Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 Patch Notes — See What’s New In Massive 50 GB Patch

Cyber­punk 2077’s mas­sive new update is out now, and it includes bug fix­es, gen­er­al improve­ments, and the biggest addi­tions to the game since Decem­ber 2020. Plus, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ver­sions also launched, boast­ing faster load­ing times and far bet­ter graphics.

The 1.5. patch is a large one, com­ing in at around 50 GB, in case dri­ve or SSD space is a decid­ing fac­tor for you. The full patch notes giv­en by CD Pro­jekt Red does­n’t ful­ly rep­re­sent every­thing that was includ­ed in the patch. The devel­op­ers said dur­ing Tues­day’s livestream that list­ing every­thing would sim­ply be too much. Instead, the stu­dio high­light­ed the most impor­tant adjust­ments and fixes.

The update does add new con­tent, includ­ing four new apart­ments across Night City to purchase:

  • North­side, Wat­son (€$5,000)
  • Japan­town, West­brook (€$15,000)
  • The Glen, Hey­wood (€$40,000)
  • Cor­po Plaza, City Cen­ter (€$55,000)

Play­ers will also be able to update and cus­tomize their appear­ance when­ev­er they want from inside their apart­ment or safe­house. Addi­tion­al­ly, Wilson’s 2nd Amend­ment store now has new items, includ­ing two new weapons–the Dar­ra Poly­tech­nic Umbra assault rifle and the Bud­get Arms Guil­lo­tine sub­ma­chine gun–as well as new scopes and attachments.

Pho­to Mode pos­es were also added in the 1.5 update, includ­ing new rock­star-themed ones for John­ny Sil­ver­hand. This update also make Cyber­punk 2077’s AI smarter in gen­er­al, while the dri­ving sys­tem has been improved to make brak­ing and han­dling feel more realistic.

Anoth­er major change is the rebal­ance to the perk sys­tem, with some unpop­u­lar ones being removed. Due to these adjust­ments, all perk points have been reset.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S enhance­ments include ray-trac­ing and new graph­ics modes that take advan­tage of the pow­er­ful con­soles. PlaySta­tion own­ers should be aware that the PS5 edi­tion is a dif­fer­ent SKU, mean­ing you’ll need to man­u­al­ly down­load the new ver­sion. Also, PlaySta­tion Tro­phies don’t trans­fer, but save progress will.

You can check out the full patch notes below.

Cyberpunk 2077 1.5 Patch Notes


  • Added ray-traced local light shadows.
  • Imple­ment­ed native achieve­ment sup­port on next-gen con­soles. Note that as the next-gen ver­sion has a dif­fer­ent SKU, PlaySta­tion tro­phies obtained in back­ward com­pat­i­bil­i­ty will not be trans­ferred. Xbox achieve­ments will auto­mat­i­cal­ly appear on the new ver­sion using the Smart Deliv­ery feature.
  • Intro­duced two graph­ics modes on PlaySta­tion 5 and Xbox Series X:

Per­for­mance Mod­eR­ay Trac­ing Mode

  • The Xbox Series S ver­sion has no graph­ics mode selec­tion and is by default pre­sent­ed at 30 FPS in 1440p with dynam­ic res­o­lu­tion scaling.
  • Added per­for­mance improve­ments which sig­nif­i­cant­ly decrease the num­ber of FPS drops and improve ren­der­ing quality.
  • Bal­anced HDR to achieve par­i­ty across all platforms.
  • Var­i­ous visu­al qual­i­ty improvements.
  • Added Activ­i­ty Cards for PS5.
  • Added Span­ish voiceover sup­port in the Amer­i­c­as (PlaySta­tion codes: CUSA-16596 and CUSA-16597). Due to tech­ni­cal con­straints, it is avail­able only on next-gen con­soles. For fur­ther details on lan­guage sup­port see: XboxPlaySta­tion.
  • Imple­ment­ed sup­port for spa­tial audio on PlaySta­tion 5 for 3D-audio-enabled head­phones and built-in TV speak­ers via PS5 ‘s Tem­pest 3D AudioTech solution.

Imple­ment­ed the use of adap­tive trig­gers on PS5 controllers.


This addi­tion­al con­tent is avail­able for play­ers on all platforms.


