Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

The Des­tiny 2 closed beta is under­way, Bungie did­n’t give us much to do, 1 sto­ry mis­sion (Home­com­ing), 1 strike (Invert­ed Spire) and 2 Cru­cible game modes (Con­trol and Countdown).

The sto­ry mis­sion was actu­al­ly pret­ty cool and well done. Fight­ing along side each of the van­guards as you work your way through the now under siege tower.

See­ing the areas we spent so much time in destroyed was actu­al­ly kind of sad. The post office, Cryptarch and vaults were destroyed and burn­ing , We fought off the Des­tiny sig­na­ture 3 waves of ene­mies with the help of Zavala. After a short seg­ment in tow­er north with Iko­ra Ray, We final­ly get to go through that always closed door in tow­er north.

Even­tu­al­ly we end up on the cabal com­mand ship, fight­ing our way through End­ing in a pret­ty cool cut scene show­ing us lose our light and ghost to the hands of Gary. (Domi­nus Ghaul)

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions
Man, Gary is kin­da of a dick.

The guardian sub­class­es are fun to use and the new abil­i­ties are very use­ful (I love the War­lock­’s heal­ing rift). Team work is key in Des­tiny 2.

After you fin­ish Home­com­ing you can get togeth­er with 2 friends in a fireteam and take on the Strike, The Invert­ed Spire. The strike was a lot of fun, throw­ing some new ene­mies at you, push­ing you to use team work and all your new abilities.

Then we went to cru­cible, hon­est­ly none of us at Fix The Meta have ever liked Des­tiny’s brand of PVP and unfor­tu­nate­ly dur­ing our time play­ing Con­trol in Des­tiny 2, That did not change.

To us it was just a 4v4 match with peo­ple camp­ing con­stant­ly, you would think that because it was a new map and we had these new abil­i­ties that peo­ple would want to move around the map. Sad­ly that is not the case. Lag was hit or miss as usu­al. When Des­tiny 2 gets to us in it’s full form I am sure we will stick to PVE and raids like we usu­al­ly do.

I hope Bungie gives us a cou­ple more things to do dur­ing this beta peri­od, I don’t feel the cur­rent offer­ings are enough to actu­al­ly help play­ers decide if the way to buy the game if they already had prob­lems with Des­tiny 1 or if they nev­er played Des­tiny before.

We will updat­ing this if more activ­i­ties are released.

Des­tiny’s closed beta is going now on PS4 July 18–20, Xbox closed beta runs July 19–20.

July 21st The Des­tiny 2 beta opens to all con­sole play­ers on July 21st, run­ning until July 23rd. PC play­ers get the beta some time in August.

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