Microsoft­’s recent pur­chase of Bethes­da’s par­ent com­pa­ny Zen­i­Max, sur­prised devel­op­er Arkane, who are work­ing on the PS5 timed-exclu­sive Deathloop. Game direc­tor Din­ga Bak­a­ba spoke to Press Start, say­ing the buy­out was a sur­prise, and he’s a believ­er in Game Pass.

It was pret­ty sur­pris­ing, I would say,” Bak­a­ba said. “It was unex­pect­ed, to an extent… [but] after the sur­prise, it made a lot of sense. We are very cre­ative, dri­ven and we real­ly care about doing games that are orig­i­nal, that have a lot of per­son­al­i­ty and style.”

Bak­a­ba stat­ed one part of the deal that is spe­cial is Game Pass bring­ing more peo­ple to Arkane’s games more easily.

Being able to be apart of the Xbox Game Pass ecosys­tem makes things a bit dif­fer­ent for us, because we can occu­py a space in that ser­vice, and we will con­tin­ue to make the kind of games that we make and make them well,” Bak­a­ba said.

Arkane’s Prey, Dis­hon­ored, and Dis­hon­ored 2 are now on Game Pass. Bak­a­ba noticed he’s seen more chit-chat online about these games, all thanks to their inclu­sion on Game Pass.

A lot of peo­ple are say­ing that you need to play these games and have no excuse not to, so it’s been very encour­ag­ing. It’s a ser­vice that will allow us to remain cre­ative and have the audi­ence and build that rela­tion­ship over time and that’s real­ly exciting.”

Although Microsoft acquired Zen­i­Max and all of its subsidiaries–including Arkane– Deathloop will con­tin­ue on a timed exclu­sive on PS5. Microsoft is hon­or­ing any arrange­ments that were made before the acqui­si­tion. How­ev­er, going for­ward, Microsoft plans to only release new Bethes­da games on plat­forms that sup­port Game Pass.