Crysis Remastered Trilogy Arriving This Fall

Last year Cry­sis Remas­tered was released and devel­op­er Cry­tek has decid­ed to give the rest of the fran­chise the remas­ter treat­ment. Cry­tek is plan­ning on releas­ing the Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy this fall, a col­lec­tion of Cry­sis games with updat­ed visuals.

A teas­er trail­er for the Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy was also released today, show­ing off footage of every entry in the fran­chise run­ning on mod­ern hard­ware. Obvi­ous­ly, Cry­sis, Cry­sis 2, and Cry­sis 3 will all have great­ly improved visu­als com­pared to the orig­i­nals. Accord­ing to Cry­tek’s news post, the Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy is opti­mized for “today’s con­soles and PC hardware.”

If you already own Cry­sis Remas­tered, it’s pos­si­ble you might be able to save mon­ey when the Tril­o­gy launch­es. The Cry­sis games will be sold as a col­lec­tion, but play­ers can also pick up each game indi­vid­u­al­ly as well. How­ev­er, pric­ing for the Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy, Cry­sis 2 Remas­tered, and Cry­sis 3 Remas­tered has not been announced yet.

The news post also seems to sug­gest that two pieces of Cry­sis con­tent will like­ly not be includ­ed in the Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy. Cry­sis War­head, a stand­alone spin-off from the orig­i­nal Cry­sis and Cry­sis 3 The Lost Island–a mul­ti­play­er DLC–might not be included.

The Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy could pos­si­bly fea­ture some graph­ic options for play­ers on con­soles. In April, an update for Cry­sis Remas­tered gave the game three pre­set modes that let it run at dif­fer­ent res­o­lu­tions and fram­er­ates. These options could also make their way to Cry­sis 2 and Cry­sis 3 Remastered.

The Cry­sis Remas­tered Tril­o­gy will launch on PS4, Xbox One, Nin­ten­do Switch, and PC this com­ing fall. The col­lec­tion will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S via back­wards compatibility.

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