The final trail­er for the Death Strand­ing direc­tor’s cut was per­son­al­ly edit­ed by Hideo Koji­ma him­self, and it will pre­miere on Sep­tem­ber 8th.

Its release time is rather strange–12:00 a.m. PT/ 3:00 a.m. ET/ 8 a.m. BST–and can be seen on the offi­cial Koji­ma Pro­duc­tions YouTube chan­nel. Koji­ma asked peo­ple to “please watch it with a sound envi­ron­ment if possible.”

Koji­ma pre­vi­ous­ly talked about how the Death Strand­ing direc­tor’s cut is not get­ting a lot of atten­tion or pro­mo­tion. He men­tioned this last trail­er will be released qui­et­ly; since the trail­er is launch­ing lat­er into the night, qui­et it will be.

Despite this, Koji­ma said he edit­ed the video “with all my ‘soul.’ ”

The release of the new Death Strand­ing trail­er comes just one day before Sony’s next big show­case, which will hap­pen on Sep­tem­ber 9th.

Death Strand­ing’s Direc­tor’s Cut fea­tures “a ton of new con­tent and enhanced game­play fea­tures.” This includes more weapons, equip­ment, vehi­cles, modes, and mis­sions, as well as addi­tion­al areas to explore,  “expand­ed sto­ry­lines,” and UI enhancements.

The direc­tor’s cut launch­es on Sep­tem­ber 24th for PS5. Death Strand­ing orig­i­nal­ly released back in 2019 on PS4 and it sold more than 5 mil­lion copies across PS4 and PC.