Bungie] hard at work on anoth­er con­tent update that will give you new rea­sons to fight. Before renewed orders from the Van­guard arrive, there will be a batch of fix­es for some issues you’ve been talk­ing about.”
The game mode for Iron ban­ner will be Clash, which is Des­tiny’s ver­sion of Team Death­match. Con­sid­er­ing the last Iron Ban­ner mode, Clash will be a very sim­ple switch. Bungie seemed to want this say­ing, “A good, old-fash­ioned shoot­ing match should appeal to any­one with a favorite exot­ic weapon.” 
Here is the loot for next week’s’ Ban­ner event, they have no names, but look amaz­ing. There is a sidearm and a rock­et launch­er for the weapons depart­ment. War­locks, Titans, and Hunters can get a chest or gaunt­let armor piece. You can check out the loot pho­tos below:
Bungie also announced “Bungie Boun­ty Days”. Over the next few weeks, every­day, Bungie is going to des­ig­nate a tar­get for play­ers to chase down in PvP. This will give play­ers a chance to earn an emblem. For the next two weeks these tar­get­ed play­ers will be play­ing Clash on the plat­form of their choos­ing (so be on the look­out), and they will be alone. Below is the emblem you will be reward­ed titled, “Sign of Oppos­ing Will”:
Destiny's Iron Banner Returns Next Week: Check Out the Loot
Bungie Boun­ty Days begins today and only lasts two hours, from 1 p.m. PT to 3 p.m. PT. Your first tar­get for the day is Pro­fes­sor Bro­man. Fol­low Bungie on Twit­ter for your tar­get pack­ages and Bungie will also let you know when the tar­get is done fight­ing. The final day for Bungie Boun­ty Days is Feb­ru­ary 10th. Hap­py hunt­ing Guardians. 
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