It just days away from Des­tiny 2’s: For­sak­en expan­sion and Bungie pushed out a major update to the game. Of course, this is in prepa­ra­tion for For­sak­en, an Bungie warned play­ers some might not be ful­ly func­tion­al until Sep­tem­ber 4th.

It appears every­thing in Des­tiny 2 went through an over­haul with this update. Many Exotics spe­cif­ic to each class were updat­ed, some weapons have been moved to the Kinet­ic slot, weapons of all sorts have been adjust­ed and perks have also been changed. 

You can see the full patch notes below:

Update 2.0.0 

Player Character

  • Sub­class screen updat­ed in prepa­ra­tion for Forsaken

Weapons and Armor

Exot­ic Armor 
  • Orpheus Rig
      • No longer grants Super ener­gy on bloom and dam­age sharing
      • Raised base Super amount that you receive from teth­ers to cre­ate a more con­sis­tent and less expo­nen­tial experience
      • Super ener­gy giv­en is scaled up when more pow­er­ful ene­mies are tethered
      • When used with Moe­bius Quiver, grants addi­tion­al teth­er shots 
          • Does not grant abil­i­ty ener­gy on teth­er­ing targets
  • Celes­tial Nighthawk 
      • Now grants 33% of your Super ener­gy back if the tar­get is killed by the shot
  • Wormhusk Crown
      • No longer starts regen­er­a­tion of health and shields
      • Instead grants a larg­er health and shield bump at the begin­ning of dodge instead of at the end
  • Knuck­le­head Radar 
      • Enhanced radar res­o­lu­tion while crouching
  • Lucky Pants
      • Extend­ed dura­tion of Ille­gal­ly Mod­ded Holster
  • Shi­nobu’s Vow 
      • Skip grenade returns some ener­gy when it dam­ages an enemy


  • The Stag
      • Rift dropped from death now has stan­dard rift duration
  • Eye of Anoth­er World 
      • Abil­i­ty recharge bonus increased
  • Nezarac’s Sin
      • Increased dura­tion of Abyssal Extractors
      • Rapid kills extend the dura­tion up to 20 seconds
  • Skull of Dire Ahamkara 
      • Increased Super ener­gy gained from Nova Bomb kills
      • Killing high­er-ranked ene­mies now rewards more Super energy
  • Trans­ver­sive Steps 
      • Enhanced mobil­i­ty
      • After sprint­ing for a short time, your cur­rent­ly equipped weapon is auto­mat­i­cal­ly reloaded
  • Winter’s Guile
      • Tuned dam­age and dura­tion per stack to be more consistent


