Dou­ble Eleven, the stu­dio behind Rust: Con­sole Edi­tion, pre­vi­ous­ly offered a vague Spring 2021 release time­frame for the game. Now there’s an offi­cial release date, con­firmed by the devel­op­ment team for May 21st. The con­sole ver­sion has been in the works for sev­er­al years, as it was nec­es­sary to bring the game up to par with its PC counterpart.

On the game’s web­site, Dou­ble Eleven said it need­ed to get the game work­ing with 4.5 GB of RAM, even though the PC ver­sion has a min­i­mum require­ment of 10 GB. This meant rewrit­ing much of Rust in the Uni­ty engine, but it was still load­ing exceed­ing­ly slow, tak­ing 45 min­utes at times. How­ev­er, opti­miza­tion cut this down to about one minute.

It took three years fin­ish Rust: Con­sole Edi­tion, and the game will receive new updates as the PC ver­sion does–though these won’t be the same exact update. These two ver­sion will be a sep­a­rate expe­ri­ence with dif­fer­ent roadmaps and community.

Back in Jan­u­ary, the PC ver­sion of Rust saw a surge in pop­u­lar­i­ty after big-name stream­ers took an inter­est in the game. It did extreme­ly well on Steam and was the top-streamed game on Twitch for a bit, even beat­ing League of Legends.