Bungie has pushed the time on the next big expan­sion for Des­tiny 2, mov­ing it from the pre­vi­ous Novem­ber release date this year — into next year. This expan­sion is called The Witch Queen, and is the next big update after the release of Beyond Light. The Witch Queen will now drop some­time in “the ear­ly half of 2022.”

Bungie out­lined this change in a huge blog post, which goes into detail about the future of Des­tiny 2. Bungie said they had been think­ing about push­ing back the release of The Witch Queen for a while “pri­mar­i­ly for the health of the team,” and that ele­ments of the expan­sions lead to the delay.

Beyond Light built the foun­da­tion and allowed us to weave the world-build­ing of Des­tiny and Des­tiny 2 togeth­er, but The Witch Queen will light the fire on a strong­ly inter­con­nect­ed nar­ra­tive across Light­fall and beyond, unlike any­thing we’ve ever attempt­ed before, with char­ac­ters, arcs, heroes and vil­lains that per­sist over mul­ti­ple future releas­es. With so much lead­ing to and depen­dent on what hap­pens in The Witch Queen, we want­ed to make sure that we gave our­selves enough time to build out this jour­ney in the right way, start­ing with an excep­tion­al first chap­ter in The Witch Queen.”

Oth­er rea­sons includes Bungie con­tin­u­ing to work to “upgrade the sys­temic foun­da­tion of Des­tiny 2 to sup­port every­thing we want to do in the future” and its attempts to main­tain a qual­i­ty lev­el for Des­tiny 2, with­out overex­ert­ing developers.

The blog also out­lined a whole lot of oth­er future con­tent infor­ma­tion. Bungie had pre­vi­ous­ly announced two sep­a­rate expan­sions for Des­tiny 2, one being The Witch Queen in 2022. Light­fall is expect­ed to fol­low that, and was orig­i­nal­ly slat­ed to release in Fall 2022, but with the recent delay, will like­ly be pushed to ear­ly 2023. The blog men­tions anoth­er expan­sion that fol­lows Light­fall and con­cludes Des­tiny 2’s cur­rent sto­ry, which Bungie is call­ing the “Light and Dark­ness Saga.” 

Bungie final­ly set up a release peri­od for the Vault of Glass raid, which has been upgrad­ed from the orig­i­nal in Des­tiny 1. The Vault of Glass is com­ing back in Sea­son 14, which is the next con­tent sea­son. Sea­son 13 ends on May 11th, and since raids raids are typ­i­cal­ly added a week or two after con­tent release, it won’t be too long after.