Apart­ments can be rent­ed (with a one-time fee) when encoun­tered in Night City or through the EZEs­tates web­site when accessed through the com­put­er in V’s Megabuild­ing H10 apart­ment. They become avail­able after com­plet­ing the Play­ing for Time quest. It’s pos­si­ble to rent all apart­ments at the same time. All apart­ments share the same stash.

Avail­able apartments:

  • North­side, Wat­son (€$5,000)
  • Japan­town, West­brook (€$15,000)
  • The Glen, Hey­wood (€$40,000)
  • Cor­po Plaza, City Cen­ter (€$55,000)

Addi­tion­al­ly, you can now cus­tomize V’s start­ing apart­ment in Megabuild­ing H10 using the EZEs­tates web­site for €$10,000.

Some inter­ac­tions in the apart­ments pro­vide a tem­po­rary buff:

Appear­ance Customization

  • You can now tweak cer­tain fea­tures of your appear­ance (such as hair, make­up, pierc­ing, etc.) when using the mir­ror in any of your apart­ments and safe­hous­es. It’s free and you can do it as often as you like. Char­ac­ter cus­tomiza­tion also includes more make­up and hair col­or options. Who’s the fairest of them all, now?

What’s New at Wilson’s?

  • You can check out new items in Wilson’s 2nd Amend­ment store in Megabuild­ing H10 or look for them while explor­ing Night City.
  • 2 new weapons: Dar­ra Poly­tech­nic Umbra (Pow­er Assault Rifle), Bud­get Arms Guil­lo­tine (Pow­er Sub­ma­chine Gun)
  • 4 new weapon scopes: Kang Tao Jue long scope, Tsuna­mi Gaki sniper scope, Arasa­ka Kanet­sugu short scope, Handy­man short scope
  • New type of weapon attach­ments — muz­zle brakes: 10 new muz­zle brakes: 5 for hand­guns (RC‑7 Ifrit, RC‑7 Liger, RC‑7 Dyb­buk, RC‑7 Kutrub, RC‑7 Babaro­ga); 5 for assault rifles & sub­ma­chine guns (RC‑7 Aswang, RC‑7 Varko­lak, RC‑7 Zaar, RC‑7 Yokai, RC‑7 Strigoi).

New Pos­es in Pho­to Mode

  • We added a num­ber of new pos­es in Pho­to Mode, includ­ing pos­es for John­ny Sil­ver­hand (only avail­able in flash­back scenes when play­ing as Johnny).


Com­bat AI

  • Mul­ti­ple fix­es and improve­ments to NPC melee and ranged com­bat AI and reac­tions, includ­ing tak­ing cov­er, posi­tion­ing, reload­ing, equip­ping weapons, dodg­ing, block­ing and many others.
  • Mul­ti­ple improve­ments to dis­mem­ber­ment trig­gers, hit reac­tions and death ani­ma­tions, adding greater impact to ranged and melee combat.
  • Ene­mies are now much bet­ter at block­ing and evad­ing (Keren­zikov) attacks. The heav­ier the weapon, the eas­i­er it is to hit. The oppo­site is true for evading.
  • Fur­ther diver­si­fi­ca­tion of melee and ranged com­bat behav­iors for dif­fer­ent fac­tions: reck­less, aggres­sive, bal­anced, defen­sive and cautious.
  • Fol­low­ers now con­tribute more in com­bat but can be defeat­ed and tem­porar­i­ly dis­abled if they receive enough punishment.
  • Numer­ous fix­es and bal­ance changes to netrun­ner combat.

Crowd Improve­ments

  • Aggres­sive crowd behav­ior: cer­tain NPC arche­types can and will enter com­bat with the play­er when pro­voked by aim­ing, shoot­ing or fight­ing. Due to some tech­ni­cal chal­lenges, this change is not avail­able on the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion of consoles.
  • Time skips affect the state of NPCs, as well as reset the state of the devices, envi­ron­ments and cer­tain scenes.
  • Improved crowd reac­tions, pathfind­ing and despawning.

