Dead Space Remake Will Remove Elements That “Don’t Work”

Fol­low­ing the offi­cial announce­ment of the Dead Space remake, EA decid­ed to share more details on the lead­er­ship team work­ing on the game and more about what to expect. The devel­op­ers also spoke about being true to the orig­i­nal ver­sion of the game, but also how they plan to cut some ele­ments that sim­ply don’t work.

The game’s senior pro­duc­er is Philippe Ducharme. He spent sev­en years with EA–from 2003–2010–before leav­ing to Ubisoft where he pro­duced Watch Dogs Legion. He re-joined EA in August 2020. Roman Cam­pos-Ori­o­la is Dead Space’s cre­ative direc­tor, he also worked at Ubisoft, but from 2005–2020. He was the game direc­tor on For Hon­or. The art direc­tor on the Dead Space remake is Mike Yaz­i­jan, who was the art direc­tor for Dead Space 2. Yaz­i­jan left EA in 2011 to join Warn­er Bros. where he worked on Bat­man: Arkham Ori­gins before head­ing back to EA in 2018 where he was the art direc­tor on Star Wars: Squadrons.

Dead Space Remake Will Remove Elements That "Don't Work"
(Left to right) Mike Yaz­i­jian, Art Direc­tor; Roman Cam­pos-Ori­o­la, Cre­ative Direc­tor; Philippe Ducharme, Senior Producer

In an inter­view on EA’s web­site, Yaz­i­jian said he found his old note­books from Dead Space 2, which “comes in handy, see­ing all the notes.”

We’ve got con­cept art, visu­al guide­lines, source mate­ri­als, notes on the con­ver­sa­tions we had with them, the knowl­edge that they gained–it’s all here. It’s all going into this game,” he said.

With­in this inter­view, EA made it clear that the new Dead Space is not a reboot or remas­ter. It’s a remake where “every­thing” has been re-built from the ground up. It runs on a new engine, Frost­bite, but the com­pa­ny assures fans it will be “respect­ful” of the original.

It’s being ful­ly rebuilt in Frost­bite,” Cam­pos-Ori­o­la said. “With all new assets, new char­ac­ter mod­els, new environments–even though we’re bas­ing those on the orig­i­nal designs. There are new parts, new props, new col­li­sion mod­els, and so on. We’re rebuild­ing every­thing from scratch, but we’re keep­ing the same sto­ry and the same structure.”

Duchrame added: “You’re real­ly able to feel the depth of a room, the thick­ness of the air. We’re play­ing with shad­ows, with dynam­ic light­ing, so not only does it cre­ate the mood and atmos­phere, but it also has an effect on game­play, because the play­er has the abil­i­ty to con­trol the light­ing in cer­tain areas of the ship.”

The audio is also see­ing adjust­ments. Ducharme said the team is “work­ing on enhanc­ing the expe­ri­ence and pro­vid­ing believ­able audio that focus[es] on objects’ posi­tion­ing and 3D sounds propagation.”

Cam­pos-Ori­o­la went on to say that the new SSDs in the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S con­soles allow the game to “load and unload real­ly fast.”

Our inten­tion is to offer a ful­ly unbro­ken expe­ri­ence, it will be an unin­ter­rupt­ed sequence shot, from the start screen to the end cred­it, with­out inter­rup­tion,” the devel­op­er said.

Ducharme con­tin­ued: “The objec­tive we gave to the whole team was to have play­ers pick up the con­troller and com­plete­ly lose track of time. Like, they play through the entire expe­ri­ence with­out putting the con­troller down. That’s how immer­sive we want our game to be, that peo­ple just dive in and don’t come out until the cred­its roll.”

The Dead Space remake will dif­fer from the orig­i­nal because the team will “do away with some things that don’t work,” accord­ing to Yaz­i­jian. No specifics were mentioned. 

To make sure the new Dead Space does­n’t move away from what fans want, Cam­pos-Ori­o­la said EA invit­ed some mem­bers of the com­mu­ni­ty to pro­vide feed­back on the game just two months into devel­op­ment. We want to treat the fran­chise with great care and respect, so we want to make sure the things we’re doing are hit­ting home with our com­mu­ni­ty,” Cam­pos-Ori­o­la stated.

If you missed EA Play 2021 Live, then you can check out the recap. Along­side the reveal of Dead Space remake, Bat­tle­field 2042’s new Por­tal mode was also announced, along­side the show­case of Lost In Ran­dom.

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