Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Coming In February 2022; Check Out The Trailer

A new sto­ry trail­er for Des­tiny 2’s next expan­sion, The Witch Queen, has been revealed. Savathun is the main threat in this expan­sion, and Bungie announced some more details about its launch. The Witch Queen will be arriv­ing on Feb­ru­ary 22nd, 2022. 

Oryx has already been defeat­ed, and the plans of the Hive war god Xivu Arath went with him. The next big threat is creep­ing from out of the shad­ows after hav­ing been suc­cess­ful in steal­ing the Trav­el­er’s Light.

Savathun Unveiled

Bungie is call­ing this the defin­i­tive Des­tiny cam­paign, and it will intro­duce a new des­ti­na­tion for explo­ration. Savathun her­self appears to have stolen the Light, and the trail­er shows an army of Hive Guardians who have their own Ghosts to revive them. These Ghosts can be phys­i­cal­ly be destroyed, so it’s sim­i­lar to Hive necro­mancer Nokris who used mag­ic to bring life back into war­riors dur­ing the Mars campaign.

The Witch Queen will intro­duce new craft­ing sys­tems, as well as a new Glaive-type weapon class that can be uses for melee com­bos, pro­jec­tile attacks, and an ener­gy shield.

Legendary Mode

Bungie made some com­ments on Leg­endary Mode, call­ing this new dif­fi­cul­ty set­ting an “aspi­ra­tional” mode. Respawn­ing is extreme­ly restrict­ed, every boss is a hard-hit­ter, and dif­fi­cul­ty is scaled based on how many peo­ple you bring along. It’s designed to be bru­tal, and Bungie says the effort will be well worth it.

Glaive — First-Person Melee Weapon

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Coming In February 2022; Check Out The Trailer

Bungie explained that the Glaive is a first-per­son melee com­bat weapon that will be forged using the weapon craft­ing sys­tem. This sys­tem will also allow you to craft sea­son­al and raid weapons as well.

Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Coming In February 2022; Check Out The Trailer

Bungie is cel­e­brat­ing its 30th anniver­sary with a free Des­tiny 2 pack that includes a new pirate-themed dun­geon, a Thorn-inspired armor set, Bungie-themed orna­ments and cos­met­ics sets, the clay­more sword from Myth, and more.

Gjallarhorn Is Coming Back

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Expansion Coming In February 2022; Check Out The Trailer

Des­tiny’s leg­endary Exot­ic rock­et launch­er has been miss­ing through­out Des­tiny 2, but the Gjal­larhorn is final­ly head­ing to the game. Bungie did­n’t give away many details on how Guardians will claim it, but at least it’s back.

Light and Darkness Saga Is Coming To An End

Bungie’s Des­tiny saga is clos­er to fin­ish­ing than ever before. The ten-year plan for the series will see the cur­rent war between the Light and the Dark­ness final­ly come to an end.

Bungie added that it plans to reach a point after the Light­fall expan­sion called The Final Shape. Sea­son of the Lost will lay the ground­work for this con­tent, serv­ing as a pro­logue for The Witch Queen and the sto­ries beyond that campaign.

Light Subclass Updates

Every sea­son in Year Five of Des­tiny 2 will add new updates to the Light sub­class­es, as the Aspects and Frag­ments sys­tem from the Sta­sis sub­class will be applied in a more clas­sic sense of Guardian powers.

Void-type sub­class­es will be the first to ben­e­fit from this sys­tem once The Witch Queen expan­sion releases.

Trials of Osiris Returning September 10th

A soft-launch of the anti-cheat sys­tem of Bat­tle-Eye, Tri­als of Osiris is ready to begin on Sep­tem­ber 10th. Bungie says you can solo queue or pair up with friends to match­make. There is a new rewards struc­ture that focus­es on win­ning rounds and com­plet­ing matches–instead of just win­ning rounds. Flaw­less is still rec­om­mend­ed, of course.

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