Dri­ve Model

  • Intro­duc­ing our all new Burn Out Mode! Hold Gas + Brake to engage, steer to rotate. The old sys­tem only allowed rotat­ing on the spot, now try mod­u­lat­ing the inputs to see what you can do! Try brake stands, donuts, drifts or heat up the tires to do a drag-race style launch with a High Grip boost. The sys­tem now works at high­er speeds, so you can hit the brake with gas applied on cor­ner entry to cause over­steer on most cars. Key­board users can option­al­ly use new Sec­ondary bind­ings on arrow keys (some key­boards ignore the third key press when just using WASD), but gamepads allow the most con­trol of the sys­tem (as gamepads in gen­er­al pro­vide the dri­ving expe­ri­ence pre­ferred by a vast major­i­ty of players).
  • New Brak­ing sys­tem pro­duces con­sis­tent per­for­mance, front to rear, across all speeds. ABS sim­u­la­tion added. All vehi­cles brakes have been tuned to the new model.
  • Engine sim­u­la­tion improved. Clutch sim­u­la­tion added. These changes improve resis­tance forces from the engine when shift­ing, help­ing to remove unwant­ed wheel spin events.
  • Gear­box sim­u­la­tion improved. Much improved down­shift­ing behav­ior. Trans­mis­sion now real­is­ti­cal­ly down­shifts and has smarter shift log­ic to keep the engine in its sweet spot. For­ward <-> Reverse shift­ing has been total­ly redone, allow­ing for J‑Turns / Rockfords.
  • Motor­cy­cles improved. All of the above improve­ments help to make them more sta­ble. Addi­tion­al­ly, steer­ing mod­el improve­ments have been added, and they have been retuned.
  • Tune improve­ments to var­i­ous cars. Quadra Type-66 (all mod­els, espe­cial­ly Avenger), Mizu­tani Shion (espe­cial­ly MZ2), Her­rera Out­law (major pass) & base MaiMai all had steer­ing improve­ments imple­ment­ed and more.
  • Added adjust­ments to first-per­son per­spec­tive to all vehi­cles that need­ed it. In addi­tion, Nomad vehi­cles with Crys­tal­Dome tech­nol­o­gy now dig­i­tal­ly omit objects obscur­ing view.

Vehi­cle Traffic

  • Visu­al improve­ment to traf­fic move­ment: turn­ing and suspension.
  • Pan­ic reac­tion to dan­ger: traf­fic now has the abil­i­ty to dri­ve away in pan­ic from dan­ger. NPC pas­sen­gers can now die from car crashes.
  • Reac­tions to fend­er ben­ders: vehi­cles now have a wider range of reac­tions to being bumped into, and will recov­er and return to traf­fic more smoothly.



  • Var­i­ous changes relat­ed to the econ­o­my, includ­ing increased rewards from jobs and Open World activ­i­ties and decreased prices for vehi­cles and cyberware.
  • Rebal­anced and improved func­tion­al­i­ty of cloth­ing mods. Adjust­ed the amount of mod­i­fi­ca­tion slots avail­able on cloth­ing items. Cat­e­go­rized the mods to fit only spe­cif­ic cloth­ing items. As a result, all equipped mods were moved back to your inven­to­ry. Go to the Inven­to­ry screen to re-equip them in accor­dance with the new rules.
  • The “Easy” game dif­fi­cul­ty is now mod­er­ate­ly more challenging.
  • Intro­duced 2 new stats replac­ing Eva­sion: Mit­i­ga­tion Chance and Mit­i­ga­tion Strength. Mit­i­ga­tion Chance deter­mines how often the play­er has a chance to reduce incom­ing dam­age. Mit­i­ga­tion Strength deter­mines the per­cent­age by which dam­age is reduced (50% by default).
  • Com­po­nents that used to increase Eva­sion now affect Mit­i­ga­tion. For exam­ple: the Reflex­es attribute, perks such as Mon­goose, Van­ish­ing Point, Human Shield, some cloth­ing mods and cyber­ware, and more.
  • Rebal­anced Dam­age Over Time effects, gen­er­al­ly reduc­ing pri­ma­ry dam­age effects such as Burn­ing, Bleed­ing and Poison.
  • Reduced chance to dis­rupt tra­jec­to­ry of smart bul­lets by Tyger Claws’ Glow­ing Tat­toos ability.
  • Added a qui­eter way to escape the NCPD when the heat is on. Instead of flee­ing a cer­tain dis­tance from the most recent crime scene, V can opt to hide with­in the search area, although it will take longer for the police to stop looking.


