CoD: Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes Drops Player Count

A Call of Duty: War­zone patch was released yes­ter­day that not only added the Sea­son 3 Reloaded con­tent to the bat­tle royale it also reduced the num­ber of play­ers in per match. Lob­bies went from 150 play­ers to 120. The full patch notes along with Raven Soft­ware’s rea­son­ings for the decrease below.

Raven is drop­ping the count to deter­mine if this helps to improve the match flow. The devel­op­er did say this is only a “tri­al” and that is will col­lect play­er data and review how the fans actu­al­ly feel about the adjustment.

This update also comes adds a new perk, Ser­pen­tine. It reduces dam­age tak­en while mov­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly, an under­ground fast-trav­el sys­tem has been intro­duced to Caldera in this update. New items like a speed boost buff and extra Gulag tokens can be found on the map, as well as rede­ploy tokens being added to the Buy Sta­tion. This will allow play­ers to rede­ploy with­out need­ing to enter the Gulag.

Oth­er note wor­thy changes include increased move­ment speed while down, and a decrease in cost for buy­back tokens from $4,000 to $3,000. You can check out the rest of the patch notes below. If you also play Call of Duty: Van­guard, Sledge­ham­mer Games also released a Sea­son 3 Reloaded update for that game.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded Patch Notes


Cham­pi­on of Caldera

This year could arguably be a strong one for War­zone solo play­ers, with Rebirth Resur­gence Solos being a fast-paced vari­ant of the tra­di­tion­al Bat­tle Royale free-for-all, and Caldera Clash being an awe­some way to lev­el up Weapons.

With Clas­si­fied Arms Reloaded, Solo play­ers will get anoth­er high-inten­si­ty lim­it­ed-time mode and – as the name sug­gests – fight to become the Cham­pi­on of Caldera.

This mode will fea­ture 150 max­i­mum Play­ers and a sin­gle, con­tin­u­ous­ly clos­ing cir­cle in a Bat­tle Royale-style fight for survival.

All Oper­a­tors will drop in with their Cus­tom Load­out, a Gas Mask, and a sin­gle Rede­ploy Extrac­tion Token. The item pool is slight­ly altered to empha­size equip­ment not nor­mal­ly found in Load­outs and rare Weapons. Col­lect Cash to vis­it an upgrad­ed Buy Sta­tion, which fea­tures the Advanced UAV and even the Spe­cial­ist Bonus for a hefty fee.

Most notably: kills in this game mode imme­di­ate­ly refill play­er Health, Equip­ment, and Ammu­ni­tion, incen­tiviz­ing would-be Cham­pi­ons to play aggres­sive­ly and elim­i­nate the com­pe­ti­tion direct­ly to have the best chance at victory.


Before we jump into the many changes out­lined below, we want to share the key pil­lars that we have focused on for the Sea­son Three Reloaded update. We believe this will help Play­ers under­stand the design inten­tions behind all of the changes and how they add up to cohe­sive­ly improve the core War­zone game­play loop over the sea­son ahead.

Each of the game­play changes can be sep­a­rat­ed into 3 core areas of focus, with an over­all empha­sis on improved rea­sons to loot in the mid-game and cre­at­ing new Play­er stories:

  • More Coun­ters: There are still some very pow­er­ful mechan­ics in War­zone and we need to pro­vide coun­ter­play mea­sures to each game­play loop for more inter­est­ing engagements.
  • More Move­ment: Play­er rota­tion oppor­tu­ni­ties are core to the War­zone expe­ri­ence and we see how much our Play­ers love advanced move­ment tech­niques so have expand­ed this into new avenues.
  • More Play­time: Sim­ply put; more time play­ing, less time spec­tat­ing. War­zone has always been a leader in sec­ond chance mechan­ics and we want­ed to fur­ther devel­op this aspect of War­zone to improve the chances of a suc­cess­ful mid-to-late game regain.

We ful­ly expect this update to influ­ence how our Play­ers expe­ri­ence War­zone in a pos­i­tive way. We are excit­ed to see the new sto­ries emerge from the com­mu­ni­ty in the weeks and months to come. And, as always, we will be mon­i­tor­ing close­ly for feed­back and fine­tune where necessary.


  • New Perk “Ser­pen­tine”
    • Reduces incom­ing dam­age if the Play­er is sprinting.