  • Mk. 44 Stand Asides 
      • Over­shield grant­ed by sprint­ing appears faster
  • Hal­low­fire Heart 
      • Base cooldown reduc­tion when Super is uncharged in addi­tion to CDR when charged
  • Helm of Saint-14 
      • Grants allies an over­shield for a short dura­tion when pass­ing through Ward of Dawn
  • Mask of the Qui­et One 
      • Increased ener­gy gain from incom­ing damage
      • While crit­i­cal­ly wound­ed, health is grant­ed from kills
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi 
      • Heal­ing pulse is more effective
  • Peace­keep­ers
      • Increased move­ment speed when wield­ing an SMG
  • Wormgod’s Caress
      • Tuned dam­age and dura­tion per stack to be more consistent
Devel­op­er Insight: With For­sak­en, we’ve made a major change to the systems—the free­dom to slot pow­er­ful weapons in either the Kinet­ic slot or Ener­gy slot. This fun­da­men­tal change neces­si­tat­ed a fresh look at a player’s dam­age out­put in both PvE and PvP.
  • Pri­ma­ry ammo weapons and Spe­cial ammo weapons may exist in either the Kinet­ic or Ener­gy slot.
  • Heavy ammo weapons can exist only in the Pow­er slot.
  • Ammo type and dam­age type are now fixed attrib­ut­es of a spe­cif­ic weapon.
  • Ammo dis­tri­b­u­tion mod­els updat­ed entire­ly to sup­port weapon slot changes.
  • Ener­gy weapons no longer deal bonus dam­age to active ene­my Supers.
Ammo Econ­o­my
  • Pri­ma­ry Ammo Weapons 
      • Hand Can­nons
      • Scout Rifles
      • Auto Rifles
      • Pulse Rifles
      • Sidearms
      • Sub­ma­chine Guns
  • Spe­cial Ammo Weapons 
      • Fusion Rifles
      • Shot­guns
      • Sniper Rifles
      • Trace Rifles
      • Sin­gle Shot Grenade Launchers
  • Heavy Ammo Weapons 
      • Drum-Loaded Grenade Launchers
      • Rock­et launchers
      • Lin­ear Fusion Rifles
      • Swords
The fol­low­ing Year 1 weapons have moved to the Kinet­ic slot
  • Bali­gant
  • Shep­herd’s Watch
  • Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Alone as a God
  • Per­fect Paradox
  • The Frigid Jackal
  • Sil­i­con Neuroma
The fol­low­ing Year 1 weapons are now locked to Solar damage
  • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1
  • IKELOS_SG_V1.0.1
The fol­low­ing Exot­ic weapons did not change slot and still use Heavy ammo
  • Trac­tor Cannon
  • The Leg­end of Acrius
  • D.A.R.C.I.
  • Whis­per of the Worm
Devel­op­er Insight: The tun­ing of Des­tiny weapons and abil­i­ties is inex­orably tied to the sys­tems that we build upon. Ulti­mate­ly our goal is to still pro­vide game­play chal­lenge despite a glob­al increase in play­er dam­age out­put due to the new sys­tems intro­duced. To prop­er­ly sup­port the high­er uptime of Shot­guns, Snipers, and Fusions, the fol­low­ing changes were made to all weapons in the game.
Pri­ma­ry Ammo Weapons
  • Increased pre­ci­sion dam­age out­put of Pri­ma­ry ammo weapons
  • Increased in-air accuracy
  • Decreased body shot dam­age in PvE 
      • Decreased Auto Rifle dam­age required to stag­ger ene­mies to com­pen­sate for reduced body damage
Spe­cial Ammo Weapons
  • Reduced dam­age out­put of Spe­cial ammo weapons 
      • Increased dam­age of Trace Rifles
      • Trace Rifles now dis­in­te­grate defeat­ed enemies
Heavy Ammo Weapons
  • Grenade Launch­ers:
      • Increased dam­age and blast radius
  • Lin­ear Fusion Rifle 
      • Increased dam­age
      • Reduced time to charge and fire
      • Reduced aim assist
  • Swords
      • Increased ammo
      • Increased dam­age mit­i­ga­tion when guarding
  • Sleep­er Simulant 
      • Fixed issue where charge time was not dis­played prop­er­ly on weapon
      • Mag­a­zine size increased
      • Reduced base damage
  • Bore­alis
      • Bonus dam­age after break­ing a shield increased on pre­ci­sion hit
      • Still grants bonus dam­age on body shots
  • Prometheus Lens
      • No longer gen­er­ates Spe­cial ammo on kill
  • Trac­tor Cannon 
      • Repul­sor Force’s Weak­en effect now also increas­es non void dam­age by 33%, but no longer stacks with oth­er weak­en effects. (Shadowshot,Hammer Strike, etc).
  • Explo­sive Payload 
      • Reduced bonus dam­age output
  • Ambi­tious Assassin 
      • Increased time allot­ted between kills to earn bonus ammunition
  • Back­up Plan 
      • Decreased amount of time weapon must be stowed for perk to become available
  • Box Breath­ing
      • Reduced time required for perk to activate
      • Reduced pre­ci­sion bonus
      • Perk now resets after firing
  • High-Impact Reserves
      • Dam­age bonus grant­ed ear­li­er in magazine
  • Grave Rob­ber
      • Now reloads your entire magazine
      • Pri­ma­ry ammo is grant­ed direct­ly to magazine
      • Heavy and Spe­cial ammo is trans­ferred from reserves to magazine
  • Field Prep
      • Increased inven­to­ry reserves
      • Increased stow, ready, and reload speed when crouched
  • Auto-Load­ing Holster 
      • Reduced time required for perk to acti­vate when weapon is stowed.
  • Open­ing Shot 
      • Increased falloff range (weapon does more dam­age at longer ranges)
  • Triple Tap
      • Grants ammo direct­ly to the mag­a­zine; no longer pulls from reserves.
  • Start­ing with (9/4/2018), Year 1 mods can no longer be insert­ed into gear or weapons. You will no longer be able to insert any mods into Year 1 gear or change the ele­men­tal dam­age type come next week.
  • Fixed an issue where Rock­et Launch­er sta­bil­i­ty stat was not work­ing as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Impact Cas­ing perk on Grenade Launch­ers did not function
  • Swords now have the abil­i­ty to accept shaders
  • Visu­al lay­out of perks has changed in sub­class paths
  • Increased base Guardian melee damage
  • It now takes two melee hits to defeat an ene­my Guardian in PvP
  • Increased the base dam­age of Seis­mic Strike, Ham­mer Strike, and Shield Bash
  • Adjust­ed active Super bonus dam­age resis­tance values 
      • Added a timer to the sta­tus effect for Heal­ing Rift, Empow­er­ing Rift, and Ral­ly Bar­ri­cade to com­mu­ni­cate the time remain­ing before they expire
  • Axion Bolt
      • Increased base damage
      • Increased the amount of time it takes for the track­ing strength to lower
  • Flash­bang
      • Increased base damage
  • Incen­di­ary Grenade 
      • Increased base damage
  • Storm Grenade
      • Increased base damage
  • Scat­ter Grenade 
      • Re-tuned range and falloff ranges for the det­o­na­tions for more reli­able damage
  • Mag­net­ic, Fusion, and Flux Grenade 
      • Increased base damage
      • Dam­age is now the same whether a tar­get has been stuck or sim­ply walked over grenade when detonating
      • Mag­net­ic Grenade now det­o­nates a sec­ond time only if it’s attached to a target
      • The sec­ond det­o­na­tion no longer only occurs on the grenade itself and will now be applied to each indi­vid­ual tar­get hit by the ini­tial detonation
  • Skip Grenade
      • Increased impact dam­age of each Skip Drone impact for a high­er total poten­tial damage
  • Void­wall
      • Increased the dam­age of ini­tial Void Wall wave
  • Gen­er­al
      • Marksman’s Dodge is now con­sid­ered a reload; it can inter­act with Kill Clip, Rat King, etc.
  • Gun­slinger
      • Prac­tice Makes Per­fect perk now grants Super ener­gy on throw­ing knife kills
      • Increased the dura­tion of all ver­sions of Gold­en Gun
  • Night­stalk­er
      • Once acti­vat­ed, the Shad­ow­shot teth­er will find ene­my tar­gets more reli­ably with­in its search radius
  • Gen­er­al
      • Ral­ly Bar­ri­cade no longer requires play­ers to take cov­er to reload—it now feeds ammo to your mag­a­zine over time
  • Strik­er
      • With Ter­mi­nal Veloc­i­ty enabled, the open­ing Fists of Hav­oc slam no longer leaves a lin­ger­ing dam­age area
      • Low­ered the health thresh­old for trig­ger­ing Knock­out so that it trig­gers soon­er, to keep up with the PvP lethal­i­ty changes
      • Increased the lunge range of the Fists of Hav­oc melee attack
  • Sun­break­er
      • Sol Invic­tus will now trig­ger on burn kills
  • Sen­tinel
      • Increased Ward of Dawn health significantly
      • Increased the amount of health pro­vid­ed by the Ward of Dawn overshield
      • Sen­tinel Shield Super 
          • Increased Shield Throw pro­jec­tile speed
          • Shield Throw no longer los­es dam­age after bounc­ing or ric­o­chet­ing off targets
          • Faster attack ani­ma­tions for ground­ed melee attacks
          • Increased Sen­tinel Super dam­age in PvE
  • Gen­er­al
      • Increased Heal­ing Rift effectiveness
      • Empow­er­ing Rift now increas­es pre­ci­sion dam­age (pre­vi­ous­ly, bonus dam­age was capped at the weapon’s pre­ci­sion dam­age in PvP)
  • Storm­caller
      • Increased the PvP dam­age of Stormtrance
      • Increased Arc Soul’s pro­jec­tile speed
  • Dawn­blade
      • Increased Dawn­blade pro­jec­tile speed and base track­ing strength
  • Void­walk­er
      • Sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced the length of time that Blink dis­ables your radar and HUD
      • Chaos Accel­er­ant no longer costs Super ener­gy to use
      • Increased the dam­age bonus grant­ed by Chaos Accel­er­ant for each Void­walk­er grenade


