Destiny 2’s Anti-Cheat Software Might Lower Frame Rate

The Des­tiny 2 show­case dur­ing Gamescom includ­ed a look at the new Witch Queen con­tent that will be com­ing out next year in Feb­ru­ary. It also includ­ed Bungie’s progress in its fight against cheaters..but it might bring some issues with it. They will now be using Bat­tl­Eye anti-cheat soft­ware in Des­tiny 2, which should help keep cheaters out of the game. 

In a post on Bungie’s web­site, the devel­op­er detailed Bat­tlEye’s imple­men­ta­tion and what the anti-cheat soft­ware will actu­al­ly be doing. The post states that it will allow the devel­op­er to “detect more active cheats” but “won’t be a sil­ver bul­let fix that will end all cheat­ing in Des­tiny forever.”

Bat­tl­Eye also isn’t being giv­en the free­dom to just ban play­ers either. Bungie is putting the ser­vice through a tri­al peri­od, with auto­mat­ic ban per­mis­sion com­ing “some­time before Tri­als of Osiris goes live on Sep­tem­ber 10.”

This anti-cheat soft­ware will def­i­nite­ly pre­vent some cheaters from ruin­ing the fun for oth­ers, but it’s going to cost every­one. Not mon­ey, but in frames. “Anti-cheat solu­tions require some addi­tion­al sys­tem resources to keep watch and you may see some reduc­tion in frames and per­for­mance after Update 3.3.0 goes live,” Bungie stat­ed. Bat­tl­Eye will also make Des­tiny 2 start up slow­er, but won’t affect your sys­tem’s over­all per­for­mance when the game isn’t run­ning. The update have already been for a few days. 

Bungie added that it’s fight­ing oth­er forms of cheat­ing in Des­tiny 2, includ­ing win trading–where a play­er inten­tion­al­ly los­es a match to boost anoth­er teams ranks. Bungie is “tar­get­ing play­ers for bans who are active­ly engag­ing in win trading.”

The devel­op­er is obvi­ous­ly sick of cheaters in their game, as they recent­ly filed a joint law­suit with Ubisoft against Ring‑1, a cheat dis­trib­u­tor that sells cheat bun­dles for Des­tiny 2, Rain­bow Six Siege, and others.

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