Anoth­er week has passed and Red Dead Online has only had a few changes this week. This is the sec­ond week Rock­star has­n’t made major adjust­ment to the online bonus­es, dis­counts and more. For now, Col­lec­tors are going to have a good time with sev­er­al dis­counts on Col­lec­tor items and bonuse XP for the Role.

Collectors Bonuses and Discounts In Red Dead Online This Week

Collector Bonuses and Benefits

There’s a 5 Gold Bar dis­count on the Col­lec­tor’s Bag, along­side 100% Role XP boost for dis­cov­er­ing any of the heir­looms and valu­ables. You’ll also receive the dou­ble Role XP boost when you turn in the Gold Pan­ners Dream Week­ly Col­lec­tion — or any full Col­lec­tions to Madam Nazar.

There’s also dis­counts on sev­er­al Col­lec­tor tools:

  • 30% off the Pen­ning­ton Field Shovel
  • 30% off the Met­al Detector
  • 30% off Refined Binoculars 
  • 50% off all Col­lec­tor’s Maps

Additional Bonuses

Play­ing Red Dead Online this week will also auto­mat­i­cal­ly earn you 5 Ranks worth of Club XP, which will also count towards Out­law Pass rank. Play before March 2nd and you Club XP will be avail­able from the Ben­e­fits sec­tion with­in 48 hours.

The Col­lec­tor’s Bag and the Pol­ished Cop­per Moon­shine Still Upgrade are free to Twitch Prime sub­scribers who have linked with a Social Club account. PlaySta­tion Plus mem­bers get 3 Mash Refills and 3 Trad­er Resupplies. 

Source: Rock­star