Command and Conquer Rivals — Mobile Game from EA

Com­mand and Con­quer, the real-time strat­e­gy fran­chise, was announced to have a new game com­ing strict­ly to mobile. It’s titled Com­mand and Con­quer Rivals and is sim­i­lar to Clash Roy­al or Clash of Clans. 

EA show­cased it today dur­ing their E3 con­fer­ence, includ­ing eSports com­peti­tors Nick­at­Nyte and InCon­trol, play­ing against each oth­er on stage. They also had com­men­tary dur­ing the match. 

Android users can play the pre­al­pha, start­ing today and may choose from Glob­al Defense Ini­tia­tive and the Broth­er­hood of Nod fac­tions. Since EA is so embed­ded in the mobile mar­ket, it’s no sur­prise they would ded­i­cate time to an exclu­sive game for mobile. 

Cur­rent­ly, there is no release date set for Com­mand and Con­quer Rivals, but it will be for both Android and iOS uses. 

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