Destiny 2’s Has Another Hotfix: See the Changes Here

Des­tiny 2 seems to be hav­ing a lot of prob­lems, just in gen­er­al. Recent­ly, Bungie delayed the Pres­tige ver­sion the Leviathan Raid due to some a exploit that play­ers were using. Just yes­ter­day, they changed the Night­fall to the Pyra­mid­ion due to an error in the Pres­tige ver­sion of Exo­dus Crash.

This hot­fix was titled “The one about raid keys.” As you can see, it focused more on the prob­lems play­ers were hav­ing with raid keys. It also fixed some issues with the com­pan­ion app. The full list is below:

  • To avoid erro­neous removal of raid keys, they will no longer be removed upon hit­ting the week­ly reset 
    • Raid keys are also no longer removed upon cre­at­ing a new character
    • Raid keys are also no longer removed upon log­ging into alts for the first time in a new week
  • Fixed an issue where a kinet­ic weapon would always be equipped after cer­tain supers expired
  • Fixed an issue where Nes­sus scout reports would not add way­points to cer­tain chests
  • Fix for some Mile­stones not show­ing in the Progress section
  • Fix for Eng­lish text show­ing in the Gear sec­tion for non-Eng­lish languages
  • Added the abil­i­ty to look up clans by name (exact match­es only)
  • Fix for some Mile­stones not show­ing their name and icon
  • Added the abil­i­ty to look up clans by name

Source: Bungie

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