Days Gone is launch­ing for PC on May 18th, as announced by Sony, with the com­pa­ny also reveal­ing game­play footage for the first time. The trail­er shows off PC fea­tures like uncapped frame rate, pho­to mode, and more.

Days Gone for PC has 21:9 ultra-wide mon­i­tor sup­port, as well as an unlocked frame rate option. Up to 500 freak­ers can be seen on the screen at a time, as stat­ed by Sony. Play­ers can be also cus­tomize oth­er fea­tures like foliage draw dis­tance, and oth­er graph­i­cal set­tings. The game does have con­troller sup­port (for Sony con­trollers and oth­ers), along with mouse and key­board controls. 

Days Gone can be pre­ordered now on Steam and Epic Game Store. Bloomberg recent­ly did a sto­ry say­ing Sony Bend pitched an idea for a sequel that got reject­ed. Game direc­tor Jeff Ross, who has since left the stu­dio, recent­ly con­firmed the pitch and said the sequel might have online ele­ments, accord­ing to VGC.

Sony has already released Hori­zon: Zero Dawn on PC, though that game had notable issues when it launched. Death Strand­ing was also released for PC after a year of being on the PS4, but was pub­lished by 505 Games, not Sony.

A report said Sony has plans to bring a “whole slate” of its con­sole games to PC at some point. On the oth­er hand, Sony has also stat­ed that play­ers should not expect every PlaySta­tion exclu­sive to head to PC.