Sony showed off a new trail­er for Death Strand­ing: Direc­tor’s Cut dur­ing its State of Play pre­sen­ta­tion. The video announced a release date for this spe­cial edi­tion and showed var­i­ous new tools Sam can use as he makes his way through the lands of nothingness. 

The trail­er states the direc­tor’s cut has new bat­tles and advanced mechan­ics to deal with tougher ene­mies, like improved melee com­bat and a ‘shock­ing’ mas­ter gun. You can prac­tice with this weapon at the fir­ing range.

The new tools include a car­go cat­a­pult, sup­port skele­ton, bud­dy bot, and a jump ramp. A new frag­ile cir­cuit appears to be a sort of race track for you to test your dri­ving skills. Some of the new tools can be seen in action with­in the video shown dur­ing Sony’s presentation.

Death Strand­ing: Direc­tor’s Cut was announced at the Sum­mer Game Fest event, where Koji­ma con­firmed its exis­tence. A devel­op­er Q&A video was released after the State of Play livestream, Koji­ma Pro­duc­tions con­firmed the upgrade would cost $10. This is for those who pur­chased the dig­i­tal ver­sion of Death Strand­ing for PS4, and is sim­i­lar to the Ghost of Tsushi­ma: Direc­tor’s Cut, which cost’s a pre­mi­um to upgrade on PS5.