We are bring­ing in this new Perk from Van­guard that some of our Play­ers may already be famil­iar with. Our inter­nal playtests high­light­ed the counter to ranged engage­ments espe­cial­ly in large open spaces while still ben­e­fi­cial in small­er spaces. Ser­pen­tine cre­ates a buffer between find­ing cov­er and it pro­vides a boon to Play­ers that rotate often in their engage­ments. The attack­ing Play­er receives clear feed­back that their tar­get coun­tered their incom­ing shots with a Ser­pen­tine icon being displayed.

  • New Lootable Perks | All Maps & Modes
    • Ser­pen­tine
    • Tune Up
    • Track­er
    • Hard­line
    • Kill Chain
    • E.O.D.

We have been real­ly hap­py with the response to Perk Satchels being added to ground loot so we have expand­ed the list, along­side the inclu­sion of the new “Ser­pen­tine” Perk. We’re also bring­ing all of them to Rebirth Island.

  • New Field Upgrade “Radar Jam­mer” | All Maps & Modes
    • Play­ers can deploy this Field Upgrade to scram­ble the Tac Map of ene­my Play­ers and pre­vent air­borne Kill­streaks from being used in the local­ized area.
    • Has an effec­tive radius of 125 meters
    • Effect lasts for 45 seconds
    • Sus­cep­ti­ble to being hacked by a Play­er with an Engi­neer Perk
    • Can be attached to vehi­cles to become mobile
  • New Lootable Load­out Drop Mark­ers | Caldera Modes
    • Ground loot now includes a rare chance to spawn a Load­out Drop Marker

Once Play­ers have been to the Gulag, it can often be chal­leng­ing to get back into rota­tion to stand a chance of going on to win. We want­ed to give Play­ers that rare chance of strik­ing it lucky and find­ing a way to counter a pre­vi­ous loss that gets them back into the game.


  • High Val­ue Loot Zones | Caldera Modes
    • These zones are rep­re­sent­ed on the Tac Map by a very appro­pri­ate “$” sign and will pro­vide the best loot­ing opportunities.

We’ve enjoyed see­ing how the addi­tion of this new sys­tem has pulled Play­ers into land­ing at POIs they oth­er­wise wouldn’t have planned to land — so it is now avail­able in Bat­tle Royale game modes. We expect this to be a pop­u­lar fea­ture, both for pro­mot­ing ear­ly engage­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties as well as late-game restock opportunities.

  • New Under­ground Tran­sit Sys­tem | Caldera Modes
    • New fast trav­el sys­tem with 14 access points, indi­cat­ed on the Tac Map and min­imap by a sil­ver “vault door” symbol.
    • A light­ing sys­tem will pro­vide intel and help nav­i­gate Play­er decisions.

War­zone has had sev­er­al Fast Trav­el sys­tems over its life­time, every­thing from Sub­ways to Red Doors. With this new Under­ground Tran­sit Sys­tem on Caldera, we have lever­aged all the learn­ings from the pre­vi­ous expe­ri­ences to cre­ate what we believe to be the ulti­mate method for mov­ing around Caldera quickly.

  • New Lootable “Speed Boost” Pow­er-Up | Caldera Modes
    • Grants Play­ers a con­sid­er­able increase in move­ment speed.

We’ve added the Speed Boost Pow­er-Up from Clash into core Bat­tle Royale, as we liked the advanced move­ment plays that it enables. Just like in Clash, this powerup is acti­vat­ed imme­di­ate­ly on pick­up so use this tem­po­rary speed boost wisely.

  • New “Occu­pa­tion Scan” Pub­lic Event | Rebirth Island Modes (Except Blood Mon­ey & Payload)
    • Any Play­ers stand­ing or crouch­ing while the scan takes place will have their loca­tion exposed on the Tac Map for all to see. Play­ers will be informed to go prone pri­or to the sweep.

Move­ment rep­re­sents an oppor­tu­ni­ty for mem­o­rable engage­ments and encoun­ters. With “Occu­pa­tion Scan”, we want­ed to devel­op a Pub­lic Event where move­ment – or lack there­of – is core to the expe­ri­ence. This Pub­lic Event real­ly brings Lethals and Tac­ti­cals like Gas Grenades and Molo­tovs into con­sid­er­a­tion — you can use them to flush ene­mies out of hid­ing to expose them on the Map.

  • Increased Downed Move­ment Speed | All Maps & Modes
    • Increased the speed at which a Play­er moves while in the downed state.

