Aside from Iron Ban­ner com­ing to Des­tiny 2 today, Bungie’s hot­fix adjust­ed bugs for a lit­tle bit of every­thing. Most of changes deal with Cru­cible and the econ­o­my and tons of fix­es for missions.

Hotfix 2.0.3 Patch Notes


  • Drag­on­fly Regalia armor now comes with a Mas­ter­work socket
  • Fixed an issue where Hand Can­nons were not using the cor­rect recoil stats for play­ers on PC
  • Heavy Guard and Swordmaster’s Guard now func­tion cor­rect­ly on Adap­tive Swords


  • Io
      • Fixed an issue where play­ers could be returned to orbit dur­ing the final bat­tle of “The Long Play”
      • Fixed an issue where play­ers would some­times not receive a Seed of Light after inter­act­ing with the tree at the end of the mis­sion “Visions of Light”
  • Strikes
      • Fixed an issue where the post-game car­nage report would not show at the end of strikes launched via strike-spe­cif­ic Direc­tor nodes


  • Tem­porar­i­ly removed the “Trace Rifle Mas­tery” Tri­umph for plat­forms where play­ers could not com­plete all objectives
  • This Tri­umph will be changed in a future release to be avail­able on all platforms
  • Changed the Per­sis­tent Blaze emblem vari­ant to require 40 Mas­tery Triumphs


  • Activ­i­ty recon­nec­tion has been enabled in the Com­pet­i­tive playlist 
    • Play­ers who are dis­con­nect­ed from Des­tiny 2 servers will have an oppor­tu­ni­ty to recon­nect to their match under the fol­low­ing conditions:
  • The match is still active
  • A con­nec­tion to the match can be reestablished 
    • Play­ers who rejoin match­es will NOT be penal­ized for quit­ting a match should a rejoin com­plete successfully
  • The play­er state dis­play now appears in Com­pet­i­tive ver­sions of Con­trol and Clash.


  • Activ­i­ty recon­nec­tion has been dis­abled in the Gam­bit playlist to allow for faster back­fill­ing of lop­sided teams

Items & Economy

  • Fixed an issue where the Traveler’s Cho­sen Sidearm could not be dis­man­tled or trans­ferred to the vault
  • Fixed an issue where BrayTech RWP Mk. II was grant­i­ng weapon mods when dismantled
  • Fixed an issue where Fos­silized Her­maion Blos­soms were not being grant­ed from strikes
  • Replaced the Traveler’s Cho­sen Sidearm with dam­aged version
  • Removed the Iris Pul­sator Ghost Shell from Col­lec­tions, as it is not cur­rent­ly available
Dream­ing City
  • The boun­ty “Audi­ence with the Queen” now takes time to aban­don, so it can­not be aban­doned accidentally
  • The Offer­ing to the Ora­cle item now goes to the Post­mas­ter if the player’s con­sum­ables inven­to­ry is full
  • Dai­ly clan boun­ties should now rotate at the dai­ly reset, rather than weekly