Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy May Be Coming To Xbox One

Accord­ing to a Hun­gar­i­an retail­er Crash Bandi­coot N.Sane Tril­o­gy is com­ing to Xbox One. has an Xbox One ver­sion of the avail­able for pre-order. They list the game for Decem­ber so the game may release on Xbox One lat­er this year. 

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy May Be Coming To Xbox One

As of today there has been no con­fir­ma­tion that Crash Bandi­coot N.Sane Tril­o­gy will come to any oth­er con­sole than PS4. There have been mul­ti­ple rumors and sup­posed leaks that say it will come to oth­er consoles.

The clos­est to an offi­cial announce­ment comes from PlaySta­tion Ire­land. In a tweet they stat­ed that the game would be a PS4 exclu­sive then clar­i­fied that it would only be com­ing to PS4 first. No oth­er source has con­firmed this infor­ma­tion, but the tweet still remains.

It would seem that it is very like­ly that the Crash tril­o­gy will come to oth­er plat­forms. The Crash IP is owned by Activi­sion and mul­ti­ple rumors from dif­fer­ent sources have sug­gest­ed it would not be an exclu­sive. Although the SuperGamer list the Xbox One ver­sion of the game for Decem­ber 8th, no oth­er source has sug­gest­ed that date. 

Source: via Xbox­Achieve­ments 

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