We felt the downed move­ment speed need­ed a review, pri­mar­i­ly to allow Play­ers who get downed a chance to get them­selves to a safer space to allow for a revive. This is a small change on the sur­face that has allowed for more inter­est­ing out­comes dur­ing inter­nal playtests.

  • Stim Adjust­ments | All Maps & Modes In-Sea­son
    • Slide mod­i­fi­er has been reduced
      • The slide mod­i­fi­er was sim­ply too extreme. While we believe that slid­ing move­ment should be buffed when a Play­er is using a Stim, it still needs to fit with­in limits.
    • Added a Weapon dam­age (received) inter­rup­tion effect
      • If a Play­er receives Weapon dam­age, the heal­ing effect will be inter­rupt­ed. The pre­vi­ous mechan­ic allowed Play­ers to repeat­ed­ly heal them­selves while active­ly tak­ing dam­age — which is not the intent of this tool.

We have enjoyed watch­ing the recent shift in the use of Tac­ti­cals where Stims have become more com­mon­place and offer new, high-skill plays. That said, the above are two areas where we have felt it nec­es­sary to fine­tune the balance.


  • New Lootable “Gulag Entry” Token | Caldera Bat­tle Royale Modes
    • This new lootable token allows Play­ers to reen­ter the Gulag upon death.
    • When the Gulag clos­es, Play­ers will be reward­ed with cash if they still hold a token.
    • Per the nor­mal Bat­tle Royale rules, Play­ers will still start each match with a sin­gle Gulag Entry token in their inventory.
    • Play­ers can only car­ry one of these tokens at a time.

We’ve real­ly enjoyed see­ing the response to our recent “infi­nite Gulag” LTM’s and want­ed to bring an ele­ment of this across to core Bat­tle Royale.

  • New Lootable “Rede­ploy Extrac­tion” Token | Caldera Bat­tle Royale Modes
    • This item allows a Play­er, upon death, to skip the Gulag and rede­ploy after a short countdown.
    • If the Play­er still has their orig­i­nal Gulag Entry from the match start, they will retain it.
    • When the Gulag clos­es, Play­ers will be reward­ed with cash if they still hold a token.
    • Play­ers below a rede­ploy­ing ene­my will be notified.
    • Play­ers can only car­ry one of these tokens at a time.

Sim­i­lar­ly to the “Gulag Entry” token, we felt there was an oppor­tu­ni­ty for an addi­tion­al rare item that allows rede­ploy­ment on death – and that’s the role that the new ground loot item, “Rede­ploy Extrac­tion” fills.

  • Increased Lootable Self-Revives Caldera Bat­tle Royale Modes
    • The spawn rate of lootable Self-Revive tokens has been increased.

Upon review we felt that Self-Revives were too rare in ground loot for some­thing so eas­i­ly and read­i­ly avail­able in Buy Sta­tions so their chance of ground loot avail­abil­i­ty has been increased.

  • Play­er Count Adjust­ment | Caldera Bat­tle Royale Modes
    • Reduced total Play­er count per match to 120

With the addi­tion of new sec­ond-chance mechan­ics, we are very con­scious of mak­ing sure the mid-game doesn’t feel unfair­ly claus­tro­pho­bic com­pared to the cur­rent Bat­tle Royale pac­ing. We will there­fore be tri­al­ing a slight­ly reduced Play­er count across all core Bat­tle Royale squad sizes. We will be care­ful­ly review­ing sen­ti­ment and data to make sure that the engage­ment pac­ing remains more or less in line with the cur­rent expe­ri­ence and that Play­ers can still pur­sue new per­son­al records.

  • Decreased Buy­back Cost All Maps & Modes
    • Decreased Buy­back cost to $3,000, down from $4,000

We want to sup­port Play­ers being able to get back into the game. We felt that $4,000 was an often unat­tain­able cost, espe­cial­ly at $12,000 for a full squad in Quads. This slight reduc­tion should pro­vide more chances for Play­ers to more read­i­ly get back to a full squad.

  • Death Tax Adjust­ment | All Maps & Modes (Except Plunder)
    • Adjust­ed the tax upon death from 80:20 to 50:50

Upon review, the death tax felt over­ly pun­ish­ing, as well as mak­ing it tougher for Play­ers to track how much cash they’d still have when return­ing from the Gulag. We are going to tri­al this new 50:50 split and care­ful­ly mon­i­tor the impact it has on the glob­al cash economy.


