Countdown Goes On For Xbox: Daily And Weekly Deals

As Xbox’s Count­down con­tin­ues, it has quite an odd dai­ly deal for it’s users today. It is lit­er­al­ly the same game, but also an Ulti­mate ver­sion of it. The game itself is an odd title, as it is not well known among con­sole users, by any means:

  • Chival­ry: Medieval War­fare        — 40%   Gold ‑50%
  • Chival­ry: Medieval War­fare Ulti­mate Edi­tion      ‑60%   Gold ‑70%

This marks the sec­ond week of the Count­down sale, although the line-up has changed from week one, there is still plen­ty to choose from. There a AAA games wor­thy of a try, and some AA ones you may have want­ed to check out. As always, Xbox One is not the only one receiv­ing the sale, but Xbox 360 play­ers have a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent list. Here are some of the AAA titles for Xbox One for Week 2:

  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Dead Ris­ing 4
  • Over­watch
  • Fall­out 4
  • Ark: Sur­vival Evolved
  • Doom
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 
  • The Witch­er 3: Wild Hunt

As usu­al, it pays to be a Gold mem­ber. You get a 10% extra dis­count on top of the, already exist­ing, dis­count. To check out the full list, or see the Xbox 360 list, just click here. Xbox also Tweet­ed today, to the play­ers about their stats, and cus­tomiz­able ” Gamer­scrests.” Go check it out, here.


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