Dai­ly Hero­ic Sto­ry Playlist
  • Year 1 med­i­ta­tions have been retired and replaced with a Hero­ic Sto­ry playlist
  • These will share mod­i­fiers with Hero­ic adven­tures and strikes
  • For­sak­en cam­paign mis­sions will be fea­tured at 500 Pow­er, while Year 1 cam­paign mis­sions will be fea­tured at 200 Power
  • Want­ed escapees from the Prison of Elders now roam the open world 
      • They will not drop rewards until Sep­tem­ber 4, 2018
  • Increased the dif­fi­cul­ty of Lost Sectors 
      • Exam­ple: EDZ Lost Sec­tors are now 240 Power
  • Replayable adven­tures have been removed from des­ti­na­tion vendors
  • Hero­ic adven­tures have been added to all destinations
  • Des­ti­na­tions with­out Hero­ic adven­tures before For­sak­en will have them avail­able dur­ing their Flash­point weeks
  • A ran­dom Hero­ic adven­ture will be avail­able each day
  • Mer­cury and Mars Hero­ic adven­tures are unchanged
  • Hero­ic adven­tures will share sim­i­lar mod­i­fiers with dai­ly Hero­ics and strikes
  • Van­guard Strikes 
      • Hero­ic Strike playlists have been retired for all play­ers and replaced with a sin­gle con­tent-appro­pri­ate playlist: 
          • Lega­cy 
              • Strikes playlist match­es the lega­cy playlist that is cur­rent­ly avail­able in Year 1
              • Rec­om­mend­ed Pow­er 200
              • Will have modifiers
          • For­sak­en
              • Strike playlist has three dif­fi­cul­ties to select from: 
                  • Rec­om­mend­ed Pow­er 300 (not avail­able when your lev­el is 40 Pow­er higher)
                  • Rec­om­mend­ed Pow­er 400 (not avail­able when your lev­el is 40 Pow­er higher)
                  • Rec­om­mend­ed Pow­er 500 (always available)
              • Will have modifiers
  • Night­fall
      • Retired Pres­tige difficulty
      • Increased base dif­fi­cul­ty for Night­fall activities
      • Play­ers can choose one of three Night­fall strikes each week
      • Play­ers may select only the strikes for which they own the appro­pri­ate expansions
      • Lega­cy play­ers will still be able to enable mod­i­fiers via the Chal­lenge Card, but scor­ing will be dis­abled in the 270 Pow­er Nightfall
Devel­op­er Insight: Our goal with the changes was to pro­vide play­ers with an oppor­tu­ni­ty for hero­ic moments where they can car­ry the fireteam to vic­to­ry at the end of the encounter. Play­ers are still incen­tivized to res­ur­rect their team­mates as quick­ly as pos­si­ble but brings back the chance for one play­er to bring down the boss while every­one else is dead.
Revive Mechan­ics
  • A fireteam has a total of 2:30 sec­onds to revive fall­en team mates dur­ing a giv­en Raid encounter 
    • This time is only refreshed if a fireteam wipes
  • If a play­er is not revived with­in the time remain­ing, the fireteam is wiped to “Shared Fate”
  • Each play­er has one token that they may use to revive a player
  • Mul­ti­ple play­ers being dead does not increase the speed of the timer
  • Escapees from the Prison of Elders now appear in strikes, Lost Sec­tors, and pub­lic areas


