Dark Souls Publisher Announces Previously Unnamed Project As Code Vein

Bandai Nam­co pre­vi­ous­ly released a teas­er trail­er for an unnamed project, now known as Code Vein. Because the project used the tagline Pre­pare to Dine, many believed the project was relat­ed to From­Soft­ware’s Dark Souls series or was there next game. Despite the famil­iar tagline, this is not relat­ed to FromSoftware.

In the lat­est issue of Famit­su (as trans­lat­ed by Gemat­su) it was revealed that the project comes from the devel­op­ers of God Eater and will be named Code Vein. The game will be an action RPG where play­ers are “explor­ing seam­less­ly con­nect­ed areas on foot”. Com­bat will most­ly con­sist of close ranged com­bat with great swords, one-hand­ed swords, spears and oth­er sim­i­lar weapons. One of the main fea­tures of the game will be the bud­dy sys­tem. Play­ers can explore the world with a bud­dy who acts inde­pen­dent­ly, but will need some sup­port from players. 

The game will star Revenants, vam­pires with super­nat­ur­al abil­i­ties. These Revenants have sur­passed human­i­ty, but have lost their mem­o­ries in the process and now live in an iso­lat­ed soci­ety called Vein. Revenants also must drink blood or they will become mon­sters known as a Lost. Dur­ing blood suck­ing play­ers will acti­vate spe­cial armor called “Blood Veil” that changes the play­er’s appear­ance and allow them suck up the blood of the Lost. After suck­ing blood, Tem­pered Blood can be used to strength­en your­self, weak­en ene­mies, or per­form spe­cial attacks. 

Code Vein is esti­mat­ed to be about 35% com­plete, but will get a trail­er on April 20th. It has also been con­firmed that the game is not relat­ed to God Eater. 

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