Today Bungie released anoth­er decent sized update since the launch of For­sak­en last month. Changes have been made to pret­ty much every­thing. Some weapons have been adjust­ed since the last patch and they low­ered the chance of get­ting dupli­cate Exotics again. 

Mas­ter­work Cores have been renamed to Enhance­ment Cores, which is a rather odd adjust­ment. There have also been fix­es made to Gam­bit and dou­ble XP was enabled for the new game mode as well. You can see the rest of the update below:


  • Malfea­sance
      • Increased Explo­sive Shad­ow det­o­na­tion damage
      • Increased dam­age against Tak­en and invaders
  • Wish-Ender
      • Increased base Wish-Ender damage
      • Fixed an issue where Wish-Ender’s Broad­head perk would not acti­vate prop­er­ly, which would result in a loss of damage
      • Wish-Ender’s Queen’s Wrath perk effects are now more read­able and consistent
  • Trace Rifles
      • Now spawn with 50 ammo in the Crucible
      • Now ben­e­fit from the fol­low­ing armor perks:
      • Auto Rifle Loader
      • Unflinch­ing Auto Rifle Aim
      • Auto Rifle Targeting
      • Pre­ci­sion Weapon Targeting
      • Auto Rifle Dexterity
  • Increased Sword dam­age in PvE
  • Increased Fusion Rifle dam­age in PvE
  • Prox­im­i­ty Grenades now have a stat penal­ty to blast radius
  • Reduced the amount by which Full Choke nar­rows pro­jec­tile spread
  • Changed the Dynamo and Dis­tri­b­u­tion perks 
      • Play­ers will need to acti­vate their class abil­i­ty in prox­im­i­ty to at least one ene­my to gain the benefit
      • Increased the ener­gy gain by 20% to com­pen­sate slight­ly for the new requirement
      • Fixed an issue where Dynamo’s effect was not scal­ing based on the player’s class type; the Dis­tri­b­u­tion perk had this, but it was unin­ten­tion­al­ly left out of Dynamo
  • Increased vis­i­bil­i­ty through a Titan’s Ban­ner Shield for allies
  • The White Nail perk should no longer occa­sion­al­ly acti­vate before the play­er achieves the required num­ber of pre­ci­sion hits
  • Fixed an issue where the SUROS Regime scope was opaque yellow
  • Fixed an issue where Polaris Lance’s The Per­fect Fifth perk was not triggering


  • Fixed an issue where Vex Cyclopes weren’t attack­ing players
  • Fixed an issue where Hive Knights and Tak­en Van­dals were not using spe­cial abilities


  • Break­through 
      • Decreased attack­er respawn time from 7 sec­onds to 5 sec­onds after the Break­er is deployed 
      • Mod­i­fied the game rules to pre­vent teams from forc­ing the round into a stalemate: 
          • In the ini­tial fight over the Break­er, the team with the most cap­ture progress (high-water mark) will win the Break­er if time runs out with­out any Break­er progress present. There will still be over­time if time runs out with progress present, and the Break­er will go to the team with cur­rent progress at the end of 30 sec­onds, or to the high-water mark if progress reach­es zero with no play­ers on the Breaker.
          • While a team is hack­ing the oth­er team’s Vault, progress decay accel­er­ates grad­u­al­ly dur­ing Sud­den Death for up to 30 sec­onds, after which the round will end the moment no attack­ers are present in the cap­ture zone.
      • If the round ends in a draw twice, the match ends in a tie.
      • Nei­ther team will get Glo­ry points from this scenario.
      • Win Streaks are maintained.
  • Sleep­er Sim­u­lant now gains less ammo from Heavy ammo crates on the wall in Gam­bit (now 2, down from 4)
  • Swords now gain more ammo from Heavy ammo crates on the wall in Gam­bit (now 12, up from 6)
  • Fixed an issue where some­times one team’s inva­sion por­tal would not open
  • Fixed an issue where some­times the wrong team would be cred­it­ed for defeat­ing the Ascen­dant Primeval
  • Increased the spawn rate of the Ascen­dant Primeval Servitor
  • The Gam­bit ship and Spar­row are no longer guar­an­teed drops
  • Quit­ter protection 
      • Fixed an issue where match­mak­ing would some­times result in play­ers being kicked from Gam­bit match­es, thus trig­ger­ing quit­ter penalties
      • Quit­ter penal­ties have been reenabled
      • Play­ers will now receive two warn­ings before they are sus­pend­ed from Gambit
      • Play­ers will not be imme­di­ate­ly sus­pend­ed on the first match of the day if they quit a match the night before
      • Increased sus­pen­sion time to 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue where play­ers could play the strike “The Cor­rupt­ed” with a six-play­er fireteam

Items and Economy

Exot­ic Dupli­cate Weighting
  • When a play­er receives an Exot­ic, we now take into account all Exotics the play­er has found and weight them against Exotics they have yet to acquire. This low­ers the player’s chances of receiv­ing Exotics they already own.
  • Exotics that the play­er does not yet own are indi­vid­u­al­ly weight­ed much high­er than dupli­cate Exotics
  • When receiv­ing dupli­cate Exotics, the play­er is more like­ly to earn armor pieces as these have ran­dom­ly rolled perks
  • Removed quest Exot­ic weapons from the Exot­ic engram loot pool 
      • World­line Zero
      • Ace of Spades
      • Wish-Ender
      • One Thou­sand Voices
      • Malfea­sance
      • Lord of Wolves
      • The Chap­er­one
Enhance­ment Cores
  • Renamed Mas­ter­work Cores to Enhance­ment Cores
  • Enhance­ment Cores are now award­ed by Scrap­per boun­ties and six of the Spi­der’s week­ly bounties
  • Enhance­ment Cores will be more vis­i­ble in the loot feed
  • Ban­shee-44 now accepts up to 25 Gun­smith Mate­ri­als at a time
  • Removed hold time for the Spider’s mate­r­i­al exchange interactions
  • Increased the stack size of Ghost Frag­ments from 10 to 20
  • Reduced shad­er dis­man­tle time from 1 sec­ond to 0.25 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where the Secret Vic­to­ries emblem was using the wrong track­er description
  • It now cor­rect­ly dis­plays as “Ascen­dant chests looted”
  • The require­ments for the Queen’s Boun­ty “Purifi­ca­tion Rit­u­al” have been clar­i­fied and now list the tar­get as “Abyssal Cham­pi­ons” instead of “Sword­bear­ing Knights”
  • Raid chal­lenge boun­ties now rotate in a fixed, round-robin fashion
  • Night­fall unique rewards will drop more con­sis­tent­ly; the longer play­ers go with­out a unique drop, the high­er their chances of a unique reward on their next Night­fall completion
  • The chance resets once a play­er receives any Night­fall unique reward

Source: Bungie