  • It’s now pos­si­ble to sell unused cyber­ware at a Ripperdoc.
  • Cooldown dura­tion is now prop­er­ly described in the tooltip of Blood Pump cyberware.
  • Made it pos­si­ble to inter­rupt the Reveal­ing Posi­tion hack by dam­ag­ing the netrun­ner or by hav­ing immu­ni­ty from Self-ICE cyberware.
  • Acti­vat­ing Berserk will now dou­ble Sta­mi­na instead of grant­i­ng an infi­nite amount.
  • Tran­quil­iz­er Rounds in the Pro­jec­tile Launch Sys­tem no longer affect non-human NPCs.
  • Reduced the ric­o­chet num­ber of the Leg­endary Bal­lis­tic Coproces­sor to 1, but grants a 50% bonus to ric­o­chet damage.
  • Tra­jec­to­ry Gen­er­a­tor (Kiroshi Optics mod) has been changed to Threat Analy­sis and now grants a 2% Mit­i­ga­tion Chance. Mit­i­ga­tion grants a chance to reduce incom­ing dam­age by the per­cent­age indi­cat­ed by Mit­i­ga­tion Strength (50% by default).
  • Increased dura­tion of Opti­cal Camo cyber­ware for V from 5/10/15 to 10/15/15 per rar­i­ty level.
  • Added the Opti­cal Camo abil­i­ty for some NPCs.
  • Even with Opti­cal Camo active, the play­er will now be vis­i­ble while grap­pling an enemy.
  • Fixed an issue where it was­n’t pos­si­ble to equip some cyber­ware mods simultaneously.


  • Numer­ous opti­miza­tions to com­bat AI result­ing in an over­all improved com­bat experience.
  • Numer­ous fix­es and improve­ments were made to reduce inter­rup­tions and smoothen NPC ani­ma­tions in com­bat, includ­ing attack, death, equip weapon, cov­er, hit reac­tion, reload, block and dodge ani­ma­tions. You can expect more con­sis­tent feel­ing of impact and crowd con­trol from weapons as well as more spec­tac­u­lar visuals.
  • Ene­mies will now cor­rect­ly repo­si­tion to more tac­ti­cal­ly advan­ta­geous positions.
  • Increased fol­low­ers’ shoot­ing accuracy.
  • Reduced explo­sion dam­age dealt to the player.
  • Fixed cas­es where NPCs from the same group or fac­tion did­n’t join com­bat when they wit­nessed their com­rades fighting.
  • Fixed an issue where­by NPCs did­n’t dis­play a prop­er hit reac­tion when hit with a grenade upon enter­ing combat.
  • Ene­my shot­gun­ners will now attempt to keep a clos­er dis­tance to the play­er dur­ing combat.
  • Added some visu­al effects to the com­bat stims used by enemies.
  • Ene­mies equipped with com­bat stims will use them only when their health is below 30%, reduc­ing their over­all stim­u­lant usage.
  • Increased visu­al com­plex­i­ty of ene­my com­bat behav­ior in low-fram­er­ate mode.
  • Fixed an issue when com­bat mode was trig­gered while roaming.
  • Fixed an issue where the play­er could be knocked down by a ham­mer attack despite the weapon not reach­ing them.
  • Sig­nif­i­cant­ly sped up switch­ing between melee and ranged weapons for NPCs that can use both.


  • It’s no longer pos­si­ble to apply the Cyberpsy­chosis quick­hack on cyberpsychos.
  • Fixed an issue where deac­ti­vat­ing a cam­era with a quick­hack would­n’t inter­rupt ene­my quick­hack upload when the cam­era in ques­tion was used as a con­nec­tion proxy.
  • Fixed cas­es where a “hacked” sta­tus effect could remain on V per­ma­nent­ly, pre­vent­ing netrun­ners from hack­ing V again.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some cas­es, the Whis­tle quick­hack did­n’t cause NPCs to approach V’s position.

Items & Devices

  • It’s now pos­si­ble to turn devices on and off while car­ry­ing a body.
  • Fixed an issue where ele­va­tor door ani­ma­tions did some­times not dis­play prop­er­ly, caus­ing the play­er to see beyond world boundaries.

