Ear­li­er this week, CD Pro­jekt Red was the vic­tim of a cyber­at­tack, result­ing in a decent amount of infor­ma­tion being stolen. This info includ­ed source code to sev­er­al of the devel­op­er’s games, like Cyber­punk 2077 and The Witch­er 3. Now, it seems the per­pe­tra­tor is attempt­ing to sell the source code online.

The start­ing bid is $1 mil­lion, but they are sell­ing the whole kit for $7 mil­lion. Accord­ing to data secu­ri­ty firm vx-under­ground, the hack­ers poster the source code to the Exploits forum, an online forum pop­u­lat­ed by oth­er hack­ers. Vx-under­ground said the hack­ers start­ed the bid at $1 mil­lion for the code to Cyber­punk 2077, Gwent and the unre­leased ver­sion of The Witch­er 3. These hack­ers are report­ed­ly will­ing to imme­di­ate­ly sell­ing the code to any­one who will dish out $7 million.

Many of the files have spread across oth­er places on the inter­net, includ­ing 4Chan and Mega. They have since been removed by mod­er­a­tors. This is hap­pen­ing a lit­tle over a day after CD Pro­jekt Red announced they would­n’t be giv­ing into ran­som demands of these attack­ers, who stat­ed they would sell or leak the com­pa­ny’s source code.