CoD: Warzone May 27th Patch Includes Weapon Balances And More

Call of Duty: War­zone’s week­ly update for May 27th is bring­ing a dras­tic reduc­tion in spawn rates fro the “Bertha” car­go trucks, mak­ing solo match­es a lit­tle less annoy­ing. For quite some time, the endgame strat­e­gy for these match­es has been solo play­ers dri­ving around Bertha trucks, where build­ing cov­er­age is minimal. 

Today might dra­mat­i­cal­ly shift how these match­es end, as Bertha’s spawn rate has dropped from a pre­vi­ous range of 16 to 20 to just 5 trucks. 

This War­zone update also address­es more out-of-bounds glitch­es, as well as weapon bal­anc­ing to War­zone’s assault rifles. Both the CR-56 AMAX and FARA 83 are receiv­ing minor nerfs, while sev­er­al attach­ments are get­ting changes.

You can see the full list of adjust­ments includ­ed in War­zone’s May 27th update below, as list­ed on Raven’s web­site. Activi­sion recent­ly released a report show­ing how many accounts they banned due to tox­ic behav­ior and racism.


  • Car­go Truck spawn rates for Ver­dan­sk Solo BR mode have been reduced to 5 (sta­t­ic) from a range of 16 to 20.

This change will take effect when our Playlist update goes live lat­er today.

Car­go Trucks are incred­i­bly durable and pro­vide ample cov­er from ene­my fire—which makes them the opti­mal choice for map rota­tion. In Solos, play­ers are not keen to unload a con­sid­er­able amount of their resources into the removal of Car­go Trucks, which would often result in a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of them in final cir­cles. The ensu­ing game­play allowed play­ers to skirt tra­di­tion­al engage­ments and cre­at­ed a crutch that put less of an empha­sis on end game posi­tion­ing and gun­play. A sub­stan­tial reduc­tion in the num­ber of Car­go Trucks in Solos will make whit­tling them down over the course of the game a fea­si­ble and attrac­tive option giv­en their con­sid­er­ably reduced map presence.


  • Fixed addi­tion­al map loca­tions in Ver­dan­sk that allowed play­ers to reach out-of-bounds areas.
  • Fixed addi­tion­al col­li­sion issues with var­i­ous ele­ments across Ver­dan­sk allow­ing play­ers to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed a bug where vehi­cles could down or kill squad mates.
  • Fixed an issue in Nakato­mi Plaza where the vault access denied audio could be heard through­out the entire building.
  • Because we can’t trust you to real­ize that once access has been denied, you should walk away from the but­ton and not try again… and over again… and over again.
  • Fixed a bug pre­vent­ing the Bal­lis­tic Knife Cam­ou­flage skins from unlock­ing upon com­plet­ing their respec­tive requirements.
  • Fixed a bug where the Swat 5mw Laser Sight for Sniper Rifles was not dis­play­ing Aim­ing Sta­bil­i­ty as a pro.
  • Fixed the incor­rect label­ing of Sniper Rifle Echo as Sniper Rifle Delta.


Assault Rifles


  • Head­shot mul­ti­pli­er decreased from 1.62 to 1.5

The CR-56 AMAX has con­tin­ued to dis­play dis­pro­por­tion­ate lev­els of dom­i­nance over the long-range Assault Rifle space. As we con­tin­ue our efforts to slow­ly raise the Time to Kill, we feel the best course of action here is to reduce the pow­er lev­el of out­liers rather than increase oth­ers to meet it. We believe it will take some time to adjust to a land­scape where the CR-56 AMAX is not the undis­put­ed king of long-range auto­mat­ic weapons, but we feel this will be a net pos­i­tive giv­en how many more weapons we expect to be intro­duced into via­bil­i­ty with this update. Our hope is that this change will present play­ers with an oppor­tu­ni­ty to show­case and expand their mas­tery over a mul­ti­tude of weapons that had been out­classed by the CR-56 AM.


  • Recoil pat­tern adjusted
  • Hip Spread increased

We have not yet set­tled on the iden­ti­ty of the FARA 83. We would like to see it as a long-range viable Assault Rifle and in that light, we have smoothed out its recoil to be eas­i­er to con­trol at range. We are also increas­ing its Hip Spread so it is slight­ly less effec­tive in close quar­ters. This func­tion­al over­lap is some­thing we want to avoid and will con­tin­ue to address where we iden­ti­fy it.

Tactical Rifles

Tac­ti­cal Rifle Charlie

  • Recoil mag­ni­tude decreased

Tac­ti­cal Rifle Char­lie has fall­en vic­tim to a bit of an overre­duc­tion in effi­ca­cy. While we still main­tain that Tac­ti­cal Rifles ride a very thin line between under­whelm­ing and oppres­sive, we feel that the Tac­ti­cal Rifle Char­lie could be clos­er to that line.

Sniper Rifles

LW3 – Tundra

  • Base optic adjusted

We have made some adjust­ments to reduce the fish­eye lens effect.



  • Axi­al Arms 3x

Optic reworked

  • Roy­al & Kross 4x

Optic reworked

  • SUSAT Mul­ti­zoom

Optic reworked

We feel the impact that these changes will have can­not be under­stat­ed. We believe optics have been hold­ing back the long-range via­bil­i­ty of BOCW Weapons and we expect that these optics adjust­ments will dras­ti­cal­ly change that. When optics are too close to the cam­era, they can cause dis­tract­ing motions and visu­al obfus­ca­tion and in long-range engage­ments espe­cial­ly, visu­al clar­i­ty is cru­cial. We believe with these changes, that an expand­ed assort­ment of long-range viable weapons will become available.


  • Sup­pres­sor (LMG)

ADS Speed increased from 2% to 3.5%

Sprint to Fire Speed increased from 4% to 5%

We have seen some reports that the Sup­pres­sor appears to be affect­ing Light Machine Guns neg­a­tive­ly, or not at all. We can assure you that is not the case. Con­sid­er­ing the test envi­ron­ment frame rate and such small incre­ments, it can be dif­fi­cult to accu­rate­ly mea­sure the impact an attach­ment may have. Notwith­stand­ing, we felt that the val­ues on the LMG Sup­pres­sor could use an increase to give them more of a fight­ing chance in a sea of Assault Rifles.

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