CoD: Warzone Patch Notes Include Several Bug Fixes Including That Pesky Operator Glide Bug

Call of Duty: War­zone just received a new update, with the March 30th patch notes includ­ing sev­er­al bug fix­es for the pop­u­lar bat­tle royale.

Accord­ing to Raven Soft­ware, the devel­op­er con­tin­ues to address sev­er­al bugs still wreck­ing hav­oc in Sea­son 2, includ­ing the issue that caused some oper­a­tors to have improp­er para­chute mechan­ics. Sev­er­al Mod­ern War­fare and Black Ops Cold War oper­a­tors were per­vi­ous­ly glid­ing at a faster rate. All oper­a­tors should now be glid­ing in at the same exact speed.

Oth­er War­zone changes include a fix for a prob­lem that caused the cir­cle to occa­sion­al­ly move out­side the playable area on Caldera, and anoth­er that pre­vi­ous­ly caused Heavy Weapon crates to appear as non-inter­actable ground loot. Raven Soft­ware also says pri­vate match­es have been updat­ed to have the same set­tings as pub­lic matches.

War­zone just recent­ly went through sev­er­al major perk adjust­ments on March 28th, which includ­ed changes to the Ghost perk. Jug­ger­nauts also recent­ly received a decrease in spawn rates on Rebirth Island.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Raven Software.

Call of Duty: Warzone Patch Notes — March 30th, 2022


  • Pri­vate Match­es have been updat­ed to align with Pub­lic Match settings.


  • Fixed an issue caus­ing incon­sis­tent Oper­a­tor para­chut­ing functionality.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Com­mu­ni­ty Chal­lenges under the Rebirth Rein­forced Event tab to not dis­play the current/updated challenge.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Arma­guer­ra 43 (VG) to mis­tak­en­ly appear ingame as Sub­ma­chine Gun Charlie.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing the Cir­cle to occa­sion­al­ly move out­side of playable space on Caldera.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Par­ty Invite noti­fi­ca­tion text to appear misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Armor Satchels acquired via Heavy Weapon Crates to equip with 0 out of 8 Armor Plates available.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing Heavy Weapon Crate pal­lets to occa­sion­al­ly appear as non inter­actable ground loot.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing an incor­rect Mode to appear on the menu while queue­ing for a Match.
  • Fixed an issue caus­ing a Scav­enger Con­tract loot crate to spawn out­side of reach on Rebirth Island.
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