  • Expand­ed Squad HUD
    • New HUD ele­ments include:
    • Total Squad Cash
      • An icon will appear if a Squad can afford a Load­out Drop
      • An icon will appear when Play­er Buy­back costs are met
    • Armor Plate counter for each Squad member
      • For those times when your mates tell you they have “no plates left”… 👀
    • Pos­ses­sion icons for:
      • Gas Mask
      • Kill Streak
      • Self-Revive
      • Key­cards
      • Gulag Entry Token
      • Rede­ploy Extrac­tion Token

We have been qui­et­ly work­ing away on this change for a while and we are hap­py to final­ly be tak­ing the wrap­ping off it! Play­ers will now find a wealth of extra infor­ma­tion on their Squads inven­to­ry to bet­ter inform of what you and your squad are car­ry­ing. Not only do we feel that this is a great QoL fea­ture but it also sup­ports cog­ni­tive accessibility.

  • Improved Foot­step Audio
    • The team has com­plet­ed a repri­or­i­ti­za­tion pass of NPC foot­step audio rel­a­tive to oth­er cru­cial game­play sounds to pre­vent voice culling of NPC footsteps.
  • Ranged Weapon Melee Dam­age Reduced
    • Gun­but­ting now requires 4 suc­ces­sive hits to elim­i­nate a tar­get, up from 3.
    • Pis­tols require 4 hits on a tar­get with 250 health.

The pow­er of Weapon gun­but­ting has often result­ed in it being favored over fir­ing the Weapon or using a ded­i­cat­ed melee. This change shifts the bal­ance of pow­er so that gun­butts are con­sid­ered a last resort. We’ve also ensured that this change is repli­cat­ed in the infil­tra­tion expe­ri­ence when not at full armor.

  • Slide Cam­era Lock
    • We have addressed the hor­i­zon­tal cam­era lock­ing that would occa­sion­al­ly hap­pen if a Play­er was slid­ing while nav­i­gat­ing a slope or stairs.
  • Incom­ing Kill­streak Warn­ing Banner
    • Moved the ban­ner to appear below the Weapon retic­ule to pre­vent visu­al obstruction.

We have observed an uptick in feed­back that the Kill­streak warn­ing ban­ner would occa­sion­al­ly block the Player’s line of sight dur­ing engage­ments. We feel the infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed here is crit­i­cal to sur­viv­ing an incom­ing Kill­streak so instead of remov­ing it entire­ly, we have adjust­ed the positioning.

  • Menu Brows­ing Interruption
    • Play­ers will no longer be brought back to the front end lob­by when the par­ty host queues into matchmaking.

With this qual­i­ty of life change Play­ers can now have full agency over their UI expe­ri­ence regard­less as to what the host is doing.

  • Buy­back Play­er Prioritization
    • The Buy Sta­tion inter­face will pri­or­i­tize dead Squad mem­bers by list­ing them first.
  • Weapon Trade Sta­tion Updated
    • Perk Satchels added to Epic, Leg­endary, and Fire Sale trades
  • Ghost” Perk Adjustment
    • Reduced Play­er move­ment speed thresh­old required to trig­ger the Perk.
  • Spawn Pro­tec­tion Val­ue Adjustment
    • Play­ers with a vis­i­ble shield will take 25% reduced damage
  • Armored Truck Adjust­ed | In-Sea­son
    • Decreased Health
    • Decreased Tur­ret Damage
    • Asso­ci­at­ed Sab­o­tage Con­tracts are no longer avail­able in Solo game modes


  • Lethals
    • Frag Grenade
      • Dam­age increased by 24.5%
    • Throw­ing Knife
      • Dam­age increased by 20%
      • Hits to the upper tor­so and head will one-shot down
    • Clay­more
      • Dam­age increased by 20%
    • Prox­im­i­ty Mine
      • Dam­age increased by 24.5%
    • Sem­tex
      • Dam­age increased by 5%

With each update we con­tin­ue to tune and bal­ance across the board. With health increas­ing we have tak­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to adjust the dam­age on most lethals to keep them in a space where they can­not be ignored.

  • Health Increase | All Maps & Modes (Except Iron Trials)
    • Play­er core Health has been increased from 100 to 150 across all modes, includ­ing Pri­vate Match­es (total­ing 300 when fac­tor­ing in Armor Plates).