Bonus items found in stash (2 DLC Jack­ets + 4 Reg­is­tra­tion Reward items) have new functionality:


  • Low­ered the health of the oppo­nents in Beat on the Brat, except for the Twins — they can now block and/or evade attacks, so their dif­fi­cul­ty is based more on skill.
  • Wood­man now prefers using the same Ajax rifle that he drops as loot. He was also demot­ed from a boss to a stan­dard enemy.
  • Fixed NPC behav­ior dur­ing Sasquatch, Oda, Adam Smash­er, Royce and Beat on the Brat boss fights.
  • Fixed an issue where ene­my NPCs could­n’t break V’s guard in melee fights.
  • Fixed clip­ping in V’s and NPCs’ aer­i­al takedowns.
  • Spin and kick melee attacks are now allowed only on fast, agile ene­my archetypes.
  • Cold Blood expe­ri­ence will no longer be award­ed when dis­patch­ing ene­mies while hav­ing no Cold Blood effect active. The amount of Cold Blood expe­ri­ence grant­ed for dis­patch­ing ene­mies increas­es with the amount of active Cold Blood stacks.
  • Fixed clip­ping when grap­pling ene­mies from the crouched position.
  • Ene­my shot­gun­ners now deal more damage.
  • Ene­mies are less like­ly to attack V while V is per­form­ing a finisher.
  • Increased dam­age dealt by sniper NPCs.
  • Snipers will now be able to shoot when back­ing away from their target.
  • Dis­abled trip­ping over bod­ies for V’s companions.
  • Rebal­anced NPC Stamina.
  • NPCs crushed by a vehi­cle that are unable to recov­er will die after some time.
  • Fixed V’s death ani­ma­tions that play while grap­pling an NPC.
  • Fixed an issue where secu­ri­ty, bounc­ers and police NPCs could have a boun­ty on them.
  • Fixed some instances of NPCs T‑posing.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs with the abil­i­ty to apply sta­tus effects weren’t able to do so.
  • Added a 15% health debuff for ene­mies that have the Keren­zikov abil­i­ty to com­pen­sate for more suc­cess­ful dodging.


Rebal­anced var­i­ous perks and moved some of them in the skill tree. As a result, all the Perk points you spent were reset. Go to the Perks screen to reas­sign your Perk points for free.

Redesigned the fol­low­ing perks:

  • Blood­swell
  • Human Shield
  • Epi­mor­pho­sis
  • Cold Blood
  • Cold­est Blood
  • Cut­throat

Added new perks replac­ing some old­er ones.

  • Due to the above-men­tioned changes in perks, we renamed the Stealth skill tree to Nin­jut­su in order to bet­ter reflect the perks it contains.
  • Made the bonus­es dynam­ic for 200% Effi­cien­cy, Field Tech­ni­cian and Cut­ting Edge. They are now applied to already craft­ed weapons and clothes. Respec­ing perks removes the bonus­es correctly.

Play­er Mechanics

  • V is now able to vault/climb/jump/sprint through glass that has been fractured.
  • Fixed an issue where dis­pos­ing a body into a crate could move V into walls or out of bounds.


  • Fixed an issue when sum­moned vehi­cles could spawn with­in each oth­er, result­ing in either shat­ter­ing to pieces or being launched in the air.
  • Fixed an issue where hijack­ing a car with a hos­tile NPC inside caused them to clip through the roof and remain inside the vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where vehi­cles could be frozen in the air after load­ing a save file. Now they are just reg­u­lar bor­ing cars that fall down.


  • Reworked throw­ing knives — knives are not lost after each throw, but auto­mat­i­cal­ly return to V’s hands after a set cooldown time (depen­dent of knife rar­i­ty). It’s also pos­si­ble to pick up thrown knives, reset­ting the cooldown.
  • The Stinger Icon­ic knife now scales prop­er­ly to V’s lev­el when obtained.
  • Sped up Smart Gun pro­jec­tiles on dif­fer­ent weapons to the same val­ue as in the Kang Tao G‑58 Dian for a bet­ter feel­ing of impact and speed.
  • Increased silenced gun­shot sound range from 3m to 8m.
  • The “Sta­mi­na Cost Reduc­tion While Attack­ing” stat on melee weapons works cor­rect­ly now.
  • Crunch, Cold Shoul­der and Pax weapon mods will increase weapon dam­age by a per­cent­age value.
  • The lev­el require­ment of melee weapons will now increase with each upgrade. Note: the lev­el of upgrad­ed melee weapons will be adjust­ed as a result of this change. The equipped items which exceed the lev­el require­ment can con­tin­ue being used but, if unequipped, will have to wait until the required lev­el is reached to be used again.
  • The DR5 Nova obtained dur­ing the Sta­di­um Love quest has stats prop­er­ly bal­anced to V’s level.
  • The Crush­er is no longer a viable weapon to use dur­ing the shoot­ing com­pe­ti­tion in the Shoot to Thrill quest.
  • Added aim assist to the bot­tles in Cas­sidy’s chal­lenge in We Got­ta Live Togeth­er to make it eas­i­er to beat with a gamepad.


