When Des­tiny 2 first launched, it only appeared to be a small upgrade from Des­tiny. A bit after release, Bungie decid­ed they want­ed to change a few things, adding Mas­ter­work weapons and armor. How­ev­er, it still felt like a nev­er end­ing grind that did­n’t even require you to com­plete the Raid. 

With the mas­sive update For­sak­en brought, most of us were inter­est­ed to see how it all played out. Well.… it’s not so good. Turns out Bungie want­ed to com­bine what Des­tiny and Des­tiny 2 were, into the almost com­plete dis­as­ter known as For­sak­en. 


This is by far the worst change they’ve done with this update. Before, play­ers only had to infuse with Glim­mer. Then if you want­ed to make your weapons and armor a Mas­ter­work item, you need­ed to obtain enough Mas­ter­work Cores to do so. 

It was annoy­ing enough to have to get Mas­ter­work Cores to upgrade a weapon (as they dropped every so often), but you could only change the effect of the upgrade with Cores. Now, not only do you need Cores to make a weapon/armor a Mas­ter­work and change it’s effects, but now you need them for reg­u­lar infusion.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

You can buy the Cores from Spi­der in The Tan­gled Shore, but they cost 10 Leg­endary Shards for two. After your first pur­chase, the cost dou­bles every time. You can also buy Leg­endary Shards, but the cost changes every day. Spi­der sells plan­e­tary resources in exchange for Glim­mer, but their cost and what resources he car­ries, change dai­ly as well. Each plan­et does have three small boun­ties you can grab from the ven­dor and upon com­ple­tion you’ll receive 10 of that plan­ets resource. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken ReviewDestiny 2: Forsaken Review

These boun­ties can be cru­cial to you actu­al­ly being able to infuse your gear, because on top of the need of Mas­ter­work Cores, you’ll also need at least 25 plan­e­tary resources. Just run­ning around on any plan­et can net you what you need, but it can take an exceed­ing­ly long peri­od of time, espe­cial­ly if you have sev­er­al items that require the same mate­ri­als.  You’ll get one when you find the resource in the open and two for every chest you open, includ­ing chests from Pub­lic Events. Fin­ish­ing a patrol, Lost Sec­tor or Chal­lenge will also net you a cou­ple of resources.

There are sil­ver lin­ings. If you have a dou­ble of an armor piece, you only need Glim­mer to infuse and you can use any weapon with­in the same weapon slot as the piece you’re try­ing to infuse.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Weapons and Armor


Aside from the whole infu­sion crazi­ness, your weapons and armor are also rearranged a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly. Kinet­ic weapons are still in your pri­ma­ry slot and take pri­ma­ry ammo. Although, a few pri­maries do take sec­ondary ammo. Your sec­ondary weapons might not always take Sec­ondary Ammo, some need Pri­ma­ry. All heav­ies still require the same ammo. It’s an odd system. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Bungie also revert­ed back to the orig­i­nal Des­tiny’s weapon slot­ting. Sniper rifles and shot­guns are no longer in the Heavy slot.Shotguns and snipers were not only removed from the Heavy slot, but have also been added to the pool of Pri­ma­ry and Sec­ondary slots. Yes, you can indeed use dual shot­guns and sniper rifles if you choose. 

When it comes to the Cru­cible this can be an extreme­ly irri­tat­ing issue, because it was more bal­anced with shot­guns in the Heavy. It kept play­ers off of rely­ing on them as a main source of get­ting kills.

For those who are not aware of anoth­er sense­less change, your pre-For­sak­en weapons are pret­ty much use­less. The new For­sak­en weapons have two perks, instead of one. For instance, the Agrona PR4 (see below) is from before this expan­sion. It has Drag­on­fly as its only perk. Mean­while, the Ether Doc­tor (also below) has Quick­draw and Pulse Mon­i­tor. Bungie also removed the mods from the old weapons, since the mod sys­tem is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. So unless you real­ly love your old weapon, there’s no point in keep­ing it. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Pre-For­sak­en Arg­ona PR4
Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
New For­sak­en weapon


Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the armor end­ed up with the same out­come as the weapons. Every­thing you owned before For­sak­en is trash.

