COD: Warzone’s Original Verdansk Map Is Not Returning

Call of Duty: War­zone’s orig­i­nal map, Ver­dan­sk, is nev­er com­ing back to the bat­tle royale game–at least any­time soon. Raven Soft­ware devel­op­er, cre­ative lead Josh Bridge, said on TeeP­’s recent stream that, while the stu­dio would like to bring Ver­dan­sk back (along­side Caldera) there is a tech­ni­cal prob­lem pre­vent­ing this from happening.

We want that. We all want that. [But] there is a tech­ni­cal prob­lem. The install and rein­stall sizes is f**king crazy. It’s insane, right?” the devel­op­er said (via Char­lieIn­tel). “If we pulled out Caldera and said we’re going to drop in Ver­dan­sk, it could be essen­tial­ly re-downloading…”

Every time Activi­sion goes through a mas­sive update that requires a big down­load, “we lose play­ers,” Bridge stat­ed. It’s sim­ply because peo­ple don’t want to spend the time down­load­ing anoth­er big file.

The fact that Ver­dan­sk is not return­ing isn’t too shock­ing, since back in April 2021 Raven announced it would nev­er return.

Mov­ing for­ward, the devel­op­er stat­ed Activi­sion is putting more effort into tech­ni­cal opti­miza­tions for War­zone so big updates don’t require such mas­sive down­loads. The­ses giant file sizes have been a huge point con­tention for play­ers since the game launched.

War­zone’s Sea­son 2 Reloaded update is out now, and it fea­tures some big adjust­ments to Rebirth Island. Activi­sion cur­rent­ly has plans to release War­zone 2 lat­er this year along­side the next Call of Duty title being devel­oped by Infin­i­ty Ward.

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