We’ve seen the pos­i­tive recep­tion to the increased Play­er health in Bat­tle Royale and we are now rolling this out glob­al­ly across all game modes. Hav­ing a con­sis­tent core Health expe­ri­ence is impor­tant so that Play­ers can devel­op trust in both their Weapons and their engage­ments as they play dif­fer­ent modes and we are hap­py to now be rolling this out glob­al­ly. Thank you for your feed­back, which informed this change.

  • Ground Loot | All Maps & Modes
    • Adjust­ed to accom­mo­date new Weapons and new builds
    • Com­mon and Uncom­mon Weapons have been upgrad­ed to fea­ture more Attach­ments to enable more ear­ly game con­fi­dence in Weapons you acquire:
      • Com­mon (white) rar­i­ty items now have 3 Attach­ments, up from 2
      • Uncom­mon (green) rar­i­ty items now have 5 Attach­ments, up from 4
  • Gulag Load­outs | Caldera Modes
    • Load­outs have been refreshed!

Each Weapon fea­tures more Attach­ments, enabling you to return to the field with a Weapon equal to a rare ground loot con­fig­u­ra­tion which should help when recov­er­ing from an unfa­vor­able position.


  • Fixed an issue that was pre­vent­ing 120Hz sup­port on Xbox Series consoles.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a client crash when using FMJ and Dis­man­tle on the same Weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that would occa­sion­al­ly cause a slid­ing Play­er to get stuck in the Buy Sta­tion interface.
  • Fixed an issue that would occa­sion­al­ly cause a crouched Play­er adja­cent a wall to get stuck in the Buy Sta­tion interface.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Load­out Menu to ran­dom­ly appear when play­ing a match.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Wel­gun (VG) to not have the Fran­gi­ble ammu­ni­tion Attachment.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the 3‑Line Rifle (VG) to fire slight­ly to the left.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Kong Fin­ish­ing Move to not throw ene­mies the cor­rect distance.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Call­ing Card names to dis­play place­hold­er text.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Trac­ers in the Poi­son Sky Mas­ter­craft Bun­dle to not appear correctly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused some Weapon Attach­ments to appear mis­aligned in their Dynam­ic Icons
  • Fixed an issue where the “Perks of the Job” Mis­sion named the incor­rect Perk required.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Unlock Mis­sion for the “Weaver” Oper­a­tor to say “Com­ing Soon.”
  • Fixed an issue which caused the TEC‑9 (BOCW) to not dis­play the 36 Rnd Speed Mag dur­ing gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Player’s view to be obstruct­ed when ADS-ing with the Adler “Tor­tured and Res­cued” Oper­a­tor Skin.
  • Fixed an issue which caused flick­er­ing tex­tures on Heavy Weapon Drop Crates.
  • Fixed an issue which caused sev­er­al Van­guard Melee Weapons to dis­play the same codename.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the UGR (BOCW) to expe­ri­ence unin­tend­ed dam­age reduc­tion when the EOD Perk and Explo­sive Rounds Mag­a­zine Attach­ment were equipped.


For a list of oth­er known #War­zone issues, please check out our ded­i­cat­ed Trel­lo Board.


New Weapon

  • H4 Blix­en: Sub­ma­chine Gun (VG)
    • This hard-hit­ting SMG offers mobil­i­ty and accu­ra­cy in medi­um range engagements.
    • Unlock Chal­lenge: Get 3 Slide Kills in a sin­gle match 15 times.