They’ve also been stripped of their mods and don’t have any perks. New armor has two perks, and they are all ran­dom. You could get faster Kinet­ic reload speed (or oth­er var­i­ous enhance­ments to weapons), class abil­i­ty cooldowns, scav­enger for cer­tain weapon types (like sidearms), scav­enger for ammo types (like Pri­ma­ry) or mobil­i­ty, resilience and recov­ery increases. 

Just like the weapons, you need Glim­mer, Leg­endary Shards, Mas­ter­work Cores and a plan­e­tary resources to infuse.

New Supers

You obtain the new Supers for each Guardian just as you obtained them before, but with a twist. You have to col­lect Visions of Light in order for the quest to pop up on your map. It’s not dif­fi­cult to gath­er the Visions of Light, you get them from killing named ene­mies, fin­ish­ing patrols, doing Pub­lic Events, Lost Sec­tors and pret­ty much any­thing you can do on a planet. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Visions of Light

These Supers branch off of your orig­i­nal one and once you com­plete the mis­sion on that Guardian, it unlocks the Super for that sub­class. You also get a new unlock for your melee and get addi­tion­al perks as well. For instance, the War­locks Storm­caller sub­class has Ion­ic Trace, which has a chance to cre­ate Ion­ic Traces that grant ener­gy to all you abil­i­ties upon defeat­ing enemies. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Of course it’s up to you how you wish to tai­lor your playstyle, but giv­ing these new Supers a try might be worth your while.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
New Storm­caller super in action



All the mods you bought from the gun­smith, are now unus­able. If you had any in your inven­to­ry, the descrip­tion on it tells you to dis­man­tle them as they are no longer use­ful. You should get quite a bit of Mod Com­po­nents from doing so, which will help you acquire mods for your new gear. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

It’s not super expen­sive to apply the new mods, only 5,000 Glim­mer and you can pur­chase the new mods from Ban­shee-44 for 10 Mod Com­po­nents each. The mods change every­day, so if you see one that has a stat you like, buy as many as you can. 


Bungie intro­duced Tier with the new gear, which slight­ly improves the stat on that piece. It’s ran­dom how high the Tier is when you ini­tial­ly get the weapon/armor and what stat will be increased. For exam­ple, I have a Ten Paces which start­ed out with Tier 3 and the stat increas­es it’s sta­bil­i­ty. I also have a Scat­ter­horn Bond that dropped at Tier 4 which increas­es my resis­tance to Solar damage. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Ten Paces
Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
War­lock Scat­ter­horn Bond

Tiers on armor give you pro­tec­tion to an ele­ment type. So the high­er the Tier, the bet­ter the resis­tance. You can put on a full set of armor that pro­tects you from one type, like Solar dam­age. Or your pieces can be mixed, some hav­ing Solar, Void or Arc dam­age pro­tec­tion. This should make it eas­i­er to com­plete activ­i­ties that have ele­men­tal burn. 

Armor is a bit more cost­ly when upgrad­ing a Tier. If you’ve got a Tier 1 armor piece, it’ll cost you 2,500 Glim­mer and one Leg­endary Shard for the next Tier. Mean­while, Tier 1 weapons only take Glim­mer to get to Tier 2. There is a rea­son for this. Armor only has five Tiers to upgrade, so they’re more expen­sive to make Masterwork.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Expense of Tier 5 armor upgrade

Unlike armor, weapons can be upgrad­ed to Tier 10 and cost a lit­tle less to fin­ish. I cur­rent­ly have a Tier 5 weapon and I’ll only be spend­ing two Leg­endary Shards and two Mas­ter­work Cores to upgrade. An armor piece needs 2,500 Glim­mer, ten Leg­endary Shards and five Mas­ter­work Cores to get from Tier 4 to 5. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review   Bounties

