Dead Space Remake Announced, Being Developed By EA Motive

It’s been weeks of rumors regard­ing a Dead Space revival, and we’ve final­ly got a defin­i­tive answer for what’s next for the fran­chise. EA has decid­ed to do a full remake of the orig­i­nal game. This was announced dur­ing the EA Play Live 2021 stream, and it will be releas­ing on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The remake will be tak­ing us back to the USG Ishimu­ra, focus­ing on Issac Clarke’s jour­ney through an ever decay­ing space sta­tion filled to the brim with muti­lat­ed crea­tures known as necromorphs.

The remake is being devel­oped by EA Motive, the same group behind Star War: Squadrons and Bat­tle­front II. A teas­er trail­er was shown dur­ing the stream, with the famil­iar halls of the dec­i­mat­ed sta­tion, a lone necro­morph a dis­tance away prepar­ing an attack. Eerie for sure. The remake is being made with the Frost­bite engine, same as the pre­vi­ous titles EA Motive worked on. Accord­ing to the press release, the remake will offer “improve­ments to game­play, while stay­ing true to the original.”

EA Motive senior pro­duc­er Phillippe Ducharme stat­ed this revis­it will mod­ern­ize the orig­i­nal game for cur­rent-gen plat­forms, with the hope of rein­vig­o­rat­ing the series for new and return­ing players.

The Dead Space fran­chise made a huge impact on the sur­vival hor­ror genre when it was released 12 years ago, and I came to Motive as a fan first to specif­i­cal­ly work on this game,” he said. “We have a pas­sion­ate team at Motive who are approach­ing this remake as a love let­ter to the fran­chise. Going back to the orig­i­nal and hav­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do so on next gen con­soles excit­ed every­one on the team. As we look to mod­ern­ize the game, we’ve reached out to ded­i­cat­ed fans and invit­ed them to pro­vide us with feed­back since the ear­ly stages of pro­duc­tion to deliv­er the Dead Space game they want and for new play­ers to enjoy as well.”

Dead Space Remake Announced, Being Developed By EA Motive
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