Weapon Adjust­ments

» Assault Rifles «

  • AK-47 (BOCW)
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.15, down from 1.2
    • 20″ Spet­snaz RPK Barrel
      • Reduce Recoil Con­trol from +8.5 to 7.5%
  • AS44 (VG)
    • Ini­tial Recoil slight­ly decreased
    • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased by 3.56%
    • Now has a func­tion­ing On-Hand perk
  • Assault Rifle Char­lie (VG)
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.85, up from 1.5
      • .30–06 20 Round Fast Mags
        • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 30, up from 20
      • 8mm Klauser 30 Round Mags
        • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 40, up from 30
      • .50 BMG 30 Round Mags
        • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 40, up from 30
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty scale from 1.1 to 1.2
      • .50 BMG 40 Round Mags
        • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 60, up from 40
        • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to ‑15% down from ‑10%
  • Coop­er Car­bine (VG)
    • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased by 4.55%
  • C58 (BOCW)
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.1, down from 1.2
  • CR-56 AMAX (MW)
    • Max Dam­age decreased to 31, down from 35
    • Min Dam­age decreased to 24, down from 31
  • FARA 83 (BOCW)
    • Min Dam­age decreased to 22, down from 23
  • Niki­ta AVT (VG)
    • Adjust­ed recoil pat­tern for ease of use
    • Sprint to Fire time increased increased by 10%
  • Assault Rifle Bra­vo (VG)
    • Head­shot Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.6, up from 1.5
      • .303 British 36 Round Mags
        • Move­ment Speed scaler increased to 1.02, up from 1.01
        • Dam­age Range increased to ‑10%, up from ‑20%
  • NZ-41 (VG)
    • Adjust­ed recoil pat­tern and inten­si­ty when used in ful­ly automatic.
      • Orb­weaver 360mm BC Barrel
        • Hor­i­zon­tal Recoil con­trol now increased by 10%
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty now increased by 40%
      • Saku­ra 50 Round Mags
        • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 12%, down from 22%
        • Dam­age Range increased to ‑12%, up from ‑22%
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to ‑15%, up from ‑30%
      • 8mm Klauser 40 Round Mags
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to ‑10%, up from ‑20%
        • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 12%, down from 16%
        • Dam­age decreased to ‑3.6%, down from ‑12%
      • Orb­weaver Custom
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty now increased by 20%
        • Dam­age Range now increased by 20%
      • LOR Mk1 Burst
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty now increased by 30%
        • Dam­age Range now increased by 20%
      • Raven­wood 480mm No.2
        • Dam­age Range penal­ty removed
        • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty penal­ty removed

The NZ-41 (VG) has fall­en out of favor when com­pared to the com­pe­ti­tion, often due to its chal­leng­ing recoil pat­tern. We’ve adjust­ed the curve so that it’s more log­i­cal in its move­ment, allow­ing you to pre­dict and com­pen­sate appro­pri­ate­ly. We’ve also tak­en a look at the veloc­i­ty and range bonus­es pro­vid­ed by Attach­ments and made sig­nif­i­cant adjust­ments so that the NZ-41 (VG) can com­pete with the best.

  • Var­go 52 (BOCW)
    • Min Dam­age increased to 24, up from 23
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.53, up from 1.5
  • Volksstur­mgewehr (VG)
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.55, up from 1.5
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.25, up from 1.2
    • ADS Move­ment Speed decreased by 5%
      • Reis­dorf 22V Adjustable
        • ADS Move­ment Speed reduced to 25%, down from 30%
  • XM4 (BOCW)
    • Max Dam­age decreased to 28, down from 29
    • Max Dam­age Range decreased to 20.3 meters, down from 22.3 meters
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.3, down from 1.33

» Marks­man Rifles «

  • SVT-40 (VG)
    • Max Dam­age increased to 60, up from 57
    • Min Dam­age increased to 50, up from 49
    • Bul­let veloc­i­ty increased by 8.54%
  • M1916 (VG)
    • Max Dam­age increased to 55, up from 53
    • Max Dam­age Range increased to 58 meters, up from 45 meters
    • Bul­let veloc­i­ty increased by 7.89%
  • M1 Garand (VG)
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.59, up from 1.5
    • Bul­let veloc­i­ty increased by 6.67%