While boun­ties were far a few between before For­sak­en, there is now an influx of them. Every ven­dor across the sys­tem has a boun­ty for you, rang­ing from fin­ish­ing a few patrols to tak­ing down named enemies.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Plan­e­tary boun­ties which will help you infuse your items

The newest boun­ty giv­er is Tess Ever­ess. When you get a Bright Engram it usu­al­ly gives you a Ever­verse Boun­ty Note. You then use those to obtain the boun­ty. She has two types, one that only cost a sin­gle Note and the oth­er that costs three Notes. The sin­gle Note boun­ty pays out 20 Bright Dust, while the three Note pays out 70 Bright Dust. It can take awhile to get enough Bright Engrams to grab all of her week­ly boun­ties. Tess also car­ries a Rise to the Chal­lenge boun­ty (only costs 250 Glim­mer) and when com­plet­ed, you’ll receive a Pris­mat­ic Facet used in the Pris­mat­ic Matrix.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Hawthorn has also been giv­en boun­ties, both week­ly and dai­ly ones. They help you gain Clan XP, but you can still com­plete the Night­fall, the Raid, get a Cru­cible win and now a Gam­bit win, to get Clan XP and an Engram. You still gain XP from doing Hero­ic Strikes, but not from activ­i­ties you can find on the planets.

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

 Drifter, the new man in the Tow­er who man­ages Gam­bit, has only dai­ly bounties.

Spi­der, the oth­er recent­ly added ven­dor, has plen­ty of boun­ties. Most of them are Want­ed Boun­ties that require a short trip to a plan­et to find and kill a named ene­my, usu­al­ly in the Lost Sec­tors. These boun­ties are week­ly, so you don’t real­ly have to do them right away. How­ev­er, he does car­ry dai­ly boun­ties that all deal with com­plet­ing an objec­tive with­in the Tan­gled Shore. They don’t cost much, only 250 Glim­mer, and fin­ish­ing them gives you 3000 Glim­mer. They’re real­ly easy and Glim­mer is a must have. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
Want­ed Boun­ties are week­ly and Tan­gled Shore Boun­ties are daily.


The neat list that used to con­tain all your week­ly mile­stones, is now scat­tered. They now reside on the plan­et or activ­i­ty on the Des­ti­na­tions map. Cru­cible, Strike and Gam­bit mile­stones can only be seen when enter­ing those sec­tions. It’s an incon­ve­nience, since it was eas­i­er to see what you had to do to get Pow­er­ful Engrams before For­sak­en

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review
All the gold icons are now your Milestones

This adjust­ment was most like­ly due to the addi­tion of dai­ly quests, as it would look clut­tered on your screen. 


While it was rather sad­den­ing to see Cayde‑6 fight for his life, only for it to end in tragedy, that was about as much of the sto­ry as you get. The rest con­sists of arti­fi­cial length, forc­ing you to do sev­er­al Chal­lenges on the Tan­gled Shore, just to get to the end. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

All in all, mis­sions that actu­al­ly had any­thing to do with get­ting to Prince Uldren prob­a­bly totaled four. Need­less to say, I was not impressed with how lit­tle sto­ry we received. Of course, every per­son can feel dif­fer­ent and per­ceive it how­ev­er they choose.

Bot­tom Line

While Des­tiny 2 before For­sak­en was mere­ly a ver­sion and a half of Des­tiny, it was slight­ly enter­tain­ing. The grind was­n’t too much to han­dle, and let’s face it, some­times you want to play oth­er games. Espe­cial­ly when your busy and you sched­ule can only allow a few hours a day to enjoy them. 

With For­sak­en, the grind is real, ridicu­lous­ly real. Get­ting all the dai­ly boun­ties fin­ished and get­ting enough mate­ri­als to infuse the gear you want to use (unless you like the ran­dom roles of the high­er gear) is ulti­mate­ly time con­sum­ing. Bungie lit­er­al­ly defined the word “grind” with this update. It’s all arbi­trary non­sense meant to keep you play­ing for a mere few light levels. 

If you enjoy a con­stant grind with lit­tle give back after a cer­tain point, then make sure to buy the For­sak­en expansion.