Deathloop Update Makes NPC Adjustments And Adds Controller Remapping

A new update for Deathloop–the sec­ond biggest update since launch–is out right now for the game. The patch includes a cou­ple of new fea­tures, includ­ing con­troller remap­ping and an invert­ing option for the right and left stick.

PS5 users now have new field-of-view and motion-blur options. The UI but­tons and menu text are now larg­er to help address acces­si­bil­i­ty concerns.

This patch also adjusts NPC behav­ior, allow­ing them to have a more real­is­tic reac­tion to nar­row­ly avoid­ing bul­lets. They will also react more real­is­ti­cal­ly when one of their bud­dies close by is assas­si­nat­ed. NPCs are also smarter in gen­er­al, now being able to hear bet­ter and react faster to your movements. 

Deathloop’s lat­est update also has a num­ber of fix­es for bugs, includ­ing visu­al glitch­es and an issue that could make closed doors look like they’re open. You can check out the full patch notes below, which were shared by Bethes­da.

Right now, Deathloop is lead­ing The Game Awards with a total of nine nom­i­na­tions, one being Game of the Year.

Deathloop November 18 Patch Notes


  • NPCs now react to bul­lets pass­ing close by, such as head­shots that miss
  • NPCs now react when anoth­er is assas­si­nat­ed close by
  • NPCs now hear bet­ter and react faster to near­by footfalls
  • NPCs under fire no longer move to take cov­er if the play­er is too close
  • NPCs can now deduce the direc­tion from which a grenade was thrown
  • NPCs no longer stop try­ing to kill Colt if Julian­na uses Nexus to link him to them
  • Inter­rupt­ed aer­i­al assas­si­na­tions will no longer cause NPCs to become most­ly invulnerable
  • Numer­ous oth­er small fix­es and improve­ments to NPC behav­ior, reac­tions, pathing, and placement
  • Char­lie Mon­tague no longer gets stuck in the floor or ground if he’s kicked while using Shift


  • Added con­troller remap­ping and left/right stick inversion
  • UI but­tons and text in options menu are now larg­er, as are their selec­table areas
  • [PS5] Added Field-of-View and motion-blur options. We con­tin­ue to lis­ten to com­mu­ni­ty feed­back and explore more qual­i­ty of life and acces­si­bil­i­ty options for a future update.


  • Colt drop­ping the game now counts as a win for a play­er-con­trolled Julianna
  • AI-con­trolled Julian­na is now more reac­tive to Colt’s actions
  • The anten­na that Colt must hack to escape now takes slight­ly longer to hack
  • AFK play­ers are tagged
  • Colt play­ers who linger in Colt’s tun­nels for too long are auto­mat­i­cal­ly tagged and that caus­es the tun­nel doors to open
  • High­er chance that you will invade play­ers on your Friends list while they are play­ing in ‘Online mode’
  • Stre­lak Sap­per Charges thrown by NPCs that Julian­na has attacked will no longer cre­ate false Colt tags for Julianna
  • Play­ers now prop­er­ly hear audio reac­tions from the oppos­ing play­er dur­ing melee
  • Stre­lak Sap­per Charges will now stick to Julian­na as they do to oth­er NPCs


  • The UI is now clear­er regard­ing Residu­um loss on death
  • The appear­ance of weapons and oth­er items is improved with­in the Load­out UI
  • The UI HUD will now prop­er­ly dis­play updates made to key bind­ings and controls
  • The game will now pause ful­ly dur­ing the Game Over splash screen
  • Melee will now be labeled cor­rect­ly when in the weapon cycle on a con­troller (Y)
  • When aim­ing down sights, crosshairs will no longer dis­ap­pear while the play­er is close enough to an NPC to per­form an assassination
  • The Her­itage Gun’s ret­i­cle will now indi­cate the increased scat­ter from the Scat­ter­gun perk
  • [PC] Play­ers will no longer be asked to con­firm changes to visu­al set­tings if noth­ing was changed
  • [PC] Fixed an issue in which mouse wheel sen­si­tiv­i­ty was overre­duced when zoom­ing in or out to view a weapon in the Load­out UI


