Crysis 2 Remastered On PS5 Won’t Have Ray Tracing, But Will Run At 60FPS

Cry­sis 2 and 3 Remas­tered are sup­posed to release this fall, and now there is a first-look at what the remas­tered ver­sion of Cry­sis 2 runs like on the PlaySta­tion 5. It’s all thanks to a new video from Dig­i­tal Foundry.

The game will run close to a locked 60fps at 1440p native res­o­lu­tion on the PlaySta­tion 5, with Dig­i­tal Foundry not­ing thy expect high­er res­o­lu­tion to be pos­si­ble on the Xbox Series X. Dig­i­tal Foundry described it as cross-gen­er­a­tional, mean­ing the game is run­ning on a PlaySta­tion 4 code­base but can be played on a PS5. A Nin­ten­do Switch ver­sion of Cry­sis 2 and 3 Remas­tered is sup­posed to run at a sta­ble 30fps.

Dig­i­tal Foundry added that the devel­op­ment of the remas­tered games has gone through some changes. Devel­op­er Saber Inter­ac­tive is still in charge of the project, but they are now work­ing more close­ly with Cry­tk to “bet­ter real­ize the poten­tial of the project.” It should be men­tioned that Dig­i­tal Foundry did con­sult on the project by look­ing at ear­ly builds of the game and offer­ing feed­back, which they did for free. 

The remas­ters of Cry­sis 2 and 3 are based on the PC ver­sion of the orig­i­nals. The Cry­sis Remas­tered that was released last year was actu­al­ly based off the Xbox 360 and PlaySta­tion 3 versions.

The PC ver­sion of Cry­sis 2 Remas­tered will sup­port ray trac­ing along with more visu­al options, but these fea­tures won’t be avail­able in the con­sole ver­sion of the game. Cry­tek is “con­cen­trat­ing on get­ting the right bal­ance between fideli­ty and per­for­mance in one sin­gle mode.”

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