  • Var­i­ous map usabil­i­ty improve­ments relat­ed to resiz­ing icons, adding new tooltips and fil­ters. This includes a dynam­ic fil­ter based on zoom lev­el as well as a cus­tom fil­ter which can be con­fig­ured by the player.
  • Redesigned the “Skip Time” inter­face. It makes switch­ing between dif­fer­ent parts of a day eas­i­er and shows pre­dict­ed time.
  • Updat­ed graph­ics for var­i­ous scopes, as well as increased clar­i­ty and new animations.
  • Improved read­abil­i­ty, con­sis­ten­cy and visu­als in UI pan­els, noti­fi­ca­tions and popups.
  • Added a new noti­fi­ca­tion with the song’s name when it starts play­ing on the radio.
  • The name of the vehi­cle will now be shown on the HUD when get­ting in.
  • Items placed in your stash will now have stats prop­er­ly dis­played in their tooltips.
  • Adjust­ed the crosshair for knife-throwing.
  • Added a buff stack counter next to the health bar to show how many stacks of a cer­tain sta­tus effect are active.
  • Improved D‑pad nav­i­ga­tion on var­i­ous screens and panels.
  • Added miss­ing descrip­tion for Wakako’s Data­base entry.
  • I Fought The Law — Improved the inter­face of the elec­tri­cal box to give more feed­back when inter­act­ing with it.
  • Fixed an issue when the mouse cur­sor did­n’t scale prop­er­ly in dif­fer­ent resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fast Trav­el des­ti­na­tion area appeared before the load­ing screen. No more spoil­ers, Choomba!
  • Fixed an issue where brack­ets of tuto­r­i­al win­dows could be vis­i­ble in menus.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if a shard was read direct­ly from the loot con­tain­er and imme­di­ate­ly closed afterwards.
  • Fixed an issue where the load­ing indi­ca­tor could get stuck on the screen.