  • Dupli­cate Slab upgrades are now con­vert­ed to a har­vestable Residu­um object
  • In Karl’s Bay, Har­ri­et and her cultists can no longer shoot at Colt through the closed secu­ri­ty door to her office
  • Also in Karl’s Bay, a cer­tain win­dow in Hangar 2 has been restored to its intend­ed functionality
  • Stre­lak Sap­per Charges can no longer be thrown in a way that enables the play­er to clip through doors or oth­er surfaces
  • Kick­ing a Stre­lak Sap­per Charge while “cook­ing” it no longer caus­es the Charge to explode and no longer caus­es sub­se­quent Charges to dis­ap­pear when thrown
  • Tur­ret place­ment can no longer be used as a way to enable the play­er to clip through doors or oth­er surfaces
  • Hack­able anten­nas now give clear­er audio­vi­su­al feed­back of their hacked status
  • Fixed an issue that could result in Colt hav­ing 2 guns in the same hand or one gun in the left hand instead of the right hand after a reprise
  • Fixed an issue that could pre­vent a weapon from being fur­ther reloaded if play­er switched to a same ammu­ni­tion type while reload­ing then switched back to orig­i­nal weapon
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Hacka­ma­jig not to be auto­mat­i­cal­ly equipped to an emp­ty hand when first picked up
  • Fixed an issue that could lead to a play­er using the Shift Slab to reach a ledge, trig­ger­ing the vault­ing action, and get­ting stuck in the ledge instead of vault­ing it
  • Fixed a case in which 2‑Bit inter­ac­tions were not work­ing as intended
  • Fixed an issue that caused some hack­able doors to become unopen­able if kicked while hacking
  • More than one tur­ret can no longer occu­py the same space
  • Fixed an issue that could trap play­ers if Fia’s large bunker doors close on them


  • Fixed an issue in which the play­er could unequip the machete dur­ing an assas­si­na­tion animation
  • Cor­rect­ed some issues with FSR inte­gra­tion and improved over­all implementation.
  • Fixed in issue in which the play­er could unequip a jammed gun dur­ing the unjam­ming animation
  • Fixed bugs, includ­ing some that could cause crash­es, relat­ed to the DLSS and ray trac­ing graph­ics options
  • Fixed numer­ous minor visu­al glitch­es, includ­ing some relat­ed to indi­rect lighting
  • Fixed or improved numer­ous audio details and tim­ings, includ­ing some improved voiceover lines
  • Improved audio mix­ing across the board
  • Fixed an issue that could cause graph­i­cal glitch­ing when a door is opened at the same time a sen­sor clos­es it
  • Tur­ret indi­ca­tor lights now no longer func­tion if the turret’s bat­tery is destroyed
  • The hostile/friendly indi­ca­tor lights on Field Nul­li­fiers are now con­sis­tent with those on turrets
  • Fixed an issue that caused deac­ti­vat­ed tur­rets to sound as though they’re deployed when thrown or dropped
  • Fixed an issue that rarely caused closed doors to appear as though they’re open


  • Fixed an issue that enabled Julian­na to be reward­ed with dupli­cate trinkets
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed the “Ensem­ble Tragedy” achieve­ment from being reward­ed properly
  • Fixed an issue that pre­vent­ed Julian­na from earn­ing the Dou­ble Vision feat if killing Colt via assas­si­na­tion while Mas­querad­ing as a Visionary
  • Fixed an issue that enabled Julian­na play­ers to earn the Sor­cer­ess feat even if weapons were used
  • Fixed an issue that count­ed Colt’s own deaths to Julianna’s gun­fire toward the “Don’t Mind Me” achievement


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash while using the Stre­lak Verso
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash if Colt dies just as a cin­e­mat­ic begins
  • Fixed an issue that could rarely cause the game to become unre­spon­sive on exit­ing the Journal
  • [PC] Fixed an issue that could cause the game to become unre­spon­sive while remap­ping con­trols from key­board to con­troller or vice versa
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the first weapon to be dropped when the Julian­na play­er picks up mul­ti­ple weapons at once
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mis­sion results screen and pro­gres­sion to be skipped for the Julian­na play­er if that play­er goes straight to Inva­sion match­mak­ing after suc­cess­ful­ly break­ing the loop as Colt and watch­ing the game credits
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “net­work con­nec­tion to the serv­er failed” mes­sage to remain on-screen after being resolved
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Julian­na to spawn above the ground, hav­ing to briefly fall before being able to move
  • Fixed an issue that caused the visu­al effects of Kar­ne­sis, when used on an NPC, not to appear from Julianna’s point of view
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