Death Stranding Will Not Be at E3, But Kojima Gave a Picture

Although Koji­ma announced today that Death Strand­ing will not be at E3 this year, he did have glim­mer of hope and a con­fus­ing pic­ture for all of us to pon­der over. 

On his Twit­ter account, Koji­ma apol­o­gized to his fans for this mys­te­ri­ous game not show­ing up at E3 this year, say­ing that his team was “ful­ly focused on devel­op­ment.” He did, how­ev­er, say he was going to be on E3 Col­i­se­um with Geoff Keigh­ley on June 14th. Hope­ful­ly we will hear more about Death Strand­ing there.

Koji­ma does what he always does and con­fus­es the hell out of peo­ple by putting a weird pic­ture up and say­ing, “Here’s the only new infor­ma­tion I can present at this time.”:

Death Stranding Will Not Be at E3, But Kojima Gave a Picture

Don’t ask, I don’t know. If you can fig­ure out what this means, please let us know. Until then, check out what Koji­ma has to say at E3’s Col­i­se­um June 14th. You can see the sched­ule here.

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