» Sniper Rifles «

  • HDR (MW)
    • Bul­let Drop-off increased
  • Pel­ing­ton 703 (BOCW)
    • Dam­age Range decreased to 43.2 meters, down from 48.3 meters
  • ZRG 20mm (BOCW)
    • Upper Tor­so Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.5, down from 1.7
    • 43.9″ Com­bat Recon Barre
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty decreased to 38%, down from 43%
  • Sniper Rifle Char­lie (MW)
    • Bul­let veloc­i­ty decreased by 5.13%
  • 3‑Line Rifle (VG)
    • Bul­let veloc­i­ty increased by 6.76%
    • Bul­let drop-off decreased
    • Sprint to Fire Scaler increased to 1.0, up from 0.99
    • Re-aligned the 3‑line ret­i­cles to be prop­er­ly screen center
    • 500mm MN Custom
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 25%, up from 20%
    • Empress 514mm F01
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 20%, up from 16%
    • Empress 700mm TN02
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 35%, up from 30%
    • Kovalevskaya 700mm
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 20%, up from 15%
      • Neck dam­age increased to 1.3, up from 1.1
    • Kovalevskaya 820mm
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 45%, up from 35%
    • .30–06 20 Round Mags
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 20%, up from 10%
    • .303 British 5 Round Mags
      • Dam­age Penal­ty has been removed.
      • Dam­age Range increased to ‑20%, up from ‑30%
  • Sniper Rifle Alpha (MW)
    • Max Dam­age range increased to 1600, up from 1375
  • Rytec AMR (MW)
    • Now one-shots to the head with­in max dam­age range
    • Max Dam­age increased to 125, up from 102
    • Max Dam­age Range decreased to 59.1 meters, down from 67.3 meters
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 2.4, up from 2.1
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.75, down from 2.1
  • Sniper Rifle Char­lie (BOCW)
    • Now one-shots to the head with­in max dam­age range
    • Max Dam­age increased to 125, up from 102
    • Head­shot Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 2.4, up from 2.1
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.75, down from 2.1
  • Type 99 (VG)
    • 5.6mm 8 Round Mags
      • Dam­age Range increased to ‑20%, up from ‑25%
    • 8mm Klauser 5 Round Mags
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty scalar increased to 20%, up from 10%
    • Saku­ra 776mm Barrel
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty scalar increased to 40%, up from 30%
    • Shi­raishi 712mm Sniper
      • Upper Tor­so Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 1.6, down from 1.81
  • Gorenko (VG)
    • Bul­let Drop-off decreased
    • 420mm Empress
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 40%, up from 11%
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 0.943, up from 0.9
    • Rein­forced Stock
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 1.05, up from 1.04
    • 13mm AM 10 Round Mags
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 0.955, up from 0.94
  • Kar98k (VG)
    • Added Fren­zy Weapon Perk
    • Max Dam­age range increased to 48.9 meters, up from 47 meters
    • K98 Scout 10.0x Telescopic
      • ADS speed increased to 0.75, up from 0.65
    • VDD RE02K
      • Dam­age Range now increased by 20%
    • 8mm Klauser 3 Round Mag
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 1.06, up from 1.05
    • Kraus­nick Padded
      • ADS Time Scaler increased to 0.945, up from 0.934
      • Movespeed Scale increased to 0.95, up from 0.94

» Shot­guns «

  • Dam­age decreased by 20% for the fol­low­ing Shotguns:
    • Streetsweep­er
    • Gal­lo SA12
    • JAK‑1
    • Ori­gin 12
    • R9‑0
    • Gracey Auto

With the change to health pools, auto­mat­ic and semi-auto shot­guns were hit­ting a break­point where the time-to-kill remained the same as it did pre­vi­ous­ly. This change brings these Weapons in line.

  • Com­bat Shot­gun (VG)
    • Movespeed Scale increased to 0.87, up from 0.865
    • ADS Move Speed Scale increased to 1.49, up from 1.46
    • Fram­ble 18″ Precision
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty now increased to 48%, up from 34%
      • Dam­age Range increased to 20%, up from 10%
    • Fram­ble No. 3
      • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty now increased by 10%
    • Char­i­ot 16″ Short
      • Dam­age range penal­ty increased to ‑20%, up from ‑30%
    • Sawed-Off
      • Dam­age Bonus increased to 20%, up from 15%
      • Move Speed Scaler increased to 5%, up from from 4%