  • New ammo mod­el for maps to accom­mo­date weapon slots

Items & Economy

  • Col­lec­tions (emblems and Exotics) that are found in the vault will be unavail­able dur­ing the week of August 28–September 4, but they will return with in the upcom­ing Col­lec­tions tab 
  • Exotics will now always drop at or above your Guardian’s Pow­er level
  • Year 1 chal­lenges will no longer grant des­ti­na­tion mate­ri­als or tokens
  • Des­ti­na­tion mate­ri­als can be earned via boun­ties, avail­able from their respec­tive des­ti­na­tion vendors
  • Any­thing that pre­vi­ous­ly grant­ed des­ti­na­tion tokens or Rare mate­ri­als will grant Com­mon des­ti­na­tion mate­ri­als mov­ing forward
  • Des­ti­na­tion tokens and Rare des­ti­na­tion mate­ri­als are no longer grant­ed, but they can still be redeemed for rep­u­ta­tion if you have them in your inventory
  • His will is not his own 
      • No longer dis­plays a ven­dor icon on des­ti­na­tion maps
      • No longer tied to Flashpoints
  • He has a clear pur­pose but can­not explain it—forgive him 
      • Fat­ed Engrams grant only pre-For­sak­en Exotics
  • Increased vault size to 500 slots
  • Play­ers can now dis­man­tle shaders in stacks of five in Mas­ter Rahool’s ven­dor screen
  • Cayde‑6 has left the Tow­er to inves­ti­gate dis­tur­bances in the Reef
  • Removed Trea­sure Maps and Scout Reports