  • Added a few secrets in Night City to be dis­cov­ered by play­ers. Due to some tech­ni­cal chal­lenges, this change is not avail­able on the pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion of consoles.
  • Extend­ed romances with Panam, Ker­ry, Riv­er and Judy by adding new mes­sages and interactions.
  • Added inter­ac­tions in the homes of love inter­ests, includ­ing sleep­ing in bed with a giv­en partner.
  • It’s now pos­si­ble to mute the NCPD dis­patch­er and fix­er brief/debrief holo­calls. This auto­mat­i­cal­ly skips the call and sends you text mes­sages instead. You can cus­tomize this fea­ture in Set­tings > Game­play > Holo­calls. By default, the NCPD dis­patch­er is mut­ed and fix­ers are unmuted.
  • Play­ers are now able to reject non-essen­tial holo­calls. There will be a prompt on the screen allow­ing them to accept or reject a holo­call. If they reject the call, they will receive a text mes­sage instead.
  • Improved the holo­call sys­tem to pre­vent mul­ti­ple holo­calls from stack­ing if the first call loads too slowly.
  • Enhanced Night City nightlife by mak­ing music in clubs a bit louder.
  • Fixed an issue where the dis­tort­ed visu­al effect could per­sist after com­ing back from Cyberspace.
  • Fixed an issue where Riv­er would instant­ly hang up after call­ing him. How rude!
  • Auto­mat­ic Love - Fixed cas­es where Lizzie’s Bar was closed dur­ing the hours it should be open.
  • Beat on the Brat — Sep­a­rate jour­nal entries for each fight will now appear only after find­ing them.
  • Beat on the Brat — V will no longer be able to equip pre­vi­ous­ly dropped weapons dur­ing fistfights
  • Beat on the Brat: The Glen — Fixed an issue where, despite let­ting El Cesar keep his car, he was mes­sag­ing V ask­ing if they took care of it.
  • Coin Oper­at­ed Boy - Theo will no longer be despawned dur­ing the “Talk to Theo” objective.
  • Dis­as­ter­piece - Fixed an issue where V was unable to get in the van to talk to Judy after obtain­ing the XBD.
  • Dressed to Kill - Fixed an issue where the Thor­ton Col­by car was missing.
  • Epistro­phy — Sep­a­rate jour­nal entries for dif­fer­ent Dela­mains will now appear only after find­ing them.
  • Epistro­phy - Added new com­ments for the Dela­main cab after fin­ish­ing the quest and select­ing the “lib­er­ate” or “merge” option.
  • Ex-Fac­tor - Fixed a case of Judy nev­er call­ing to start the quest.
  • Ex-Fac­tor — Fixed an issue where Judy did­n’t spawn at the Clouds’ bal­cony, block­ing quest progression.
  • Ex-Fac­tor — If the play­er did­n’t loot Maiko’s Death and Tax­es pis­tol dur­ing the quest, it can now be found some­where else.
  • I Fought The Law — V can no longer wait inside River’s car while an impor­tant scene with Detec­tive Han plays.
  • Killing in the Name — When hack­ing the router, the minigame will be dis­played prop­er­ly even in cas­es where V does­n’t have a Cyberdeck equipped.
  • Life Dur­ing Wartime — Fixed an issue where the “Scan the tracks” objec­tive could change location.
  • M’ap Tann Pèlen — Fixed an issue where the NPCs in the butch­er shop did­n’t spawn, block­ing fur­ther progression.
  • M’ap Tann Pelèn — Fixed a rare case of Placide being even more grumpy than usu­al and refus­ing to talk to V at Rolland’s.
  • Off the Leash - Some fans at the Ker­ry & Us Cracks con­cert weren’t hap­py to see oth­er peo­ple copy­ing their out­fits, so they got changed.
  • Pisces - Fixed an issue that could pre­vent V from leav­ing Hiromi’s apart­ment if they called some­one dur­ing the ele­va­tor ride to the main­te­nance floor.
  • Rid­ers on the Storm - Fixed an issue where, under spe­cif­ic cir­cum­stances, it was­n’t pos­si­ble to talk to Panam and Mitch.
  • Search and Destroy — Fixed an issue where fur­ther main quests did­n’t appear after com­plet­ing this quest.
  • Sweet Dreams — Quest will no longer reap­pear in the jour­nal with the “Talk to Ste­fan” objec­tive if Ste­fan’s brain­dance was refund­ed after V ini­tial­ly reject­ed the offer.
  • The Infor­ma­tion — Added a choice to skip the brain­dance tuto­r­i­al sequence.
  • These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ - V’s old car will no longer be missing.
  • With a Lit­tle Help from My Friends - Fixed an issue where Panam would­n’t call to start the quest after Rid­ers on the Storm.


  • V now has stand­ing with fix­ers through­out Night City. New fix­er gigs will appear grad­u­al­ly in sets as your stand­ing increas­es, and a fix­er will offer you anoth­er set of gigs only after the pre­vi­ous set is com­plet­ed in a giv­en dis­trict. Com­plet­ing all the gigs for a fix­er will earn you a spe­cial reward (exclud­ing Mr. Hands — sor­ry, he just does­n’t like you, choom.) To see the progress of your stand­ing with a fix­er, hov­er over their icon on the map screen and check the com­plet­ed gigs.
  • Crowds and com­mu­ni­ties of Night City are now more diverse dur­ing the day and at night. Increased occur­rences and added more vari­ety of con­ver­sa­tions in all districts.
  • Assault in Progress in Char­ter Hill — Fixed an issue where it was­n’t pos­si­ble to pick up evidence.
  • Assault in Progress in Cor­po Plaza — Fixed an issue where the quest could be blocked if the play­er col­lect­ed evi­dence before vis­it­ing Heywood.
  • Assault in Progress in Kabu­ki - Fixed an issue when the activ­i­ty would reap­pear on the map after com­plet­ing The Prophet’s Song.
  • Gig: Break­ing News — Fixed an issue where the truck would fall under­ground block­ing fur­ther pro­gres­sion. Note: the vehi­cle will now spawn after get­ting close to the garage, despite the mark­er point­ing below the ground.
  • Gig: Fam­i­ly Heir­loom — Fixed an issue where the gig did­n’t trig­ger when approach­ing the mark­er and was stuck on “Undis­cov­ered”.
  • Gig: Free­dom of the Press — Quest will no longer fail upon enter­ing the TV stu­dio building.
  • Gig: Going-Away Par­ty - Fixed an issue where the car spawned under­ground. If you encoun­tered this issue, you may need to start escort­ing Flavio in order for the car to spawn.
  • Gig: Guinea Pigs - Fixed an issue where the ele­va­tor inside the hotel was closed, block­ing fur­ther progression.
  • Gig: Life’s Work - Fixed an issue where the car did­n’t spawn or spawned incorrectly.
  • Gig: The Lord Giveth and Taketh Away — The SUV will now spawn properly.
  • Report­ed Crime: Para­noia — It’s now eas­i­er to climb the build­ing and reach the stash.
  • Cyberpsy­cho Sight­ing: Smoke on the Water - Fixed an issue where “Search the van [Option­al]” was the only objec­tive left and could­n’t be completed.