» Sub­ma­chine Guns «

  • Milano 821 (BOCW)
    • Max Dam­age Range decreased to 12 meters, down from 17.8 meters
    • Mid Dam­age added at 33
    • Mid Dam­age Range added at 17.8 meters
    • Min Dam­age decreased to 27, down from 30
    • Max Dam­age decreased to 27, down from 31
    • Max Dam­age Range increased to 12.7 meters, up from 10.1 meters
    • Mid Dam­age decreased to 25, down from 28
    • Mid Dam­age Range increased to 20 meters, up from 17.8 meters
    • Min Dam­age decreased to 21, down from 26
  • OTs 9 (BOCW)
    • Max Dam­age decreased to 29, down from 30
  • Arma­guer­ra 43 (VG)
    • Slight reduc­tion to ini­tial recoil
    • Bot­ti 315mm CII
      • Ver­ti­cal Recoil Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 40%, down from 50%
    • .30 Russ­ian Short 34 Round Mags
      • Dam­age Penal­ty decreased to ‑4%, up from ‑5%
      • Visu­al Recoil decreased
  • Owen Gun (VG)
    • Upper Extrem­i­ties Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased 1, down from 1.45
    • Low­er Extrem­i­ties Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 0.9, down from 1.0
    • Max Dam­age Range decreased to 15.2 meters, down from 17.1 meters
    • Mid Dam­age Range decreased to 19.7 meters, down from 20 meters
    • 7.62 Gorenko 33 Round Mags
      • Fire Rate decreased to 14.5%, down from 15%
    • 7.62 Gorenko 72 Round Drums
      • Fire Rate decreased to 14.5%, down from 15%
  • Sub­ma­chine Gun Alpha (MW)
    • 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags
      • Max Dam­age decreased to 37, down from 38
      • Mid Dam­age decreased to 27, down from 28
      • Mid Dam­age Range decreased to 30.5 meters, down from 40 meters
    • 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums
      • Max Dam­age decreased to 37, down from 38
      • Mid Dam­age decreased to 27, down from 28
      • Mid Dam­age Range decreased to 30.5 meters, down from 40 meters
  • Wel­gun (VG)
    • Added Fran­gi­ble Weapon Perk
    • 120mm Gawain Short
      • Fire Rate decreased to 6%, down from 10%
      • Removed Dam­age Range Penalty
  • UGR (BOCW)
    • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 40, up from 30

» Pis­tols «

  • Pis­tol melee attacks now require three suc­ces­sive hits to ini­ti­ate a fin­ish­er on the tar­get. This is up from 3.
  • 1911 (VG)
    • ACP 18 Round Mags
      • Mag­a­zine Capac­i­ty increased to 24, up from 18.
      • Min Dam­age increased to 24, up from 20
  • Klauser (VG)
    • Max Dam­age increased to 50, up from 46
    • Mid Dam­age increased to 42, up from 40
    • Min Dam­age increased to 37, up from 30
  • RATT (VG)
    • Mid Dam­age increased to 26, up from 22
    • Min Dam­age increased to 22, up from 20
    • Neck Dam­age Mul­ti­pli­er increased to 1.4, up from 1.2
  • Hand­gun Char­lie (BOCW)
    • Max Dam­age decreased to 35, down from 40
    • Mid Dam­age decreased to 29, down from 33
  • Machine Pis­tol (VG)
    • Max Dam­age increased to 20, up from 19
    • Mid Dam­age increased to 16, up from 15
    • Min Dam­age increased to 13, up from 12
    • Sig­nif­i­cant Reduc­tion of Base Recoil Control
    • 7.62 Gorenko 40 Round Mags
      • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 5%, down from 7%
      • Recoil Con­trol penal­ty decreased to ‑18%, down from ‑27%
    • 8mm Nam­bu 20 Round Mags
      • Recoil Con­trol penal­ty decreased to ‑22%, down from ‑30%
      • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 5%, down from 7%
    • Rapid Bar­rel
      • Fire Rate Mul­ti­pli­er decreased to 5%, down from 20%

The Machine Pis­tol (VG), in its pre­vi­ous incar­na­tion, was an extreme­ly dif­fi­cult beast to con­trol effec­tive­ly, often only used as an absolute last option. We’ve made a sig­nif­i­cant change to the kick inten­si­ty and recoil pat­tern of the Weapon and adjust­ed its dam­age pro­file to be a Weapon that is now some­thing to be reck­oned with.

» Launch­ers «

  • Panz­er­faust (VG)
    • ADS Tran­si­tion out time decreased to 0.48, down from 0.5
    • Base Movespeed Scale increased to 0.8, up from 0.79
    • ADS Move­ment Speed Scale increased to 0.85, up from 0.8


  • Akim­bo Perk
    • Akim­bo for Pis­tols now reduces dam­age by 10%.
  • MX Silencer
    • Bul­let Veloc­i­ty increased to 15%, up from 10%
  • F8 Sta­bi­liz­er
    • Dam­age Range increased to 15%, up from 10%


  • Rose Skin Adjustment
    • We have made a 70% adjust­ment to increase the bright­ness of the infa­mous Roze out­fit. With the recent light­ing improve­ments to Caldera, it once again made her out­fit out of bal­ance with the rest of the Oper­a­tor options avail­able to Players.
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