Today, a Brazil­ian retail­er web­site might have sprung a leak on a release date for the remas­tered Crash clas­sics. Announced back at PlaySta­tion’s E3 show, it was giv­en no offi­cial release date, but we giv­en a time frame dur­ing 2017. 

The remas­tered game does include the first three in the series and has been titled Crash Bandi­coot N. Sane Tril­o­gy. The Brazil­ian web­site Zil­lion Games seems to have an exact date for release which you can see in the pic­ture below:

Crash Bandicoot Remastered Release Date Rumor
Under­neath “Crash Bandi­coot Remas­tered” is a very spe­cif­ic release date of Feb­ru­ary 28th, 2017

If you can not read the image, as it is blur­ry, it gives a spec­i­fied release date of Feb­ru­ary 28th, 2017. Now this could change, con­sid­er­ing this is for pre-order pur­chas­es. This could just be a list­ed date, as the actu­al offi­cial date release date is still to be announced. Let’s hope not.