The lat­est expan­sion for Des­tiny 2 – Beyond Light — was released yes­ter­day, and like many RPG’s, it’s main focus is increas­ing your char­ac­ter’s pow­er through high­er lev­el gear. 

Beyond Light’s new soft pow­er cap is 1200 and it’s only been a day since the expan­sion launched, but play­ers have already found a way to reach that lev­el in no time at all. Of course, it involves an exploit with one of the ear­li­er Lost Sec­tors in the game, Wid­ow’s Walk in Trost­land (EDZ). There is a high-val­ue tar­get want­ed boss who resides in this Lost Sec­tor, who always drops gear that’s 10 lev­els high­er than your cur­rent pow­er level.

Because you can refresh Lost Sec­tors by just exit­ing them and reen­ter­ing, you can defeat the boss until you reach the 1200 lev­el cap. It takes rough­ly 60 — 90 min­utes. Of course, once reach­ing this cap, you’ll have to com­plete Pin­na­cle events to slow­ly increase your pow­er level. 

While you should­n’t short­cut your way to the soft cap, if you do plan on doing so, be quick. Bungie is known for patch­ing exploits rather fast, and a hot­fix is like­ly on its way for this Lost Sector.