  • Improved water appear­ance and added water inter­ac­tions. Rip­ples and splash effects will be pro­duced dur­ing var­i­ous events, like object col­li­sions and from gunfire.
  • Improved rain visu­al effects on vehi­cle win­dows. Rain­drops are no longer afraid of falling.
  • Added neon rims for bikes. You can switch them on and off with the E key (or by press­ing Left Stick on a gamepad).
  • Improved visu­als of the Opti­cal Camo cyber­ware. If John­ny had this cyber­ware in 2023, he could’ve just qui­et­ly dropped the mini nuke.
  • Fixed an issue where var­i­ous sub­ti­tles with John­ny’s lines could get stuck on the screen.
  • Fixed a num­ber of AVs fly­ing through buildings.


  • Improved the weath­er sys­tem so that its states change in a more log­i­cal order and when cer­tain con­di­tions are met.
  • Dras­ti­cal­ly reduced the amount of loot lying around as a part of an effort to allow play­ers more breath­ing room to expe­ri­ence quest scenes and the world itself.


  • HDD Mode has now an auto-detec­tion option. When enabled, it auto­mat­i­cal­ly detects which dri­ve the game is installed on, and, if nec­ces­sary, boosts data load­ing and crowd activ­i­ty at the expense of crowd vari­ety, extra load­ing screens, and less detail in the streets when dri­ving fast.
  • Added AMD Fideli­tyFX™ Super Res­o­lu­tion (FSR) 1.0 algo­rithm, replac­ing Con­trast Adap­tive Sharp­en­ing (CAS). On PC it can be enabled in Set­tings > Graph­ics > Res­o­lu­tion Scal­ing. The option is not con­fig­urable on consoles.
  • Mul­ti­ple fix­es and improve­ments relat­ed to sta­bil­i­ty and optimization.


  • Added a bench­mark mode. You can find it in Set­tings > Run Benchmark.
  • Added a “Tog­gle walk­ing” option when play­ing with key­board. It is acti­vat­ed by press­ing G dur­ing explo­ration. The key can be rebind­ed in Settings.
  • Enabled trans­par­ent ray-traced reflec­tions on glossy coat­ing of some cars.
  • Enabled Vari­able Rate Shad­ing (VRS). This fea­ture boosts ren­der­ing per­for­mance and visu­al qual­i­ty by vary­ing the shad­ing rate for dif­fer­ent regions of the frame. Avail­able only on com­pat­i­ble hardware.
  • Fixed an issue which blocked Res­o­lu­tion Scal­ing on AMD graph­ics cards when Ray Trac­ing was enabled.

Dis­con­tin­ued sup­port for NVIDIA 700 Series graph­ics cards.Windows 7: future support


  • Added Brazil­ian Por­tuguese sup­port for dig­i­tal copies in Por­tu­gal (PlaySta­tion codes: CUSA-18278 and CUSA-18279). For fur­ther details on lan­guage sup­port see: XboxPlaySta­tion.
  • Imple­ment­ed trans­fer­ring saves from PS4 to PS5. Instruc­tions can be found here.
  • Fixed an issue where V’s mouth and hair could be vis­i­ble in first-per­son perspective.


  • Increased the scale of Field of View to match oth­er platforms.
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