  • Added Kore­an lan­guage sup­port to consoles
User Inter­face
  • Updat­ed title screen to reflect For­sak­en launch
The Direc­tor screen has been updat­ed to recon­fig­ure the way chal­lenges, mile­stones, Flash­points, and quests are presented:
  • Chal­lenges
      • The Year 1 chal­lenge sys­tem has been removed and con­vert­ed into boun­ties, which will be avail­able through their respec­tive des­ti­na­tion and activ­i­ty ven­dors on Sep­tem­ber 4
      • Boun­ties are dis­played in the Pur­suits buck­et of the inven­to­ry screen
      • In Year 2 (For­sak­en), “chal­lenges” now refer to the bonus­es that grant rewards on a dai­ly or week­ly basis 
      • These can be seen in the Direc­tor via new indi­ca­tors on a playlist or des­ti­na­tion when available
  • Mile­stones
      • The mile­stone tray will now be lim­it­ed to show­ing spe­cif­ic quests and quest steps 
          • One-time com­ple­tion objec­tives, such as cam­paign mis­sions, sub­class mis­sions, and strikes intro­duc­tions will remain as milestones
          • Play­ers who do not have any active mile­stones will not see a mile­stones blade being displayed
      • Many Year 1 mile­stones have been con­vert­ed into challenges 
          • These chal­lenges will con­tin­ue to grant pow­er­ful rewards
  • Week­ly and dai­ly milestones 
      • Pre­vi­ous week­ly and dai­ly mile­stones, such as strike com­ple­tion and Cru­cible, will now appear as week­ly or dai­ly chal­lenges on their asso­ci­at­ed playlists
  • Flash­points
      • The Flash­point mile­stone will now appear as a chal­lenge vis­i­ble on its respec­tive des­ti­na­tion vendor 
          • Flash­point progress has been expand­ed to include Lost Sec­tors and Hero­ic adventures
  • Exot­ic quests 
      • Exot­ic quests are now dis­played in the Inven­to­ry tab under the Pur­suits bucket
      • They can be recov­ered at the quests’ asso­ci­at­ed ven­dor if abandoned
      • Exot­ic quests now cor­rect­ly use Exot­ic col­or­ing in the UI
      • Icons for Exot­ic quests are now appro­pri­ate­ly rep­re­sent­ed with Exot­ic rarity
  • World quests
      • World quests are now dis­played in the Inven­to­ry tab under the Pur­suits bucket
  • Updat­ed the Direc­tor with a new theme and lay­out to bet­ter rep­re­sent des­ti­na­tions for Year 2 
      • Pre­sell is in the Reef location
      • The “Leviathan” raid and raid lairs have been moved to Nessus
Char­ac­ter Screen
  • Weapon slots
      • Weapon tooltips now dis­play ammo types 
          • White ammo icon – “Pri­ma­ry”
          • Green ammo icon – “Spe­cial”
          • Pur­ple ammo icon – “Heavy”
      • The HUD will show a col­or based on the asso­ci­at­ed ammo type next to each weapon on the weapon tray
  • Sub­class screen 
      • The path name is now being dis­played along the bot­tom of the char­ac­ter art
  • Col­lec­tions
      • Col­lec­tions are not avail­able until Sep­tem­ber 4
  • Tri­umphs
      • Tri­umphs are not avail­able until Sep­tem­ber 4
  • Gear tooltips
      • Perks are dis­played by name only on tooltips for Ghost Shells, weapons, and armor
      • Exot­ic perks will dis­play a short description

The team also let play­ers know about some of the known issues, most of which will be resolved when For­sak­en launches:

Known Issues

XP Bar Not Pro­gress­ing: Play­ers have report­ed their XP bars are not show­ing the XP gained after com­plet­ing activ­i­ties and fight­ing ene­mies. This is a visu­al issue, and play­ers should still gain lev­el­ling rewards as nor­mal. - added 8/28/2018
For­sak­en Item Drops: We are aware of an issue where play­ers are receiv­ing For­sak­en items ear­li­er than intend­ed. - added 8/28/2018
Cay­de’s Spicy Ramen Quest: Play­ers who still have the Cay­de’s Spicy Ramen Mile­stone will not be able to com­plete the quest since the Ramen shop has stopped hand­ing out the Expired Ramen Coupons. - added 8/28/2018
Light Lev­el Armor: Play­ers who own only the base Des­tiny 2 game and Curse of Osiris will not be able to infuse the Sol­stice of Heroes armor into oth­er armor pieces when For­sak­en launch­es. - added 8/28/2018
Xûr’s Three of Coins: After Update 2.0.0, Xûr will no longer sell the Three of Coins con­sum­able. The con­sum­able will be able to be dis­man­tled for Leg­endary Shards after the launch of For­sak­en. - added 8/28/2018
Tracked Pur­suits: From Update 2.0.0 until the launch of For­sak­en, play­ers may receive an error when select­ing a Pur­suit, which reads “You can only track 4 items at a time”. - added 8/28/2018
Weapon Mods: After Update 2.0.0, exot­ic weapons will lose their +5 Pow­er from Year 1 dam­age mods; all oth­er weapons and armor will lose their +5 Pow­er from Year 1 leg­endary mods at the launch of For­sak­en. - added 8/28/2018
Vault Dis­play: From Update 2.0.0 until the launch of For­sak­en, play­ers with a high amount of items in the Vault may not load items and descrip­tions cor­rect­ly. - added 8/28/2018
Trans­mat Pre­views: After Update 2.0.0, play­ers may expe­ri­ence a visu­al issue when pre­view­ing Trans­mat Effects, where a player’s char­ac­ter does not ‘drop in’ as they usu­al­ly would. - added 8/28/2018
Lest Ye Be Judged: After Update 2.0.0, Tri­als of the Nine will be on hia­tus, and play­ers will be unable to unlock the “Lest Ye Be Judged” Tro­phy or Achieve­ment dur­ing this time. Due to this, Playsta­tion play­ers will not be able to unlock the Plat­inum Tro­phy. Play­ers should stay tuned to our News page for future announce­ments regard­ing Tri­als of the Nine. - added 8/28/2018
Slot Changes and the Post­mas­ter: After Update 2.0.0, weapon slot changes will occur, and weapons will no longer be sort­ed into slots based on ammo. Fusion rifles, sin­gle-shot grenade launch­ers, shot­guns, and sniper rifles are no longer exclu­sive to the Pow­er weapon slot. Kinet­ic weapons are stored in the Pri­ma­ry slot, and ele­men­tal weapons are stored in the Spe­cial slot. Due to these changes, weapons can poten­tial­ly be moved to the Post­mas­ter, as cer­tain slots may become over­filled. It is rec­om­mend­ed to clear all items from the Post­mas­ter before Update 2.0.0 to ensure no items will be lost from the Post­mas­ter inven­to­ry. - added 8/28/2018
Triple Tap Perk: The Triple Tap weapon perk will pull ammo from reserves until the launch of For­sak­en on Sep­tem­ber 4; at that time, the perk will change to give free ammo when used. - added 8/28/2018
Thin the Herd Perk: The perk descrip­tion for Thin the Herd on Fight­ing Lion will incor­rect­ly list old behav­ior of drop­ping Ener­gy ammo. After Update 2.0.0, this perk will actu­al­ly drop Pri­ma­ry ammo for Year 2. - added 8/28/2018
Bring the Heat Perk: The Bring the Heat armor perk for Ashen Wake may incor­rect­ly state “Direct hits with Fusion Grenades will recharge grenade ener­gy.” Ashen Wake will not be receiv­ing this addi­tion­al perk, and play­ers should expect this descrip­tion to be revised at a lat­er date. - added 8/28/2018
Flash­point Quest Per­cent­ages: After Update 2.0.0, Flash­point quests will dis­play an incor­rect per­cent­age amount of 1% when view­ing the per­cent­age from the ven­dor who gives the quest. This issue will be resolved at the launch of For­sak­en. - added 8/28/2018
Night­fall Scor­ing: From Update 2.0.0 until the launch of For­sak­en, Night­fall Strike Scor­ing will be dis­abled. - added 8/28/2018