Dark Souls Servers Shut Down After Exploit Is Found That Allows People To Access Players’ PCs

Dark Souls and Elden Ring devel­op­er From Soft­ware has shut down all its online servers for the Dark Souls series on PC, as it inves­ti­gates an exploit that can give an attack­er to your entire system.

The exploit, which has been around for some time, was ini­tial­ly report­ed to From Soft­ware by one of the few peo­ple who are able to exe­cute the exploit (accord­ing to VGC). The report was met with no reply or action, so play­ers streamed the exploits and how dan­ger­ous it was to bring atten­tion to this issue.

A Dark Souls 3 stream­er by the name of The_Grim_Sleeper streamed the exploit and took over his own PC, using a nar­ra­tion app to read out some text to prove how easy it is to con­trol the sys­tem. It seems From Soft­ware final­ly noticed this past Sun­day, say­ing in a tweet that the entire Dark Souls series would be tak­en offline while they investigate.

While this exploit is quite severe, it appears only a small num­ber of the com­mu­ni­ty knows how to com­plete the exploit. Of course, it’s extreme­ly impor­tant this exploit gets fixed now, since it was found in some dat­a­mined code for Elden Ring–which launch­es next month.

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