Some­what good news has arrived to those look­ing for­ward to CD Pro­jekt Red’s Cyber­punk 2077. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the game was recent­ly delayed again because more bug fix­es need to be squashed before release. The devel­op­ment team held a call with investors regard­ing the delay, where the stu­dio con­firmed that Cyber­punk 2077’s mul­ti­play­er would be delayed as well.

How­ev­er, they did state that Cyber­punk 2077 will be a free upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X if play­ers pur­chased the title for the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion. A next-gen patch will add improve­ments based on the pow­er of those con­soles. “It will look bet­ter on next-gen­er­a­tions con­sole,” said CD Pro­jekt Red. Full upgrade fea­tures haven’t been detailed yet, though the com­pa­ny did state a “more robust update” will take place after the first one.

No release date was giv­en for the new ver­sions of Cyber­punk 2077 for Xbox Series X and PS5, since they nev­er had an inter­nal date planned for these ver­sions.

Also dur­ing this call, CEO of CD Pro­jekt Red, Adam Kicin­s­ki said that he’s very sure Cyber­punk 2077 won’t be delayed again. “We tru­ly believe this will be the final date. Any deci­sion like this costs us trust. We try to be as rea­son­able as pos­si­ble to make a final deci­sion.”