Although Cyber­punk 2077’s launch was less than per­fect for CD Pro­jekt Red, but the game still man­aged to sell incred­i­bly well. Most of the units sold were dig­i­tal and, accord­ing to the ana­lyt­ics com­pa­ny Super­Da­ta, the game had the biggest dig­i­tal game launch of all time. That’s even fac­tor­ing in refund copies.

Supe­Da­ta esti­mates that Cyber­punk 2077 sold 10.2 mil­lion dig­i­tal units dur­ing it’s launch peri­od, mak­ing it the biggest launch based on both dig­i­tal and over­all units sold. How­ev­er, this num­ber does­n’t account for the refund copies, but Super­Da­ta says the dif­fer­ence would­n’t be sig­nif­i­cant enough to over­turn the record. 

The report also not­ed that about 80% of the dig­i­tal sales were on PC, which was­n’t affect­ed near­ly as much by prob­lems with­in the game. So these num­bers would appear to be correct. 

Cyber­punk 2077 worst issues were pre­dom­i­nant­ly on the Xbox One and PS4, with crash­ing and per­for­mance issues led CD Pro­jekt to not only apol­o­gize, but even offer refunds from their own pock­ets. The game is still unavail­able to pur­chase dig­i­tal­ly from the PlaySta­tion Store, but you can still find retail copies.

CD Pro­jekt Red has a long way to go to bring Cyber­punk 2077 to a high point for con­sole play­ers, as well as just fix­ing gen­er­al issues with the game. The first major update arrived last week, bring­ing a few new bugs along with it. PS5 and Xbox Series X ver­sions won’t be avail­able until late this year (at the ear­li­est). Mul­ti­play­er won’t arrive until at least 2022. It’s unclear on if the game will still have any inter­est by that point.